I’ve got several shop-logs planned on the calendar for you guys but I wanted to finish this article first. As you might know I was enjoying our vacation in Spain last week. Visiting another country also means shopping time! So let me show you guys which souvenirs and other stuff I bought last week when I was at Mallorca! DECORATED BOX WITH SHELLS  When I was out buying souvenirs I came across this cute box with shells on them. I was looking for some stuff to decorate my shelves with at home and thought this would be perfect. I could put stuff inside it andRead More →

I recently published my first shop-log and let you see my latest Aliexpress buys. Today I got another Aliexpress haul for you – yes, Aliexpress is way to addictive and I order way too much stuff there, lol. There are still two orders with other stuff on their way as we speak, so you can expect more shop-logs in the nearby future ;). Today I’ve got 4 products to show you and I can’t wait to let you see what I bought recently! Here we go.. Feather Pen ballpoint Ever since I was a young girl I adored writing and collecting different sorts of pens.Read More →

Aside from book shopping I love shopping in general, especially for cute must have items like washi tape, bookmarks, notebooks, etc. I’ve recently ordered several items via Aliexpress.com and I thought about showing my haul to you guys. I invoked a ‘shop-log categories’ on the blog, in which I’ll regularly share my latest buys. I always like to hear what you love to buy online too,  so if you’ve got recommendations for cute items, let me know.. Happy reading! The first items I  wanted to show you were the two pencil cases from the photo above. They’ve got a cute Eiffel tower design on it and iRead More →