Even though this book deserves wayyyy more than a mini review.. I just can’t, I’m sorry. This 5 star book – and 5 stars really isn’t enough – deserves all the praise and I just can’t get my thoughts and feelings in proper order to write them down in full sentences with which I can explain what this book did to me just now. I just finished the book, like 20 minutes ago and I just know I’ll never be at that point where I’ll be able to write exactly how I feel about Sarah and her books – one of the reasons I didn’tRead More →

Title: Atlantis: the King's return Series: #1 the Atlanteans Author: D.K. Combs Genre: mythology, mermaids, romance Format: Kindle Edition Pages: 372 Ambrose. The name is not only feared, but shunned and reviled. He’s a monster sentenced to a life of desolation and loneliness, and no one but his tormentor knows his whereabouts — at the bottom of the ocean. A creature of the sea cursed because of one simple mistake… Mari. Her life was a small happy bubble until it’s popped by the finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her — just as the cruise ship she’s on starts to sink! She’sRead More →

GUYSSSS, it’s finally finally here; Rebecca Yarros’ REBEL has released!!!!! Can I get a whoopwhoop?!  Most of you already know about my undying love for this author and her books but if not; Rebecca is one of my faves. I can’t begin to describe how I feel about her and her books, other than; everything she writes is utterly breathtaking, beautiful and just; AMAAAAZING. She writes those kind of books that’ll stay with you forever. Books that touch your heart and soul and become everything to you. I’ve devoured everything she wrote so far and I was looking forward for REBEL for months – theRead More →

Instead of reviewing all three books of this trilogy one by one, I decided to write 3 mini reviews instead so I could tell you about all of them at once, because this Wild Aces trilogy by Chanel Cleeton is a trilogy I want to tell you guys about asap. I bought the books months ago because I was in need of more military romance, but they ended up unread on my shelves until very recently. Out of the blue I decided to start with ‘Fly with Me’, the first book in the trilogy, and I was HOOKED. I’ve read all three books back toRead More →