I’m sure almost every reader has at least one Auto-buy author, don’t you? An author who’s books you’d instantly buy without even knowing what the book’s about. Because you’re so in love with their writing style, you’ll already have faith in the fact that it’d be a wonderful read so you pre-order/buy it without giving it much thought. In the last couple of years I came across many authors of whom I want to buy all the books of without it bothering me if I didn’t know what the books are about. I just want everything on my shelves they’ve written and will write inRead More →

I talked about it recently; that I decided to do an UN-haul so I could get rid of books I don’t want to re-read anymore or don’t want to read at all. I’ve decided to share them on the blog as well, so I could reach out to more people! If you’re interested, please let me know and we’ll arrange something.Β The shipment costs are not included in the asking price, so keep that in mind πŸ˜‰ Everything will be shipped from the Netherlands.Read More →

Did you know there’s a new JLArmentrout book releasing today?! If not; under what rock did you live for these past couple of months, lol? πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. I offered to participate in this book trailer reveal for Jen’s newest release ‘IF THERE’S NO TOMORROW’. The book’s been talked about a lot already and it’s one of my highly anticipated reads for this year! I’m really excited for this read and I love being able to help spread the word – or in this case trailer – about this new release of this amazing author! I always loveee watching book trailers and I really likeRead More →

We’ve all probably been there at one point or another.. The moment you realize you still need to read sooo many books/series almost everyone you know in the book community has already read except for you – fail. For me, it mostly isn’t a conscious decision to let popular books on the shelves for a while. Most of the time I love reading hyped books – Sarah J. Maas for example!! whoop whoop. But when reading hyped books right after release date it’s probably an author I’ve been reading for a while and is already a favorite of mine. And it all really depends onRead More →