You’ve just finished a book.. you’re experiencing either a book hangover and don’t want to start a new book yet or you are immediately excited and ready for a new read. “What should I read next then?” pops in mind. I myself, often have an ASAP tbr stack ready to choose from or just already have a specific book in mind. But still, more often than you think, I end up having trouble making a final decision. Even though I was thinking about a specific book, or have a whole stack lying there to be read, I end up restless and indecisive. Sometimes I justRead More →

“I’m out of space on my shelves, what to do?!” is something a lot of readers have said at one time or another in their reading life, or didn’t you? For me, it’s a struggle I come face to face with on a regular base, lol. – my monthly book hauls mess everything up all the time haha. I got two larger billy’s and one small billy from IKEA in November ’15 and when I finished putting my book on the shelves then, I still had a lot of space left. That gave me the opportunity to show my favorites even better, by giving them moreRead More →

When you loose yourself in a new book series, do you want to read the whole series at once? Or do you prefer taking your time with a series and read other books in between? I got a clear preference when it comes to binge-reading of book series and that’s what I’m going to talk about today in this Struggle Sunday article.Read More →

‘Just one more chapter and I’m going to …’ says every reader but never holds themselves to it in the end. Everrr.. Do you recognize yourself in this? Saying things like ‘Just one more chapter and then I’ll start cleaning.. Just one more chapter and then I’ll go do out to do some grocery shopping.. One more chapter and I’ll call it a night because I have to get up early in the morning.’ And then ending up finishing the book at 2AM with some toothpick’s that held your eyes open for the past hours. Which simultaneously means walking around with bags under the eyesRead More →