I apologize up front for the fantasy lovers over here, but this Wishlist Wednesday is mostly filled up with romance reads. I’ve been in a romantic mood lately, so obviously I also spent more time looking for new romance reads online as well. So I thought to share some of my latest wishlist additions with you guys today. I’m really excited to add these books to my collection someday and read them. If you’ve read anything of it yet, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book(s).Read More →

In search of some new reads? Get an inside look in my personal wishlist and you may find something interesting. In this week’s Wishlist Wednesday I got 5 books to show you which I’m very excited about adding to my own shelves. From Young adult to erotica and horror. Getting curious already? Read on then 😉Read More →

Okay, so it isn’t nearly near Halloween yet, at which I normally prefer reading scary reads. But I’ve been working on the first October spreads in my Bullet Journal this week and I’ve been writing down some first drafts on Halloween-related articles. So I’m constantly thinking about scary books at the moment – the brain works in mysterious ways haha. Last October I’ve read several YA horror reads, which I ended up loving, and there are still several more on my shelves waiting to be read. I don’t know why I didn’t read them throughout the year, but somehow they remain unread on the shelvesRead More →

When I was visiting one of my favorite book blogs, Geybie’s book blog, I came across her RECOMMEND ME article – which I love, but my bank account not so much haha – and it was about Romantic Comedy books. Just like Geybie, I love reading a romantic book which has the ability to make me laugh out loud. I love books with angst throughout the story, but humor is something I need as well. So when I came across Geybie’s article, I knew I hit the ‘jackpot’, lol. I came across so many books(series) I didn’t read yet, so I got to add a lotRead More →