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Every second Monday of each month I publish this MONTHLY MONDAY BOOK SHELFIE. This article’s idea comes from my buddy Kwante in Wonderland. At the time before I published the first article, Kwante asked me if I wanted to join her with this new ‘project’. After hearing what she intended to do with this article I immediately said yes because it sounded really awesome!

What exactly is the intention of this monthly Monday book shelfie?

  • you tell something about your chosen book;
  • How did you get it?
  • Did you read it or is it still on your tbr?
  • What did you think of it/what do you expect?
  • And you end the article with a book shelfie!
  • Kwante tells us the subject for next’s edition in her article

This Months theme

This edition of MM book shelfie asks for a big-ass book on your shelf. I’ve got several though, but this one was the first that came to mind: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, with over 700 pages. Clare often writes thick books, which I loooove – can’t ever get enough of her writing. Lord of Shadows is nearly 700, just as Lady Midnight as well for example. But with 725 pages this is the thickest Clare book out there, to date. I also own a couple of books by Sarah J. Maas which are 700+ pages but they are printed on special paper so the books stay thinner and for this month’s book shelfie topic I’d really wanted to show off the size of the book I picked out, so picking a Sarah book wasn’t really an option here – Ok, so QoS is quite thick but it isn’t nearly as thick as an average Clare book haha. 

♥ How did I get the book?

I bought it back in 2014, not long after it’s release when I was reading the prior 5 books. I fell in love with the Shadowhunters world so hard and I was really happy that I was able to buy the last installment of the series while I was reading the prior books, so I could finish the series, instead of having to wait until a next release.

♥ Did I read the book yet?

YES haha, multiple times now actually – like 3/4 times now I guess? the Shadowhunter books are my safe haven, just like Harry Potter is. Cassandra Clare is so special to me and I’ll never get enough of this world. Whether I’m reading the infernal devices, set in Victorian London with Will/Tessa/Jem or the Mortal Instruments with Clary/Jace and all the others, or the Dark Artifices with the Blackthorns.. All of these characters and story-lines mean so much to me and I love love loooove re-reading them! Even though it kind of emotionally breaks me every single time haha. Clare is a genius when it comes to her writing and her ability to hit me right in the feels. Writing about her books now, makes me want do do a re-read right away, lol.

♥ What did you think of it/what do you expect?

At the time I expected a lot of this book because well; it’s a final installment of a series. And my god, it’s really hard to write a final installment of a series which compliments the series as a whole and at the same time giving it a deserving ending you know? And I really feel like Clare did a magnificent job with this one. In general, I think, Clare knows how to write amazing final installments, because Clockwork Princess is also a favorite of mine, the third and final book in the Infernal Devices trilogy. So that’s why I also got high hopes for the third book of the Dark artificed, Queen of Air and Darkness hehe. Because Lord of Shadows was for me, definitely one of Clare’s best work so far, so that sets the bar really high for the final book in the trilogy as well. Okay, back on track.. City of Heavenly Fire…

At the time of reading it for the first time, I hadn’t read the Infernal Devices yet – AND I FEEL SO TERRIBLE ABOUT THAT – so I didn’t get some cameo’s and such that Clare wrote in this book. But I ended up loving this book so incredibly much, anyway because it really is a beautiful conclusion to Clare/Jace’s story and all the other wonderful characters we got to meet. And when I did read TID and re-read City of Heavenly Fire, I just fell in love EVEN MORE with this book and Clare’s writing in general. It’s just epic. Her writing is just amazing <3

♥ What is the book about?

Since the synopsis of book 6 is spoiler sensitive if you haven’t read all of the books prior to this one, I’ve put it in as a spoiler.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

♥ Shelfie-Time!

So, since Clare is so special to me and I kind of want to collect all of her book editions, she’s got her own shelves – yes, plural – in my bookcases. I got one shelf for the Mortal Instrument books and the first two books of the Dark Artifices since they are follow-ups on the happenings of City of Heavenly Fire. And I got a shelf for the Infernal Devices – they are my babieeeeesss.. This trilogy is so so so special to me. So let me show you my Mortal Instruments shelf and I also added a picture of the Infernal Devices shelf as well, because well.. I just can, lol.

So on this shelve, you find all of my mortal instruments editions like the US hardbacks, the new paperback editions with the illustrations on the spines and the 10th-anniversary edition of CoB. Then there’s also the bane chronicles, tales from shadowhunter academy, the shadowhunter codex and the illustrated history of notable shadowhunters and denizens of Downworld. And aside from the books there are also several fandom items you can see; art prints, candles, necklaces, Isabelle’s bracelet, magnets, bookmarks and a scroll with all the runes on them.
At the moment book 1 HC edition is missing in the picture so use your imagination, ok? haha. My Infernal devices shelf consists of the hardcover editions, including a collector’s edition of Clockwork Prince with the Will Herondale letter in the back <3, paperback editions and a hardcover manga edition of Clockwork Angel. A beautiful tile with some Wessa art on it – LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCHHH, bookmarks, art prints, candles, a clockwork angel charm and of course my Herondale ring <3
Aren’t they all pretty? I love these two shelves <3

♥ Do you want to participate in the Monthly Monday Book Shelfie?

Write your article and link to this => Monthly Monday Book Shelfie ♥ page at Kwante’s blog. Your article will be shown there, so everyone can find your article. Kwante shares the new topic for the next Monthly Monday at the end of every article. So feel free to join!!


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      THAT SCROLL IS SO FFFING GORGEOUSSSS <3 but the Alicante map that came along with it is really beautiful as well - I'm going to frame it soon <3

      And as far as I could tell, this was indeed my biggest book. I do have a dutch version of Lord of the Rings, hardcover in which the three books are combined so technically that's the biggest one I own with well over 1000 pages. And the William Shakespeare collection I bought a couple of months ago is quite thick as well. Page-wise it contains more pages than City of Heavenly fire but it is printed on those bible pages so it's a thinner book than CoHF

  1. Jouw themaplanken zien er fantastisch uit. Ik probeer bij te houden welke Monthly Monday Book Shelfies ik gemist heb zodat ik er binnenkort weer eens enkele in één blogpost kan verwerken. Mijn dikste boek was vroeger steeds Alle verhalen van Roald Dahl maar nu zou het wel eens een Diana Gabaldon kunnen zijn.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Tikkertje! Maar dan met boeken 2.0My Profile

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