So, the hubs and myself went to Amersfoort and Utrecht Friday for a stay at a hotel, a bit luxurious with a double Jacuzzi and all hehe. Every so often we book a hotel somewhere near a larger city here in the Netherlands, so we get to enjoy some alone time. This is always associated with some shopping, in this case in Utrecht. We never went to Utrecht together. I’ve been there several times and really like the city. There are lots of diverse shops and the city feels just really cozy, you know? Lovely buildings all around, the canals and boats you see sailingRead More →

After out visit to Amersfoort and Utrecht, we stopped at the Primark in Eindhoven. I was dying to get my hands on some of the Disney and Harry Potter collection, so we decided to stop there on our way back home. Eindhoven was right in the middel of our journey home, so it was perfect for us to stop here in between driving. Unfortunately I didn’t find the CHIP mug I’ve desperately wanted for ages now, but I did end up with several other stuff I’m really happy with. Curious to see what I bought there? Read on! HARRY POTTER BAGS a friend of mineRead More →

Aside from being a book hoarder, this fangirl loves buying decoration/jewelry, clothes and other knickknacks that have to do with books and/or movies. is a large Dutch web-shop that sells lots of fandom stuff. From Funko pop to jewelry, clothing, mugs and many more items. Aside from book/movie/tv series related stuff they also sell a lot of brand clothing/shoes and such. There’s just so much to buy on that web shop and it’s definitely one of my favorite web-shops out there. A while back we made ourselves backstage members – You pay a yearly amount with which you receive your backstage membership and youRead More →

I’ve got several shop-logs planned on the calendar for you guys but I wanted to finish this article first. As you might know I was enjoying our vacation in Spain last week. Visiting another country also means shopping time! So let me show you guys which souvenirs and other stuff I bought last week when I was at Mallorca! DECORATED BOX WITH SHELLS  When I was out buying souvenirs I came across this cute box with shells on them. I was looking for some stuff to decorate my shelves with at home and thought this would be perfect. I could put stuff inside it andRead More →

I recently published my first shop-log and let you see my latest Aliexpress buys. Today I got another Aliexpress haul for you – yes, Aliexpress is way to addictive and I order way too much stuff there, lol. There are still two orders with other stuff on their way as we speak, so you can expect more shop-logs in the nearby future ;). Today I’ve got 4 products to show you and I can’t wait to let you see what I bought recently! Here we go.. Feather Pen ballpoint Ever since I was a young girl I adored writing and collecting different sorts of pens.Read More →

Aside from book shopping I love shopping in general, especially for cute must have items like washi tape, bookmarks, notebooks, etc. I’ve recently ordered several items via and I thought about showing my haul to you guys. I invoked a ‘shop-log categories’ on the blog, in which I’ll regularly share my latest buys. I always like to hear what you love to buy online too,  so if you’ve got recommendations for cute items, let me know.. Happy reading! The first items I  wanted to show you were the two pencil cases from the photo above. They’ve got a cute Eiffel tower design on it and iRead More →