It’s been a couple of weeks since I published a Monday Memories, but today I got one for you at last. Let me tell you more about what I was up to recently, what was going on – or better said; not going on, at the blog, what I’ve been reading, what books I received and which blog articles of fellow bloggers I loved… My hubby surprised me with a new kindle e-reader and the Silhouette Cameo 3!!! He just wanted to lift my spirits a bit in regards to how I feel lately and he really knows how to pamper me hihi. I wasRead More →

Up front; this MMM is a bit negative because I felt like I just wanted to tell you guys a bit more about how I felt lately. And since last week contained a lot of ‘bad’ days for me.. well, obviously it’ll pop up then in this weekly journal article, lol. But aside from feeling bad, I had definitely some highlights in my week as well. Let me tell you about how last week was for me.. As I will tell you below when I get to the blogging part and about not being able to write anything at the moment; ever since being backRead More →

Another week’s passed by and I’ve had a really busy week. Spending more time with Milan, since his vacation started, had a meeting with some friends, got a lot of new books, read some awesome books, was busy with the blog and lots of other stuff. Let me tell you about it! Last week was Milan’s first official week of vacation and it took some adjusting, especially for me, lol. I was way more exhausted then I normally am because he was around a lot more. But it gives me the chance to do more fun stuff with him as well, which is a plusRead More →

Reminiscing on our vacation from the week before and enhancing the photos I took there, spending time with the family and more.. It has been a busy but fun week. I’ve received a lot of awesome new books, finished reading four books, wrote new articles for the blog and had to do a lot of stuff around the house. Since returning from vacation I’m having a set back mood-wise unfortunately and I’m really hoping it’ll get better next week. But despite feeling down from time to time, I still had a lovely week, enjoying Luciën’s last week of holiday.  Let me tell you what IRead More →