I came across a Time Capsule book edition article on the  Book babbles and Blues blog a while ago and thought it would be really awesome to write this article for myself as well. So, thanks for the inspiration Book Babbles and Blues! Since I love recommending books to others and love fangirling about them in general, I think this article is just perfect for me to write haha. The idea is to choose five book(series) you’d love to put in a time capsule that’ll first be opened in 25 years. It can be books you simply love or books that you think will still have somethingRead More →

I just had to share some bookish stuff with you today, of which I thought you might like. A couple of friends of mine are hosting a Instagram challenge and my bestie is organizing her third Secret Santa edition this year – Dutch and Belgium participants only! I’m participating in the challenge and secret santa, because well.. I just really want to haha. It’s just so much fun! I’ve been a participant of the Secret Santa right from the start, so this will by the third year I’m participating. And it’s always sooo much fun to create a Christmas-package for someone and receive one inRead More →

The first edition of ‘Popular books I still haven’t read’ went online on August 2nd and I thought it’s about time to post the next one. In the last edition I showed 5 book(series) I still haven’t read, and today I’m going to pick up where I left of hihi. We’ve all probably been there at one point or another.. That moment you realize you still need to read sooo many books/series almost everyone you know in the book community has already read except for you – fail. For me, it mostly isn’t a conscious decision to let popular books on the shelves for aRead More →

Duo-logy, a ‘series’ that only span two books, seems to be a new trend in the book community and I am positively loving it! As where I’m normally a reader who loves trilogies and series – the more the merrier -, I have found a love and interest for reading duo-logy as well. And since writing and publishing a duo-logy is getting more and more popular by the minute, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on this new ‘hype’. DUO-LOGY vs. TRILOGY/SERIES As a reader, one thing I’ve noticed with trilogies/series is that the first book is often a great storyRead More →