I’m really excited about sharing this tag with you guys today. I’m happy Kwante from Kwante in Wonderland passed this tag on to me. It’s been a while when I did a tag in which I got to draw names that would help me answer my questions. I’ve done the RIP-IT or SHIP IT tag last year and that has been one of the coolest tags I’ve got to do so far. So seeing this You’re not good enough tag, in which the basics are the same, made me really excited to do as well! This tag was originally created by ReadLikeWildfire and Beccathebookreviewer. What do you needRead More →

I got tagged by the lovely Kwante in Wonderland for this school book tag recently and I’ve had a lot of fun doing this tag. For a lot of school classes there are matching bookish questions I’ve had to answer. A book I’d like to dissect, modern classics and much more will be talked about in this school book tag. Happy reading! I hope they’re talking about dissecting in a non-literate sense, instead of tearing a book up literally haha. But there are definitely a lot of really good books to chose from if I think about it. Book(series) you could rant on and onRead More →

Up until yesterday I still wasn’t certain which Tag article I should publish today. I got a notebook with inspiration, but still nothing felt ‘right’ at the moment, you know? Since I stopped with publishing the 1000 questions article on my blog – in which I answered personal questions each week so you’d get to know more of the ME behind Melissasbookworld -, I finally decided on this Tag; Get to know me. Soooo, here we go! Want to know more about Melissa? Read on.. Vital Stats Name: Melissa Nicknames: Melis Birthday: 15/09/1989 – Yep, turning 28 this month – don’t remind me buahaha Star Sign: Virgo Occupation: UpRead More →