Some of you might know I love to pre-order (and that’s the understatement of the year, ladies and gentlemen haha). I love prowling the internet, visiting websites like Goodreads, bookdepository and such, to find out what books are to be expected in the nearby future. Only one tiny liabilty; my inner shopaholic goes wild haha. During this ‘research’ I come across so many books I want to read. I try to keep it down to a minimum when placing my pre-orders, but that’s so damn difficult haha. I’ve recently purchased the Tower of Dawn special YA chronicles box which will be delivered in September andRead More →

I love pre-ordering books. So when I’m prowling on the internet to see which books are due to release in the nearby future I’m totally in my element. Downside; my inner shopaholic goes insane, because I always come across too many books I NEED TO HAVE. Not just want.. Nope, it’s a NEED, lol. At the moment I’m in agreement with my husband that I have to hold myself to a max of 2 pre-orders per month. We’ve got an expensive vacation coming up, taxes have to be paid, etc. So unfortunately, that means I’ve got to buy less books for a while. ALSO READ:Read More →