Hello and Welcome to my online bookworld.

My name is Melissa, I’m 27 years old, married and mommy of a 4 year old boy named Milan. When I’m not spending time at home with my family, being busy with the household or being out the door for appointments, you can find me with a book in my hands or sitting behind the desktop, blogging.

I’m an animal lover at heart. My spirit animal is the killer whale. Ever since I was a young girl I had an obsession with these beautiful animals. I’ve always wanted to be a marine biologist so I could study killer whales, but alas, life happened so haha.. But I’ve never lost the soul deep love I’ve got and still have for these animals <3

Also, I’ve always been a horse girl ever since I remember. I’ve read comics, books.. Watched movies, saw documentaries and went horseback riding. My greatest dream back then was having a horse of my own. I didn’t think I’d be having my dream come true several years later, but it happened..

For several years I called myself owner and friend of a Friesian gelding, named Helmer. He was my everything and like I said; a dream come true. I’ve had the honor of spending several years with him before I had to part with him. *what the heart once owns, it will never loose* My dream is to someday own a house with stables and enough pastures so I’d be able to own some horses at home.

In a distant past I’d also loved being an amateur photographer. I haven’t done serious photographing for some years now, but maybe I’d pick it up again the future.. For now I’m being contend with shooting pics for my Bookstagram, blog posts and of my family whenever the occasion rises.


Reading is relaxing for me.. Shutting down the outside world and focus on the world inside the book. Meeting new characters, bonding with them and experiencing their story with them. And I said ‘Reading’ and ‘Relaxing’ in the same sentence, but really.. It’s more like this:


I’m a sensitive and emotional person and that expends to my reading experiences as well. I get attached to characters and their stories insanely fast and intense. After finishing a book I find it a joy to write about my reading experience and share them with the outside world. Often, such reviews end in one blubbering fangirl-rant-mess of a 1500-2000 word counting article, whoops – SorryNOTsorry 😉 –

I’m not if not enthusiastic about books and like to show it to you guys and infect you with my enthusiasm. I love it when someone wants to read a book after reading or hearing what I thought of it. And I love the feedback they give me back after reading the book even more, even if it isn’t always positive which is okay. – everybody experiences a book in his/her own way so I really don’t expect everyone to like the same things I do, but I’ll do my best to sway you to the dark side anyway hehe..


Well, to be honest. I like to read about just anything that’s out there but I definitely favor some genres above others. Ever since I was a young girl I was addicted to informational books about animals, medical stuff and such. I was a sponge of sorts when it came to reading stuff like that haha; the more, the better. Still do by the way. I’ve got quite a collection of animal books now which contain just lots and lots of information about everything that’s relevant. I don’t read them as often anymore, but I love to read tiny bits of ’em from time to time.

My most read genres at the moment are
– Young Adult, and I prefer fantasy/paranormal/mythology but I love to read contemporary from time to time, horror, Sci-Fi, Retellings and Dystopian as well
– Adult Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
– New Adult/Contemporary
– Historical Novels

Even though the genres above are favorites at the moment.. I still like to explore more inside the book community ‘outside my comfort zone’. So if you have any recommendations? Please let me know 🙂



I’ve askes some friends of mine to write something about me

Een quote aanleveren voor iemand die je in korte tijd heel dierbaar is geworden is best lastig! Melissa heb ik leren kennen via het internet en zelfs via zo’n verlicht schermpje spat haar geweldige persoonlijkheid je tegemoet! Vol humor en met het hart op de juiste plaats! Ze zeggen waar het hart vol van is stroomt de mond van over, nou berg je dan maar bij deze fluffy bunny want bij haar stroomt haar mond over als een Niagara waterval aan booklove! Ik ben heel blij dat ik Melissa in twee jaar tijd van dagelijks online contact en een paar geweldige uitjes tot mijn vriendin kan benoemen! Als je in haar cirkeltje zit mag je jezelf een gelukkig mens prijzen! – Kwante in Wonderland

“Een hele toffe & lieve bookbuddy bij wie ik altijd aan kan kloppen voor nieuwe aanraders en die ook altijd in de mood is om samen te fangirlen!!”
– Kaylee 

Melissa, queen of fangirls, mother of books.
– Adinda 

She’s a batshit crazy Fangirl! But I love her for it, wouldn’t have it any other way and she’s one of my best friends I’ve met online through our love for books