I’ve barely stopped drooling over the huge amount of awesome books that were published this month and I’m already drooling over next month’s releases and want to buy SO MUCH of those releases as well haha. There are a lot of awesome books coming out in October and I’ve made a favorites list to share with you guys. Some really awesome Young adult books are coming out but several contemporary romance books for example, as well. I wish I could buy them all haha.. Thankfully Christmas is in sight, so I can at least put several books on my Christmas wishlists. Want to know whatRead More →

It’s that time of the month again; talk about next month’s book releases! In agreement with my buddy Kwante in Wonderland I’ve decided to publish the Monthly Releases on the same date each month as she does, so we can link back to each other. Kwante always talks about the Dutch releases and I obviously about the English ones. So when we link back to each other we can complement each other! So if you’d like to know which Dutch releases there’ll be in September, be sure to check Kwante’s blog – Link to her article can be found later on in this article.  Guys,Read More →

It’s that time of the month again; Looking forward for next month’s book releases, yay! So say goodbye to your money, because I promise you there will be at least one book on this list you want to buy! I’ll show you my most anticipated August releases and leave a list at the bottom of the article with more releases on it as well, so there’s enough to see for everyone! Hope you enjoy reading this article! Under Fire – Scarlett Cole (#1 Love over Duty) (Contemporary romance) Okay, so lets start this Monthly releases list with something sexy and exciting; a contemporary romance with aRead More →

Since my May bookhaul was quite large I promised my hubby and myself to keep a low profile for a couple of months when it comes to buying books, but when writing this post at June 8th and seeing all these new books for July, it makes me want to buy everything, lol. And of course, my July releases down below doesn’t even cover half of all the books that are due to release in July. I’ve mostly mentioned Young Adult releases, but there may be some New Adult and/or contemporary romance as well. July is going to be awesome! Lost boy: the true storyRead More →