I came across this tag at Annemieke’s blog; A dance with books and I loved it so I decided to do this tag as well. I’m working on a dog tag article of my own for quite a while now, with book related questions and answers, but this particular dog tag is really only about dogs and since I love love loveeee dogs, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to talk about them some more in this tag time tuesday today. La La in the Library and Jolene from Jo’s Book Blog are holding a Dog Days of Summer month where they focus on dogs for theRead More →

I came across this tag a while ago while watching some videos on the Epic Reads YouTube channel and thought it would be a good one to do so today’s the day you guys get to read my answers to these awesome questions. Which author would I invite to tea? What book would I like a prequel for? And many more awesome questions are discussed in this Epic Reads Book Tag. Okay, so asking me questions that involve choosing 1 this or 1 that; that’s just cruel because I can never choose only 1. I’ve got several authors whom I’d love to do this withRead More →

I was tagged by Annemieke of A Dance with Books  to do this TAG post some while ago – like April 2016, whooops. Haven’t gotten around to write it out – more like forgot it , fail.. -, until now. The purpose of this TAG is to find a book with the color which is given And a book with the description of the color. So you’ll have to find two books per ‘question’. It’s been quite a quest to find a match for everything but I think I did okay in the end.   YELLOW – A book that makes you Happy STARCROSSED – JosephineRead More →

This tag was originally created by theheavyblanks on Youtube. Basically the whole point of this tag is to show off beautiful book covers. Since I’m a real sucker for beautiful covers, I’ve got a collection so far. I’ve already written multiple cover crush articles in which I show you my most beautiful covers, but in this tag there are several ‘questions’ in which I can show covers I haven’t showed before so I wanted to do this tag as well and also Tag other bloggers so I can get a look in their collection as well 😉 CHOOSE 5 OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOKS IN YOUR COLLECTION.Read More →