‘Just one more chapter and I’m going to …’ says every reader but never holds themselves to it in the end. Everrr.. Do you recognize yourself in this? Saying things like ‘Just one more chapter and then I’ll start cleaning.. Just one more chapter and then I’ll go do out to do some grocery shopping.. One more chapter and I’ll call it a night because I have to get up early in the morning.’ And then ending up finishing the book at 2AM with some toothpick’s that held your eyes open for the past hours. Which simultaneously means walking around with bags under the eyesRead More →

On July 17th 2016 my first (Book) Struggle Sunday article went online. This article started out as an article in which I could rant about popular discussed subjects within a book community. An article of which I hoped would be an interactive article, in which readers/fellow bloggers would like to participate in. I love ranting about specific subjects regarding books – or other things for that matter, and I love to hear other people’s thoughts on those subjects as well. I can be a bit ‘spicy’ when being in a discussion about something, because I’m just extremely passionate when I’m talking about things I love.Read More →