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In December ’16 I wrote an article on my author meet & greets of 2016 and I thought it would be fun to do another edition as well. I’ve met some amaaaaazing authors in 2016 like Mary E. Pearson, SARAH J. MAAS, Julie Kagawa and much more! You can read all about it in my 2016 meet & greet article -> click HERE

I was very lucky to meet some really awesome authors in 2017 as well. A couple of them were on my bookish wishlist, some of the authors were still fairly new to me but I was really excited to meet them and it felt like a dream coming true! I got to do an interview with one of my all-time favorites: Jennifer L. Armentrout, I got to meet one of my all-time favorite paranormal romance authors Gena Showalter and I met many more awesome authors. Let me tell you more about my awesome meet & greets this year!


I think it’s best to start with the first author I’ve met in 2017, which was an author I hadn’t read anything of until right before yalfest: Lesley Livingston. I’ve had several of her prior written books on my wishlist, but never got around to buy and read them. I Did buy her latest YA release back then, called the Valiant – which was translated to Dutch as well – and OMG I fell in love so hard with that book and the writing of this author. I’m really bummed out I didn’t read any of her other books sooner haha – so that’s definitely something I’m planning on doing this year. I’m really excited about her other books. And of course, for the sequel of the Valiant; the Defiant! Right after the interview that was being held with all of the authors at the main stage, it was time to look up the authors we wanted to meet. And we decided to start with Lesley and then Gena, who both were in the same signing room. Lesley’s so kind and she was so funny during the interview as well, it was really fun meeting her!

Fun Fact. Our little group of minions decided to skip our workshop that day because we didn’t really feel like doing it, so we were just wandering along the halls of the Studio’s in Aalsmeer and we bumped into Lesley by accident and then she started conversation with us and we just stood there, talking to this amazing author for like 20minutes, 30minutes maybe? It was awesome! She’s so much FUN!!! We had a blast! We took some pictures with her and of course, we were fangirling about how awesome the Valiant is en then she got super excited and decided to let us in on a little secret; but I can’t tell you what it was haha sorry that’s so mean but we promised her we wouldn’t tell a soul, so yeah.. But meeting her at the signing earlier that day was already so awesome but getting a chance to talk to her ‘out in the wild’ was just amazing. Moments like these will be remembered forever!

The next author is one who is one of my all-time favorites. The one who introduced me to the paranormal romance genre: Gena Showalter! She was invited by the Dutch publisher who publishes her Young adult series; Everlife, which became quite popular here over time. There are also a couple of books from the Lord of the Underworld series translated to Dutch but unfortunately, the publisher stopped translating them around book 4/5 I guess? Anyway.. the Lord of the Underworlds series was my introduction to Paranormal Romance and since then I’ve read quite a bit from this author and I love all of her books so much. Whether it’s the paranormal romance books like LotU or the Angels of the Dark books, or her contemporary romance books; the original heartbreakers or her Young adult books, like the Everlife trilogy. Gena is an auto-buy author to me and no matter which genre she writes, I so far, always ended up loving everything she wrote.

Gena was one of my most highly anticipated meet & greets ever so when I heard she was going to visit YALfestNL in April 2017, I had to buy a ticket. In the end, the entire line-up for yalfest2017 was just amazing, but Gena was the main reason I went haha. Instead of bringing a YA book, I decided to bring my copy of the first Lords of the Underworld series. I was one of the first in line to meet her and even though I didn’t have to wait long, my nerves got the better of me haha. I was so excited and nervous and felt like an idiot when I stood in front of her, with my stutter and awkwardness haha. But she was so enthusiastic and so incredibly sweet!!! She was pleasantly surprised to see I brought a LotU book along, so I told her about my love for the series and her books in general and that there really wasn’t any other option than to bring this particular book with me because it’s just so special to me. She hugged me and we talked for a couple of minutes – in this time the queue was getting longer so I had to wrap it up haha – and I drifted along on cloud 7 for the rest of the day haha. Meeting Gena is one of the most special authors meet & greets I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, like ever. It brought me so many happy memories and maybe I’ll get to meet her again someday, who knows..

Then we also went to see Veronica Rossi, the author known for the Riders duoloy. I absolutely loved Riders – I’m a horse girl at heart so reading about the horses of the apocalypse is just really awesome – and was really excited to meet Veronica. She’s so kind! I told her about that I loved Riders so much but that some things happening were really hard to take for this fangirl hahaha – the FEELS – so she said something like Yeah sorry about that haha and I was like; I think you’re awesome for doing that though even if it ripped my heart out and she had the brightest of smiles I’ve ever seen on someone haha. I really liked being able to transfer my love of a book to an author, to let them know how much I loved it and It’s so nice to see they truly hear you out and how they love hearing those things. I really loved meeting Veronica and hope to meet her again one day.

I’ve been wanting to meet Victor Dixen, author of the Phobos series. Ever since reading Phobos1 back in 2016. When the Publisher asked back then if I’d be interested in reviewing this book I immediately said yes because it sounded so awesome. Dating program in space?! I need more. The series is originally written in French and Uitgeverij Q was the first foreign publisher that was going to translate the books. They are being translated into English as well, as far as I know. I devoured book 1, which ended on a cliffhanger, yikes!! Book 2 was yet again an amazing read and I was really really excited to meet Victor. He was so kind and he looks so cool with that glasses of him, that he always wears anywhere he goes. I tried to get some info on book 3 but he didn’t say much except that it was obviously going to be another thrilling read. So after taking a picture and getting the books signed, I walked away with fond memories of meeting this awesome author, looking forward to reading book 3 in the series. I’ve read like ¾ of book 3 now but haven’t gotten to finish it yet because I kind of fell into a slump at the time, so I definitely need to pick it up again soon.

Then I skip towards September, the month in which I got to meet and interview Sophie Jackson along with my buddy Kwante – on my birthday actually, so that was a really nice way to spent my birthday haha. Sophie’s latest installment in the Pound of Flash series was just released earlier in the month and I’ve devoured it, just like I did with the other books. the Dutch publisher of Sophie asked if we’d be interested in interviewing her and of course, we wouldn’t want to pass up on an opportunity like that so we went to Amsterdam to meet up with her.

We had such a blast! It turned out that another blogger who was supposed to go before or after us – I don’t remember what it was exactly haha – didn’t show up so that meant we had more time to spent with Sophie. We sat there for like 45minutes I think? It was awesome! We talked about her books, her favorite movies and tv series, and so much more. Some personal stuff came up as well. It was just a blast talking to her and meeting this wonderful person! Can’t wait to hopefully meet her again someday! If you’re curious about the interview? Click on the image of Sophie and me together and you’ll be redirected to the interview article!


And last, but definitely not least, I got to meet one of my all-time favorite authors in October 2017; Jennifer L. Armentrout. She’s most famous here for her new adult books, like the Wait for You series, but I ‘met’ this author years ago by reading the LUX series, a Young adult series about – I kid you not and it’s one of the most AWESOME things I’ve read so far– aliens, and it ended up being one of my all-time favorite series! After loving LUX so much, I started reading more books by this author. More paranormal books but also her contemporary romance and new adult books – I got a whole shelf in my bookcase dedicated to this author hihi. I can’t get enough of this author and I’d really never thought there’d be a day that I was able to meet her. I mean, Jennifer coming to the Netherlands? That’s really something! I remember, very well, there were rumors going around about her visiting our country back in 2016 and everyone went ballistic over those rumors – I, myself, included of course haha. So when Zomer & Keuning announced her visit for 2017, I was over the moon happy about it. And then they contacted Kwante and me again to do an interview with her. I’m having goosebumps while writing this down people. Because meeting Jennifer was so incredibly high on my bucket list and being able to interview her? That was like a dream coming true, seriously. I still don’t have any words for it, it was amazing.

I was so incredibly nervous that day and it was only my second in-person interview – I normally do author Q&A’s through mail and such haha – so that didn’t help at all haha. And normally, my nerves calm down you now after a couple of minutes? But it didn’t happen. I kept stuttering and falling over words the entire time. I felt like an idiot haha. And worst of all; I can’t find my audio of the interview anywhere! So I haven’t been able to write down the interview. I’m planning on doing a thorough sweep through my files on the computer, to see if it maybe ended up there somewhere, so I can hopefully finally write down this interview with this amazing author and share it with you guys. But this was one of the most awesome things I’ve experienced since being a fangirl. Meeting Jennifer L. Armentrout. She’s amazing and just.. hbfdghjbdfgjbdjbg Yeah.. I just can’t put in words how much it ment to me to being able to meet her.


Authors I’d still want to meet very much

I’d really hope I can meet Gena Showalter, Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Mary E. Pearson again in the future among others. But aside from RE-meeting authors, there is still quite a wishlist of authors I haven’t met before, but I’m dying to meet. Some of those most-want-to-meet-authors are:


To me, the Gena Showalter meeting and the Jennifer L. Armentrout interview were my favorite meet & greets of 2017 and maybe ever aside from meeting Mary E. Pearson. I’d never thought it possible that these two amazing authors would come to the Netherlands but YAY, it DID happen. And I still can’t believe it actually happened haha. And meeting the rest of the authors I met in 2017 was just so amazing as well. Lesley Livingston for example; she’s AWESOME!!!! But it was also a tremendous pleasure getting to interview Sophie Jackson – it was such a great day that day. Kwante and I had a lot of fun talking to Sophie. I didn’t get to talk much to Veronica Rossi or Victor Dixen but that doesn’t make the meet & greet any less awesome I think, they were so kind and enthusiastic towards all the fans, just amazing!

So 2017 was a really amazing author meet & greet year, just like 2016 was. I don’t have any clue on what’s planned for 2018, but I am planning on visiting RARELondon19. That’s a romance authors event where you can meet & greet a lot of romance authors from around the world. This year, for example, there’s almost every one of my all-time favorite romance authors present. I’m kind of bummed out that I couldn’t go this year but I already have a London visit planned in September and we have some other expensive trips this year so 2x traveling to London within a year was a bit too much haha. So I’m really hoping the line-up for 2019 will be just as great. I’m already looking forward to going there in 2019 so much!

Which author meet & greet was most special to you? 
And which authors would you like to meet in the -nearby- future?




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  1. Ik wist natuurlijk wel dat je heel wat auteurs hebt mogen ontmoeten vorig jaar, maar zo’n terugblik post is natuurlijk wel indrukwekkend. Eigenlijk voel ik me een beetje schuldig omdat ik niet zo gek ben van de YA-boeken van Gena Showalter. Ze lijkt me echt zo’n lief persoon en haar Lords of the Underworld boeken vind ik wel zo fijn. Eigenlijk moet ik daar echt eens in verder lezen.

    Eigenlijk heb ik niet echt een lijstje met auteurs die ik sowieso zou willen ontmoeten. Natuurlijk lijkt het me leuk om J.K.Rowling eens in het echt tegen te komen maar eerlijk … ik ben er van overtuigd dat ik haar als een fangirl ga zitten aanstaren zonder te weten wat ik kan zeggen.

    Van jouw wenslijstje heb ik wel al de kans gehad om Cassandra Clare te ontmoeten maar doordat dit een groepsinterview was heb ik niet echt met hen persoonlijk kunnen praten. Wel heb ik nadien van Joost gehoord dat ze blijkbaar mijn chocolade macarons lekker vonden. 🙂
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Wintersong – S.Jae-JonesMy Profile

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