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What’s my plan of action when reading a book I still don’t like half-way through? Do I read on or do I DNF the book? Covers within a series that don’t match; How do I deal? Reading a book in public that’s about to make my cry. That, and many more dilemma’s are being presented in this Tag Time Tuesday article; READER PROBLEM’S. Some of them are already talked about on the blog in various articles, some not. But the bottom line is; I’m familiar with every struggle being presented in this article and I’ve got tons to say about it haha..

i-cant-do-thisEhhhhh hahaha. Same as I always do: Having no clue what I’m doing, lol.

I always try at the start of a new month, to make a TBR stack. At the end of the month, I’m happy if there’s even 1 book from that stack I’ve read, lol. I’m always choosing a new read based on my current ‘mood’. If there’s a fantasy book I’ve been dying to read for ages and my mind isn’t in the ‘right place’ and is screaming I need a New Adult book, I put the fantasy one aside and pick up a new adult book. I wrote a Book Struggle Sunday article on this; Which book to read next? HELP! in which I talk about this particular struggle of not being able to choose a new read. Even though I haven’t got a 20.000 counting tbr, there are still at least 200+ printed books on my tbr at the moment, which makes me really indecisive every time I pick a new read haha. And I always end up with a book, chosen without any logic behind it, lol. Do you recognize this?

I put the book aside. I really don’t like ‘pushing’ myself to finish a book so I just put it aside. And I definitely don’t always put them aside because I don’t like them, but sometimes my concentration just sucks and that particular book is just not IT for me at that time, savvy? So I put it aside and finish it another time maybe. And sometimes the book just isn’t really my thing. The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black is such an example. I know 100% sure I’ll never pick this book up again, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. And I’m okay with that. I just really don’t want to push myself, because that doesn’t improve my reading experience anyway. There are so many books out there that I’d love to read and I won’t ever be able to read all of the books on my to-read list with all the new ones coming out each month as well, so why push myself then to finish a book that isn’t my thing? And if I do like the book, but my concentration is just lacking, I put it aside and finish it another time. That may take a while but that’s okay as well I think.

Not really, since I can’t change the circumstances as to why I’m not able to finish my challenge most of the time. I can’t possibly catch up when I’m in a slump for example haha. I did reduce the goal a couple of times in the past though, to make it somewhat more realistic. But it also happens, like in 2017 as well for example, that I start the year with reducing my goal a couple of months in, because I’m positive I won’t ever be able to reach my goal and then I end up reaching it anyway, lol. It goes as it goes and that’s it, I think, lol. And if I don’t reach my goal, that’s okay too. I don’t want to put pressure on myself anymore – been there, done that and it wasn’t great, lol. 

Cope with that? I.DONT.COPE.WITH.IT. hahahaa. Series in which the covers/heights don’t match drive me nuts!! I wrote a Struggle Sunday on this topic as well in Dutch and I’m rewriting it as we speak so I can republish it again in the nearby future. Bottom line; with my OCD tick and wanting books to look pretty next to one another, I NEED them to match. I already hate it if different series and such from the same author don’t match in heights and such, but books from the same series? I can’t handle it, lol. It pisses me the hell off.. But at the same time I’m often too lazy to return the book that doesn’t match to replace it with the right one hahaha. I’m a failure, I know, lol. Especially with buying most of the stuff online, it can happen from time to time that I don’t pay enough attention and receive a wrong edition; sometimes there are different heights and such but with the same cover and if I don’t pay attention to the details, I’ll end up buying the wrong one, ugh. I’ll just try ignoring it though, the books on my shelves with the mismatched editions of a series, so most of the time I’m not even all that aware of it unless I’m focusing on it, like right now haha.

In my opinion, the only way to go is: to see it through, survive it, lol. Stopping right there and then isn’t an option for me because when I cry it’s for a good reason and that means I’m completely lost to the story inside the book and I’m just not able to let it go from one moment to the next. So: DAMAGE CONTROL. Hide behind your book, find a nook and hope for the best; that it isn’t turning into an ugly sobbing cry that you definitely won’t be able to control anymore, lol. Then you’re definitely screwed.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor crying over a book in public

YES, definitely. Even though most of the time I hardly forget a thing about a book when it comes to story-line and development in general, especially if I loved it the first time around, there can be details I don’t remember anymore or such and I love to refresh my memory by re-reading the first book. And that way I’m completely IN this world and starting the new book makes it even more excited then I think. I love re-reading in general though. I often love to re-read a favorite of mine more than start a new book haha. I wrote a Confessions article about that as well, which you can read by clicking on the image below.

Hahaa this is a nice one, lol. It’s not that I never loan out books, but I AM very cautious as to whom I lend it out to. A couple of friends/family of whom I know for 100% certain that they respect my babies are on my lend out list, but since I’ve had nasty experiences as well in the past, I’m very cautious with people outside of this list. I actually wrote an extended Struggle Sunday article on lending out books haha. This topic was actually my inspiration to start the Struggle Sunday item back then. – I’m currently rewriting and translating this article from Dutch to English, so I’ll republish it soon.

‘That moment someone asks you if you have that particular book and if so ‘Can I read it?. At first, I’m like a really enthusiastic lunatic for getting this person to read a favorite book of mine, but at the same time, my inner booknerd comes to the surface, lol. It kind of feels a bit like being a ‘momma bear’ what mothers experience with children, lol, but then in book form. You really want this person to read that particular book but at the same time, you’re scared to death to let your book baby go out into the big bad world haha. Not everyone minds lending out books to others, so it’s definitely a personal matter I think, lol. How do you feel about lending out books?

YIKES, that well-known reading slump, ugh. One of the most terrible things happening inside the book community, right? Something you rather not get in contact with, ever, but it almost happens to Every reader out there, unfortunately. I get hit by them several times a year actually, especially in 2017 I got hit one after another and it sucked. And to be honest there isn’t a thing you can do that gives you 100% certainty that you’ll get out of it. What often helps me is re-reading favorite books like the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare but that also doesn’t always do the trick though. In 2017 I focused on new adult/contemporary romance a lot when I felt a slump coming up and often they helped me a lot. So changing genres – especially when I’m reading fantasy – can help a lot when I’m having a difficult time concentrating. But for me, there isn’t a cure that I can 100% rely on. I often just put aside books in general and focus on something else to do like making puzzles, drawing, watching tv, etc. How do you handle reading slumps? 

Ehm.. I’d better skip this one, okay? People who know me, know exactly why I shouldn’t answer this question buwahahaha. But okay, to give this answer a bit of contect, I refer to a previously written Confessions Article I wrote about me being a book buying addict, lol. ‘Aren’t we all you think?’ Mostly yes, but there are definitely different gradations on being a book buying addict. Read it, and you know I have a Serious book buying problem, lol. – You can read my Confessions article HERE.

That’s a great question again haha and one with an answer I’m already ashamed of, lol. Sometimes they sit on my shelves too freaking long – whispers something about some books being on the shelves for 2 years now, UNREAD. Sometimes I start reading them right after I receive the book, other times I wait a month, a couple of months? Sometimes longer, oops. It all depends on how my reading ‘mood’ is doing and such. I can look forward to reading a book for months and when it finally arrives it can occur that it’s just not the right time for me to start it, it just doesn’t feel like the right kind of book at that moment, you know?

But it also happens a lot, that books are waiting to be read for a long time and when I do read them, I regret it so much for not reading it sooner haha. Like Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan, Seven black Diamonds by Melissa Marr and a Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet. Those books waited for a couple of months before I started reading them, while I did order them as pre-orders so I’ve had them ever since the release, oops. Does this happen to you a lot?

♥ Do you re-read a prior book when a new one in a series is releasing or do you just start reading the next book without rereading a prior one?

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  1. Heel herkenbaar deze post! Mijn boeken moeten ook altijd matchen. En wil een aantal boeken al heel lang lezen maar steeds denk ik… Nu even niet *pakt ander boek*. Oh en ik merk vaak dat ik na een serie even een losstaand boek wil lezen.

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