Yesterday I shared my Birthday haul and today’s my monthly haul ready to be seen. September was a really good month hihi. I got to add a lot of new beauties to the collection, with a lot of help from friends and family who pampered me for my birthday. But aside from my birthday books, I also bought some books myself and I received a highly anticipated book from a lovely author! Let me show you guys all the beauties that I got to add to the collection this month, you ready? VLINDERS IN CENTRAL PARK/SUNSET IN CENTRAL PARK by Sarah Morgan (#2 From ManhattanRead More →

September’s almost done and that means I’ve recently aged a year, yikes. I don’t spent too much time thinking about my birthday – 28 already, time goes by too fast!!! Mentally, I often still feel like I’m 17 years old, lol – so I don’t celebrate my birthday anymore since a couple of years. But despite not celebrating, I got pampered nonetheless by family and friends! I got pampered by my bestie Kwante with a really awesome birthday package, consisting; a totebag, books, candle, bookmarks and her self-made night court tea, waaaah! And of course I went to Amsterdam to do an interview with SophieRead More →

This is always one of my favorite articles to write/publish; the monthly bookhaul. Last month’s haul was huuuuge, so in comparison with that one, this month’s haul is somewhat more refined shall I say? lol haha Whereas last month I added a lot of physical books to the collection, this month I added a huge pile of e-books to the collection. Amazon, Netgalley and iBooks are to blame, lol. Well, let me show you guys what I got to add to the collection this month! KILLING KEIKO: THE TRUE STORY OF FREE WILLY’S RETURN TO THE WILD by Mark A. Simmons You may have alreadyRead More →