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“Re-reading a favorite book is for me often an even more
beautiful reading experience than starting a new read”. 

Sure, reading a story for the first time is really magical and unique and gives you a reading experience you only experience that first time. But.. re-reading gives my a whole other special, unique and magical reading experience which I then again not experience with a first read. So.. Today I’m going to discuss the ‘Why RE-reading is such a pleasure for me. Why I keep re-reading a book/series while I still have so many UNread books on my shelves, waiting to be picked.’

Up front: I want to say that I respect everyone’s own choice on how they think about re-reading, and that this article is my own opinion formed from own experiences. If you do or don’t re-read; you must always do what you feel comfortable and happy with and not bothering with what anyone else thinks when it comes to reading. Because first and foremost; you read for YOURSELF first. Always. I’m a re-reading junk and always will be haha. #sorryNOTsorry.


When I see/hear people say they never re-read a book all I can think of is “What’s there not to love about re-reading? Why would you deny yourself the pleasure of experiencing all the beautiful things about re-reading?”. A while ago I saw someone posting a status on facebook which said; What would you do? Never re-read a book again or never start a new book again? My answer would be: Never start a new book again. Because I just couldn’t say goodbye to my already beloved worlds and characters. Some stories are just meant to be enjoyed multiple times I think.

For example: the worlds created by Sarah J. Maas in the throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series.. Never being able to return to Velaris and/or Terrassen? I don’t want to think about that being an option, to never read about those worlds and characters again. These are some of many books that worked their way into the deepest part of my heart and soul and they’ll never ever part with me again.

I can’t even function properly if I just think about never again returning to Will/Tessa/Jem – from the Infernal devices – and their adventures in this beautiful Victorian London setting. I fell so incredibly hard for these characters and their story and I wouldn’t be able to turn my back on them and just never read em again. Same goes for books like the Harry Potter series. Who wouldn’t want to return to Hogwarts every now and then? Exactly..

So, yeah.. I would come to peace with the fact of never being able to read a new book again if that would mean that I could keep on re-reading my favorite books. These stories/characters touched my heart and soul and I’ve become emotionally attached to them on a molecular level. I’ll never be able to say goodbye to them. Not being able to re-read those favorite books of mine would break my heart.

Revisiting characters is like catching up with old friends


Especially with more extended series I have discovered many new things while re-reading. Some things that were deeper hidden in the writing and I’d only discovered after finishing the series and then re-read it again. Because at that point I knew the whole story and saw the whole picture and that made it easier for me to pinpoint the ‘hidden secrets’ the author buried between the lines. And I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE to re-read and discover new things about a story. It somehow gives it even more depth to me and an even more intense and strong connection to the story/characters. It feels like I’m becoming a part of the book and get more insight in the author’s way of writing/thinking.

I love for example how Sarah wrote ACOTAR and made me fall in love with Tamlin and the spring court. Then Rhys came into the picture and I liked him as a side character you know? And then I read ACOMAF and BAMMM.. My whole world got turned upside down. And when I re-read ACOTAR after reading ACOMAF I totally read it on a whole different level as the first time around. I saw all the hidden hints planted there by Sarah that I definitely didn’t see the first time around – at least, not all of them – about Tamlin/Feyre/Rhys. 

Series like these, with those hidden treasure inside them, make an even more intense impact when you re-read them I think. And I absolutely love to see how the fandom’s of series like these do the same thing I do; re-read them and start finding those hidden secrets and talk about them. Especially if there’s still a new book to be released I love to think out possible theories on how the story will continue. Re-reading gets you thinking and keeps you busy while waiting for a new book in the series and just give you a better insight in the series as a whole with small things you keep re-discovering.

I just love authors who write like this.. Who write things in earlier books that you rediscover later on while re-reading or things from earlier books that resurface later on and are an important element to the story you’d never knew before. Those things can make an impressive impact on your perspective towards a series.


A often spoke statement; Rereading is a waste of time because there’s so much I still need to read.
=> Sorry, but I couldn’t disagree more on that one hihi.

True, you’re spending time on a book you’ve already read. Time you could’ve used reading a new book. But let’s be honest; most readers will have an unending TBR list for the rest of their lives. I can’t imagine I’ll ever be able to finish reading all the books I still want to read and I’m just talking about the books already published. There are so many books added to my TBR every month that make that list even longer, lol. So I made peace knowing I’ll never finish my TBR, for as long as I live. So that statement really doesn’t make any impact on me whatsoever, lol.

Same goes for movies. A lot of people watch a movie just the one time. I respect that choice and I don’t re-watch a lot of movies either. Everyone must definitely do what he/she wants with their life. But just like with re-reading favorite books I love re-watching favorite movies as well. There just isn’t one single argument that would sway me over to the ‘I never re-read books or never re-watch movies’ side, sorry 😉


As you can see above there are quite some books/series I love to re-read and honestly; I could keep continuing adding books to this list haha. I wrote this article for the first time a while back and since then I already discovered many new reads I definitely want to re-read again in the nearby future. Contemporary/new adult/young adult/paranormal romance.. No matter which genre.. If I love it enough, I’ll definitely re-read it.

There’s not a month passing by in which I only read new books. Every month there’s at least one, often several, books I’m re-reading. Whether it’s for reviewing a book for the blog (since I already read a lot of books before I started blogging I want to write reviews on a lot of those previous read books as well and I want to re-read them first to get back into the story so I can write a review afterwards) or just to re-experience a book all over again, return to those wonderful worlds and characters.. Whatever reason.. I’ll always continue with re-reading books because I love my favorites too much and I feel like it’s one of the most amazing credits to give an author as well; to keep re-experiencing their books all over again and again and again, hihi.

How do you feel about re-reading? Do you make time to re-read books despite of the TBR books begging on your shelves to be read as well? Or do you prefer to only read a book once and keep continuing on starting new books after to discover new worlds instead of going back to a world you were already a part of once? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.



  1. Ik krijg nu zoveel zin om te herlezen, helaas doe ik dat echt veel te weinig 🙁
    Vorig jaar alleen acotar en Harry Potter herlezen. Dat moet dit jaar echt meer worden 😀

    1. Author

      ACOTAR en HP!!! ALTIJD GOED haha. Wat wil je nog meer graag herlezen? Gewoon lekker tijd voor vrijmaken 😉 Die nieuwe boeken lopen niet weg hihi.

      1. Thja zoveel, dit jaar wil ik sowieso vampire academy herlezen en misschien ook de honger spelen. Maar eigenlijk ook boeken van Julie Kagawa. En dit jaar wil eigenlijk ook voordat deel drie uit komt ACOTAR en ACOMAF nog een keer lezen.

  2. Leuke en originele blogpost weer 😀 Ik herlees heeeeeel af en toe boeken. The Hunger Games is een reeks die ik makkelijk elk jaar opnieuw kan lezen. Er moet inderdaad wel een langere tijd overheen zijn gegaan, wil ik een boek kunnen herlezen. Bridget Jones Diary is ook zo’n boek die ik elk jaar wel eens uit de kast haal.
    Aniek onlangs geplaatst…Mijn TBR-lijst My Profile

    1. Author

      Leuk om te horen, dankjewel!
      Bridget Jones is inderdaad ook echt heel leuk ja! Dat zijn ook zeker boekjes die zich lenen om lekker te herlezen. En the hunger games heb ik digitaal gelezen 1x, maar wil ze nog graag in boekvorm en dan een keer herlezen.

      Het is inderdaad voor iedereen heel erg persoonlijk ja; in welke je mate herleest en of je uberhaupt herleest. Ik heb ondertussen zoveel favorieten, dat ik gewoon echt heel vaak en veel herlees omdat ik gewoon alles opnieuw wil beleven. Ik kan gewoon geen afscheid nemen van een favoriet boek/serie. Sommige herlees ik zelfs meermaals binnen 1 jaar haha. Een hoog leestempo helpt dan gelukkig wel weer.

  3. Wat een fijne blogpost, erg leuk en interessant om te lezen hoe jij over herlezen denkt. Ik zou zelf wat meer willen herlezen, ik doe het in mijn ogen te weinig. Het enige boek dat ik herlezen heb is Harry Potter en soms wat boeken voor school.
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Boeken die mij tegenvielenMy Profile

    1. Author

      Leuk om te horen, dankjewel!

      Ik snap lezers wat niet veel herlezen of misschien zelfs helemaal niet, ook wel. Maar ik zou het inderdaad gewoon zelf niet kunnen om helemaal niks te herlezen bv. Het komt er gewoon op neer: keuzes maken haha en prioriteiten stellen. Ik heb een vrij hoog leestempo, ik studeer niet meer en sinds de kleine man op de basisschool zit heb ik wat meer vrije tijd. Dus het is dan in mijn situatie misschien ook makkelijker om sneller een boek te herlezen. Maar ik vind het inderdaad ook niet altijd even erg om tijd op te offeren waarin ik een nieuw boek had kunnen lezen en er dan voor kies om te herlezen. Ik zal toch de rest van mijn leven een tbr stapel blijven houden, of ik nu wel of niet herlees haha. Er blijven dagelijks boeken bijkomen die ik wil lezen. Dus als ik dan gewoon een verhaal opnieuw wil ervaren, doe ik dat lekker :D. Daarnaast helpen re-reads mij ook vaak met een leesdip! Als ik dan even terugkeer naar een favoriete serie, kom ik vaak ook weer uit mijn dipje!

      En Harry Potter is ook echt re-reading material ja, heerlijk! Ik heb ze al een paar jaar niet meer gelezen moet ik tot mijn grote schaamte bekennen. Ik kreeg de illustrated editions van boek 1 en 2 voor kerst afgelopen jaar, dus ik wil ze dit jaar heel graag gaan herlezen weer!

  4. Ik kan er echt van genieten om boeken te herlezen. De Harry Potter boeken heb ik al het vaaks opnieuw gelezen, maar in het verleden las ik ook de Twilight saga en de Southern Vampire Mysteries meermaals. De laatste tijd kom ik nog maar zelden aan herlezen toe. Alleen Matilda, De GVR en De Heksen van Roald Dahl zijn boeken die ik recent nog herlas. Momenteel ben ik trouwens voor het eerst aan Hof van Doorns en Rozen begonnen. Yep, ik liep nog een beetje achter. Koningin van de Schaduw staat ook al klaar.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Foto-update #90My Profile

  5. Sometimes I like to reread, but most often newer books are calling my name too loudly. Though I did just reread a book from a series. I am also slowly rereading PJO. I do tend to pick up thinner books quicker than bigger ones to reread, haha.
    Annemieke onlangs geplaatst…Book Review – The Ghost LineMy Profile

  6. Really interesting post! To be honest, a few months ago I didn’t reread books at all. But I reread Aristotles and Dante a few days ago and I really like the experience of it. I also reread Harry Potter a few months ago and I really like to experience the world all over again. <3
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Witch, Please.My Profile

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