Title: When It's Real Author: Erin Watt Genre: Young Adult Fiction Publisher: Harlequin Release Date: June 1, 2017 Pages: 304 Wealth, fame and a real-life romance she never expected—seventeen-year-old Vaughn Bennett lands it all when she agrees to become a pop star’s fake girlfriend in this smart, utterly addictive novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author duo Erin Watt Under ordinary circumstances, Oakley Ford and Vaughn Bennett would never even cross paths. There’s nothing ordinary about Oakley. This bad-boy pop star’s got Grammy Awards, millions of fangirls and a reputation as a restless, too-charming troublemaker. But with his home life disintegrating, his music wellRead More →

Title: Under the Lights Series: #2 Field Party Author: Abbi Glines Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance Publisher: Simon & Schuster Release Date: 25 augustus 2016 Format: Paperback Pages: 336 In the follow-up to Abbi Glines’s #1 New York Times bestseller Until Friday Night—three teens from a small southern town are stuck in a dramatic love triangle. Willa can’t erase the bad decisions of her past that led her down the path she’s on now. But she can fight for forgiveness from her family. And she can protect herself by refusing to let anyone else get close to her. High school quarterback and town golden boyRead More →

Title: the Problem with Forever Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance Publisher: Mira INK Release Date: 1 juni 2016 Format: paperback Pages: 474 For some people, silence is a weapon. For Mallory “Mouse” Dodge, it’s a shield. Growing up, she learned that the best way to survive was to say nothing. And even though it’s been four years since her nightmare ended, she’s beginning to worry that the fear that holds her back will last a lifetime. Now, after years of homeschooling with loving adoptive parents, Mallory must face a new milestone—spending her senior year at public high school. But of allRead More →

Title: Daan & Nadia Author: Esther Walraven Genre: Young Adult, contemporary Publisher: van Goor (Best of YA) Release Date: februari 2016 Format: paperback Pages: 268 Na een optreden met zijn band kan de zeventienjarige Daan niet meer op zijn benen staan. Men denkt aan alcoholvergiftiging, maar het blijkt ernstiger. De onvoorstelbare diagnose zet het leven van de altijd optimistische en sportieve Daan op zijn kop: hij heeft een hersentumor. De vijftienjarige Nadia is in alles het tegenovergestelde van Daan: ze is somber, heeft geen goede band met haar ouders en snijdt zichzelf. De oorzaak hiervan ligt bij haar handtastelijke oom. Nadat Nadia opnieuw wordt lastiggevallenRead More →