Since I already talk about personal stuff in my Melissa’s Monday Memories I’ve decided to skip the personal part in the monthly wrap ups. Instead, I’m now only focusing on books and movies, when I feel like it haha. What did I read this month? What was published on the blog? And what am I looking forward to? You’ll read it here.. WHAT I’VE READ. August was a really good reading month, that’s one thing I know for sure. Another thing I know for sure; I was in a romance mood, lol. Almost all of my August reads are romantic reads and I’ve barely touchedRead More →

It’s the second day of a new month so it’s time for me to look back on last months blog/reading accomplishments and write my Wrap up. Unfortunately I’m having trouble with reading/blogging at the moment so the last week and a half I didn’t made much progress on either one, but over-all I published a nice amount of articles this month and read several awesome books as well! Do you want to read more of my July experiences? Read on.. WHAT I WAS UP TO. July was a busy month with a lot of lows and a lot of highs at the same time. WeRead More →

As some of you might know I was away on vacation for the past week. And going on vacation means: reading time, yes? – for as far that’s possible with a 4 yr old running around, lol. I didn’t read all of the books I took with me but I’m definitely not disappointed either by what I’ve completed in those 7 days. I’ve packed several paperbacks in my suitcase and had tons of e-books on my kindle and iBooks app as well on the phone. So I was ready to kick some books-asses. These were the books I packed with me aside from a lotRead More →

When this post publishes, I’m busy packing up our last stuff needed for our vacation. This evening we’ll fly from Maastricht Airport to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, for an 8 day stay in an all inclusive 4* hotel & spa. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? I really hope it’ll be just like that, lol. Back on track; you’re here for my monthly wrap-up. What was I up to in June? What books did I read? What articles were published on the blog and more will be dealt with in this article. Happy reading! WHAT I WAS UP TO. June was a busy month. Birthdays, appointments,Read More →