I can probably expect a lot of shocked reactions when people are going to read this article, but I’ve decided to finish the article and post it anyway after months of it being held back in draft-status and me getting more and more excited about publishing it. I’ve always been a reader that wants to keep her books in pristine condition, which means; not writing in them, not bending them while reading, not making dog ears, etc. Lately I find my morals changed a bit haha. Paperbacks are more often being ‘abused’ while reading and ending up on the shelves with present evidence of beingRead More →

Today I got a confession article for you guys which I first wrote and published in September ’16. This is one of the articles I’ve translated from Dutch -> English recently and I’ve also been busy with re-writing it here and there. Now it’s time to publish it again and I hope you’re going to like it. It’s about my book buying addiction.. an addiction most of you are probably well known with, am I right ;)? Happy reading! Addicted to books.. You’re probably thinking; ‘Well, aren’t we all?’ But I’ve encountered different forms of ‘being addicted to buying books’, lol. There are those readers whoRead More →

  “Re-reading a favorite book is for me often an even more beautiful reading experience than starting a new read”.  Sure, reading a story for the first time is really magical and unique and gives you a reading experience you only experience that first time. But.. re-reading gives my a whole other special, unique and magical reading experience which I then again not experience with a first read. So.. Today I’m going to discuss the ‘Why RE-reading is such a pleasure for me. Why I keep re-reading a book/series while I still have so many UNread books on my shelves, waiting to be picked.’ UpRead More →

Begin maart ’16 werd ik getagd om de #HelpIkHebEenVerslaving tag in te vullen en ook plaatste ik al eerder een Boekenlegger post waarin ik tips & tricks deel waarmee je een gevarieerde boekenlegger collectie kunt creëren en mijn eigen collectie liet zien. In de tussentijd zijn mijn eigen verzamelingen van boekenleggers, funko pops en notitieboekjes alweer flink gegroeid sinds maart en het leek me leuk om een vervolg post te schrijven, een update over hoe het er nu voor staat met mijn verslavingen! Dit zal vast geen verrassende nummer 1 zijn haha. Boeken kopen. Het is zonder gekheid een echte verslaving van me haha. ZoRead More →