In this article – which I want to write every Thursday – I’ll be highlighting a title from my shelf (or eReader) I haven’t read yet and I’m going to ask you guys what you think about it … Have you read it? Should I read it or put it back on the shelf? I was looking for a new book meme article to post every Thursday and this one looked really nice. I love writing interactive articles in which you guys can leave comments and I hope you’re going to like this article and I’m already excited to read your comments on the books onRead More →

As some of you might know I was away on vacation for the past week. And going on vacation means: reading time, yes? – for as far that’s possible with a 4 yr old running around, lol. I didn’t read all of the books I took with me but I’m definitely not disappointed either by what I’ve completed in those 7 days. I’ve packed several paperbacks in my suitcase and had tons of e-books on my kindle and iBooks app as well on the phone. So I was ready to kick some books-asses. These were the books I packed with me aside from a lotRead More →

At the end of each month I like to share my bookhaul and this month’s bookhaul was amazing! From some highly anticipated books like a Court of Wings and ruin and Lord of Shadows, to a lot of new and unknown books/authors I was excited about, were added to my collection. Bottom line; I loved this month’s bookhaul. With ACOWAR and LOS alone I was one freaking happy fangirl, but there is so much more awesome-ness so let me show you the rest of my new book babies as well! happy reading.. A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN by Sarah J. Maas (#3 ACOTAR) No need forRead More →

Some of you might know I love to pre-order (and that’s the understatement of the year, ladies and gentlemen haha). I love prowling the internet, visiting websites like Goodreads, bookdepository and such, to find out what books are to be expected in the nearby future. Only one tiny liabilty; my inner shopaholic goes wild haha. During this ‘research’ I come across so many books I want to read. I try to keep it down to a minimum when placing my pre-orders, but that’s so damn difficult haha. I’ve recently purchased the Tower of Dawn special YA chronicles box which will be delivered in September andRead More →

I’m sure every reader experienced THE UGLY CRY just once in their life, not? Or maybe more than 1 time, like myself? I’m an emotional and sensitive person who gets emotionally hooked to characters and their story real fast. That means I’m often in need of some tissues haha.. But the real ugly cry doesn’t happen a lot. That’s reserved for my favorite reads. The ones that hooked their claws in my heart and soul to never let go. The ones who made me live and breathe the story, like I was the main character and felt EVERYTHING that was going on in the book..Read More →

Title: When It's Real Author: Erin Watt Genre: Young Adult Fiction Publisher: Harlequin Release Date: June 1, 2017 Pages: 304 Wealth, fame and a real-life romance she never expected—seventeen-year-old Vaughn Bennett lands it all when she agrees to become a pop star’s fake girlfriend in this smart, utterly addictive novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author duo Erin Watt Under ordinary circumstances, Oakley Ford and Vaughn Bennett would never even cross paths. There’s nothing ordinary about Oakley. This bad-boy pop star’s got Grammy Awards, millions of fangirls and a reputation as a restless, too-charming troublemaker. But with his home life disintegrating, his music wellRead More →

On wednesday I always posted my Weekly WISHLIST article in which I’d share books, or maybe other bookish stuff, from my own wishlists on Bookdepository’s website or and such. The wishlist wednesday post is definitely something I want to keep continuing doing now I’ve switched from Dutch to English blogging and starting all over again after some time off.. I love prowling on the internet and add new books to my wishlists. I love to share this with fellow book lovers, so that’s were the idea for Wishlist Wednesday came from. This will be the 32nd edition of Wishlist Wednesday, and still my wishlists are fullRead More →

Title: Phobos² Series: #2 Phobos Author: Victor Dixen Genre: Young adult, Sci-Fi Publisher: Uitgeverij Q Release Date: maart 2017 Format: paperback Pages: 414 HERVATTING VAN HET GENESISKANAAL 3 SECONDEN 2 SECONDEN 1 SECONDE ZE DACHTEN TE WETEN WAT ZE TE WACHTEN STOND De twaalf pioniers van het Genesisprogramma dachten hun oude leven achter zich te hebben gelaten om echte ruimtehelden te worden. In werkelijkheid zijn ze het slachtoffer van een wrede samenzwering. ZIJ DACHT DAT ZE HAAR GEVOELENS ONDER CONTROLE HAD Léonor hoopte op Mars eeuwige roem te vinden en misschien wel verliefd te worden, maar ze blijkt de doos van Pandora te hebben geopend.Read More →

Al zeg ik het zelf.. Vandaag heb ik weer een aantal hele gave boeken waarmee je je wishlist kunt aanvullen! Ik zit echt te popelen totdat ik ze kan kopen en lezen, want ze lijken me zo ontzettend gaaf! Dit keer heb ik een paar boeken waarin steampunk centraal staat, een onderwerp waar ik nog niets over las en ook nog niet eerder iets van op mijn wishlist zette. Verder komt er nog meer fantasy aan bod, tijdreizen, zit er YA tussen maar ook volwassen boeken. Er is dus voor ieder wat wils! Ik ben benieuwd of jij net zo enthousiast wordt als mij naRead More →

Net als vele anderen groeide ik op met Disney en ik ben het dan ook volledig eens met het bekende gezegde: “You’re never too old for a disney movie”. Ook nu geniet ik nog steeds graag van een Disney film, ook zonder Milan erbij   De laatste jaren is er nog iets nieuws bijgekomen voor de sprookjes liefhebbers: re-tellings in boekenvorm. Boeken waarin de auteur een eigen twist geeft aan een bekend sprookje met een vaak wat meer volwassen feel eraan. Zo las ik zelf ook al een aantal re-tellings (nog lang niet genoeg naar mijn gevoel) en blijf ik er stiekem ook naar uitkijken tijdensRead More →