Of couuuuurse I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of buying the YA chronicles Tower of Dawn special. I was so extremely excited for the book and I already saw a lot of unboxings for this book box and therefore knew that I really wanted to buy one someday. So when they announced there’d be a TOD special, I immediately put in a order! You could choose to get the box with the uk paperback, us hardcover or both editions. Since I already ordered two hardcovers somewhere else, I decided to choose for the box with the paperback only. Since I live in the NetherlandsRead More →

Yes, I’ve got a new unboxing for you guys! I ordered the Owlcrate June box a while back because I was sooo excited and just didn’t want to miss out on this one. I got a feeling about which book was going to be inside and it’s a book that’s been on my wishlist for quite some time now. And on top of that there was an announcement in which owlcrate said there was going to be an ‘An Ember in the Ashes’ item and an ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’ item, so yeah: I HAD TO BUY THAT BOX, no doubt about it.Read More →

After seeing the unboxing photos from some of my friends I got so so soo excited I got grabby hands myself, lol. Through a friend I was able to get my own box as well, and my inner fangirl was so happy and constantly screaming: BUY THE BOX, BUY THE BOX!! and I was like: OKAYYY IF YOU INSIST!  So I bought it 😉 – I’m weak like that, yep. SorryNotsorry. So I just received the box and even though I already knew what was inside, it still felt like Christmas when opening this box. I was so excited to finally hold this book and the bookishRead More →

Ook dit jaar deed ik weer mee met de geweldig georganiseerde Secret Santa actie van Kwante in Wonderland! Vorig jaar was de eerste editie en die was me zo goed bevallen dat ik geen moment twijfelde om dit jaar ook weer mee te doen. Het is zo leuk om voor mensen pakketjes te maken en zeker nu rond de feestdagen. Daarnaast is het ook nog eens heel leuk om zelf een pakket onder de boom te hebben staan, waarvan de inhoud een grote verrassing is! Afgelopen week mocht ik dan ook mijn Secret Santa 2.0 pakket ontvangen en het pakket heeft me dagenlang de ogenRead More →