Omg, I can’t believe how fast I’m reading the books in this series! Just like the first book, this one was once again a one-sitting read. I just couldn’t stop reading once started and before I knew it I was done with it and writing a review :O I really liked Nolan and Lainey’s presence in ‘Destiny on Ice’ and I was so excited to start this book and reading their full-length book. There were some leads written in the first book which made me so curious to read this one and find out what’s going on between Nolan and Lainey. And boy, did IRead More →

I came across this book on Amazon and after reading the synopsis I bought it immediately. This sounded like a really fun and romantic read and well, it’s sports romance… I love sports romance, and especially when it involves HOCKEY players. So yeah, I was a goner haha. And one day, while prowling on my kindle, looking for a new read, I came across Destiny on Ice again and it just felt like the right time to start the book. And several hours later, I finished the book. Let me tell you more about this first book in a new sports romance series because youRead More →