Review YA Sci-Fi | This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner (Starbound, book 2)

After reading book 1 in the Starbound trilogy, I’ve waited too long to pick up the next one. I finally did pick it up earlier this month and before I knew it, I was writing my review on this book. This is the second book in the Starbound trilogy, focusing on a new couple going on new adventures but in the end, fighting against a greater good that’s important to the entire universe. Jubilee and Flynn stole my heart, I really loved getting more insight in the sci-fi elements of the background story. So, let me tell you now, why I ended up loving this book!

Jubilee is a great developed character. We get to meet her as a Captain who’s known to others as ‘being cold, soulless’ and she does show multiple times on how great a fighter she is and I really liked that. She can kick some ass! She came to believe in herself that the old Jubilee – who saw her parents being murdered at the age of 8 – really was gone and Captain Lee Chase the only thing is she could be anymore. But then she meets this rebellion guy, whom she calls Romeo at first – Yes, it’s a Romeo/Juliet sci-fi romance and it is aaaaawesome! – because he fails to tell her his name since he’s holding her at gunpoint when they first meet, lol. From then on everything changes for Jubilee. Thanks to Flynn, parts of her old self, are resurfacing and she’s finding herself wanting to find out what’s going on with this planet and the mysterious sightings both of them have seen so far. She keeps fighting her growing fondness of Flynn, because in the end they remain enemies to each other, right? right..

“Maybe we wouldn’t even like each other if we weren’t fighting for our lives every second of every day.” 

And Flynn’s this person, part of a rebellion group, who’s eager to find peace in another way than using violence when he meets Jubilee. He tries to connect with Jubilee so he’d have a way IN with the enemy, but he didn’t count on being intrigued by her and even developing more intense, even romantic, feelings for her. This is going to screw up everything for Flynn and forces him into situations in which he has to make impossible choices because his heart, deep down, tells him things he shouldn’t dare hope for. I really like Flynn’s character and his struggles and how they are written down. He feels so very real and therefore likable to me, better yet; lovable. I loved reading his POV, it was the yin to Jubilee’s Yang.

So yeah, I love love looove the character developments in this book, just as with the first one – Tarver and Lilac. Amie & Meagan know how to write, that’s for sure! And having read this second book now and coming to understand more of what’s really going on, makes me appreciate book 1 even more now! I loved seeing a couple of characters from book 1 reoccur, even if it was just for a really short time but iieeeks I’m so excited now for book 3 and finding out if they’re all going to work together somehow? Anyway, Jubilee and Flynn are two characters I’ve come to love and I especially love the development of their characters and the depth these characters got through it, just amazing!

So yeah, I really liked this book. The writing is really good and I love dual POV’s in books like these. Especially in this particular book since they’re both from different ‘sides’ of this world. So it’s great to see how they start out being enemies to one another and end up like something else hehe, romantically wise and especially how they’re being molded to start fighting for a greater cause.

We get to see a whole new world this time around, Avon, which exists mostly of mud and swamps, yikes. I loved reading about the two different sides of this world; the soldiers and their enemies, the rebellions, from the swamp. I have to say, I loved the world setting in book 1 better, but it was nice to see how different planets can be within a universe, and that’s exactly what the authors showed us by writing Avon. This planet has a harsh environment to live in and it’s showing in everything; from the food, they eat to the way people dress and look and how they live.

“There are no stars, because there are never any stars here,
only a thick darkness that rushes down her throat and into her heart.
She dreams of drowning.” 

As always you’ll see there’s more to everything then meets the eye and as a reader, you’re sitting front row again. You’re on this insane adventure with Jubilee and Flynn whom’s worlds get turned upside down and then there’s also the presence of these mysterious creatures who may or may not have something to do with LaRoux Industries, which we got to read about first in book 1.

♥ and I absolutely love the star wars feels I get from these books. Especially now in this one, with the soldiers who feel like they’re Stormtroopers of some sorts and the swamp inhabitants, the rebellion. And throw in Jubilee, a Captain, and Flynn, a rebellion, who get the hots for one another and most importantly; they’re starting to see that both sides are wrong here and they’re trying to fight for a better future together. LOVED.IT.

the only thing I had minor issues with, were the pages in between chapters, in which dreams/events are being described – and I really can’t say more of it because it has to do with the plot in the end. I get why they wrote it into the story since it’s a part of the plot, but to me, it kind of felt a bit unnecessary in the beginning. So it really took me a while – like until the very end when something goes down with Jubilee that – to get used to these additions. In the end, overall, I don’t mind it as much as I did in the beginning because by then I understood the Why of it all but it was a minor issue for me during the read, especially in the beginning part of the book when you still need to figure stuff out haha.

Overall, a really great read! One I loved more than the first book to be honest because now you get to really see the bigger picture and how there’s this thread that’s combining these three books. It’s not only about the characters and their own story-line/adventures anymore. It’s all turning into this universally big thing they need to fight for, not as individuals but all of them together, no matter which planet you live or if you are a rebellion or not. It’s getting REAL! That got me really enthusiastic though, I can’t wait to dive into book 3 and I can only hope it’s going to be a great final installment of this series. I’m really excited to find out how it all connects with one another and how and If these characters are able to win this fight. A fight that doesn’t only concern a single planet, but the entire universe and every inhabitant in it, so no pressure there right? lol.

“You’ve ruined me,” she repeats, her voice quieting a little as it catches.
“You’ve ruined me—you made me wake up. And now I can’t get rid of you.”
Her voice surges again as I reach out, curling my hand around her arm,
her skin flushed hot under my fingers. “You won’t leave me alone.”

If you’re into sci-fi romance I can really recommend these books so far. Amie and Meagan’s writing is top notch, it’s just so good I think – and again; I love their choice of writing dual POV’s! I love the romance developments throughout these sci-fi stories – it’s in great balance with the rest of the story – and exploring this universe has been a joy so far. If you’re into all that, you’re really going to like this trilogy, I promise!

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