First and foremost: I’m a sucker for romance. I seldom read books with no romance present and even though I enjoy those stories as well, my heart secretly craves for a romance, lol. Young adult, New adult, paranormal romance.. genre doesn’t matter, but just GIVE ME SOME ROMANCE! But.. an element that’s maybe even just as important to me as the romance element is the FRIENDSHIP/SQUAD-element in a story. In a lot of book(series) there’s a friendship/squad present, but not all of them are always well developed I think, which is such a shame since I think friendships are just as important as romance elementsRead More →

In last week’s Friday’s Favorite article I shared my 5-star rating books with you guys, which were my absolute favorite reads of 2017. BUTTTT.. There’s so much more awesomeness next to 5-star rating books, don’t you think? Well, I think so anyway haha. I’ve got quite a list of 4-star rating books from 2017 as well, and all of those books were really awesome reads too! And they definitely deserve some attention as well I think, so that’s why I decided to write separate articles of my favorite 2017 reads. So today’s the day I show you an overview of my 4-star rating books, whichRead More →

Just like last year, I want to look back to my Read Books in 2017 and show you guys my favorites. I’ve read A LOT of great and memorable books in 2017. But really, when you’ve read like 140+ books in a year, there are bound to be quite a few favorites among them. And I say quite a few but for me, it was more like: A LOT OF FAVORITES! And because I have such a long list of favorite reads in 2017 I’ve decided to do it a bit differently. I decided to write several articles on my 2017 books containing this articleRead More →

Well, although Summer is almost gone, I still wanted to publish this article haha. I’ve drafted it like 2 months ago and never got around to publish it yet. I finally finished it, yay. So here we go.. I recently published a Vacation/Summer TBR article in which I showed some books from my TBR that I wanted to read this summer. Today I’ve got a list of recommendations for you; a list of books I’ve already read and which I think are perfect summer reads! Although the summer is almost gone again, and when this article is published it’ll probably be raining cats and dogsRead More →