This Story Sound Saturday has been in the making for quite a while now, but I never got around to finish it due to some concentration problems lately and first and foremost because of all these intense emotions I experience involving this book. But this book – the entire series, hell.. every Yarros book – is so deserving of all the love and attention we could possibly give it and I just really really wanted to write a Story Sound Saturday for it. If you’ve read Rebecca’s books and the previous three books in the Flight and Glory series, YOU KNOW what I’m talking aboutRead More →

While reading Rebel, I came across a line said by the male lead character early on in the book and then it happened; BOOM! that specific song I love so much from the Script: ‘Never seen anything quite like you’ popped into my head. Well, popped.. It was like being struck by lightning – not that I know how that feels like but ok. But it just was a HUGE moment, that’s what I’m trying to say here, lol. It was the first of many moments where I realized I should really need to compose a playlist for this book, so here’s my Story SoundRead More →

It’s been a while since I published a Story Sound Saturday article and I thought it was about damn time to write a new one. Since my review of Nowhere but here went online this week I thought it would be perfect to write a Story Sound Saturday about this book as well. After finishing this book I found a spotify playlist the author herself put together and ooooomygod you guys; it’s perfect! All of these songs fit the book so well! And I can’t wait to share the songs with you and let you know my favorites and such and hopefully make you fallRead More →

Twee weken terug kwam voor het eerst sinds maanden weer een Story Sound Saturday online. Een artikel waar ik voorheen altijd met veel liefde mee bezig was, maar welke een tijdje stil heeft gelegen. Ik zit weer boordevol energie om met dit artikel verder te gaan. Deze keer heb ik een boek voor jullie wat weer ontzettend goed aansluit bij muziek (ja duh, anders hoort hij natuurlijk ook niet thuis in deze post). Het mannelijk hoofdpersonage in dit boek is een zanger en het is ook weer een ontzettend emotioneel en pakkend verhaal wat je met muziek kunt laten voelen. STORY-LINE  Wat story-line betreft is hetRead More →