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I came across articles like this on several blogs lately and I found them so much fun to read. I really wanted to do this for myself as well so here we go. In the first week of every new month, I’ll check out my statistics and show you guys which articles you read most and which Instagram photos were liked best. I love checking my stats to see what you guys like to read best on the blog and I try to respond to this as well with writing relatable articles and such. I definitely don’t blog for the stats but I just like seeing them for myself, to see what you guys are up to. And from now on I’ll share my best read articles and best like Instagram pictures with you so you can also see what my reader’s favorites are. Here we go!

♥ Top 5 read/visited blog articles in December 2017 

♥ Monthly Releases ♥ Fantasy/Paranormal & Contemporary Romance

Since I haven’t posted much in December other than articles like hauls/unboxings, reveals and releases, it was no surprise to see this one in the top 5 of December. Just like myself, a lot of other readers are always curious to see new releases coming our way in the nearby future. The January releases articles were really well visited as well in December, but the December releases article was the most popular one – maybe a lot of people wanted to fill their wishlists right before Christmas? hihi

December is a really expensive month here. We already ordered a lot of gifts over the past few months but there’s still a lot we have to buy. So in agreement with the hubs, I won’t be buying any new books in December – although, now I’m typing this; I thought I’d had a couple of pre-orders placed for December. oops haha ah well, so be it 😉 I’d probably be getting quite some new books in December anyway since I’m participating in Kwante’s Secret Santa, get gifts from family and friends as well and of course, BOOKS are the only things on my lists haha.

Looking towards December I found a couple of books I’m EXTREMELY curious about, so let me show you:

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♥ Unboxing ♥ Illumicrate box November 2017

I totally understand why this is in the top 5 as well. Unboxing articles remain popular and I, myself, love to read them over at other blogs as well. I always try to get the items as best as possible in a photo and then process them in the article. So far, my unboxing articles are often the best-visited articles on the blog in the month of publishing the article. Do you like seeing unboxings? 

So a while back I got a subscription to the Illumicrate box. This is a book box that’s been sent out once every quarter of a year, so it’s a perfect one to subscribe to next to the monthly Fairyloot I’m buying nowadays as well. I really liked the contents of previous boxes so I was hopeful for this month’s box. t was already quite dark outside at the time the Box came in, so the lighting wasn’t all that great, but I tried to make the best pics I could at the time. I’m so excited to share this box with you, are you ready?! As with most boxes, the first thing I see when I open it is the Name Card box with on the back the shops mentioned who created all the items inside the box.

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♥ Unboxing ♥ Secret Santa 3.0

Again, an unboxing in the top 5; what a surprise hehehehe. I participated in the Secret Santa 3.0 edition, hosted by Kwante in Wonderland and of course I had to share the unboxing with you guys on the blog as well. And since it’s in the top 5, it’s obvious it was a well-visited article, right? lol. I have to say, I was extremely pampered by my Secret Santa, she made me a really great box full with the most awesome presents!

This was the third Secret Santa edition she’s organized and it’s safe to say that overall it has been a success from what I’ve seen of the other unboxings and the enthusiasm everyone experienced in advance of the unboxings. The Facebook group was quite busy every day and especially in the last couple of weeks when the first boxes arrived at people’s doors. The ambiance in the group was amazing, everybody was so excited for one another and we counted down the days together until we could open up our boxes…

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♥ Friday’s favorite list of… ♥ … my 5-star rating books of 2017

You guys were quite curious to find out which books received a 5-star rating from me in 2017 hihi. It’s quite a list as well though, I’ve just read so many awesome books in 2017, yay! 

I’ve read a total of 141 books in 2017 so far, which is definitely a nice amount of books I finished reading, don’t you think? There have been a lot of others books I’ve started reading but haven’t finished yet as well- this could be due to a slump or me just not able to concentrate on a particular book at the time. So basically I’ve read more than only the finished ones but I won’t take them into consideration since I haven’t finished them – yet. 

So today I’ll start with my absolute favorites: the 5-star rating books of 2017! Are you ready? I hope you got a lot of gift certificates for Christmas, so you can start with ‘BUY ALL THE BOOKS’, lol.

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♥ Top Ten Tuesday ♥ Top 10 books I’m looking forward to in 2018 

the Top Ten Tuesday is an article I’ve been writing since November and it’s a popular one on the blog. It’s one of the most fun items to write as well, so I’ll definitely continue publishing it. 

When I saw the Top Ten Tuesday topic for this week my first reaction was a heavy groan. As in; omygod, I’m going to suffer while writing this article, lol.

Because if 2017 was a great book year I think and I’m already certain 2018 will maybe even top it. There are SO MANY books – that I Now already know of – so let alone the releases I haven’t come across yet – coming our way in 2018. A LOT of releases I’m EXTREMELY excited about and have been for months now! So choosing 10 books is horror haha..

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♥ Top 5 most liked Instagram pictures in December 2017 

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows One of my Christmas presents was this stunning Harry Potter hardcover box I received from my beloved husband and I'm so very thankful!! The bright coloring of every cover is amazing and the detailed drawings are just stunning. And the naked hardbacks are so beautiful as well, with matching colors of the dust jackets and those beautiful golden stars on them. And they all come packed in this really amazing Red box with Gold dragon details on it, it’s absolutely stunning!!! Swipe to see more pictures of the beauties inside this box! ♥ What was one of your most beautiful gifts this Christmas? #christmasgifts #newbooks #bookhaul #thecompleteharrypottercollection #harrypotter #harrypotterseries #jkrowling #potterhead #beautifulcover #hardcover #hardback #harrypotterandthephilosophersstone #harrypotterandthechamberofsecrets #harrypotterandtheprisonorofazkaban #harrypotterandthegobletoffire #harrypotterandtheorderofthephoenix #harrypotterandthehalfbloodprince #harrypotterandthedeathlyhallows #bookstagram #bookphoto #bookphotography

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My #Novemberbookhaul went online recently and I think this is the first month of 2017 in which I really maintained a low level of buying new books haha. I've added 10 printed editions to my collection of which 4 were received from publishers for reviewing so I only bought 6 myself :O that's some kind of record, lol. And two of the 6 bought ones, actually had to have arrived in October but due to mail problems they got in later as planned. I DID add a LOT of e-books to the collection this month, lol. I'll keep it a surprise for you. If you want to find out my entire bookhaul of November, go check it out on the blog – Link in BIO! Have a nice day lovelies!! #bookhaul #bookhaulnovember #bookhaulnovember17 #newbooks #paperback #hardback #hardcover #ebooks #printedbooks #victordixen #gailmchugh #mijnverlangen #jodiellenmalpas #stags #mebennett #ridewild #laurakaye #darker #eljames #poorunfortunatesouls #thebecomingofnoahshaw #michellehodkin #theempress #sjkincaid #adarkershadeofmagic #veschwabn #bookstagram #bookphoto #bookphotography

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Day 4 #BookishDecemberChallenge17 : BOOKISH TREE. Three years ago I build a bookish tree, which took me hours and hours and I was completely exhausted when I finished.. And then, I still had to clean it all up as well afterwards. So no, that's not something I'll be doing again anytime soon, lol. It was a bit traumatizing hahaha. So in last years challenge I used the pictures I took from year 1 but I thought – since I already shared those pics on Facebook recently as well – it was time to do something new. I was thinking about making a smaller bookish tree, but then I thought about my pocket edition books and how well they’d probably look INSIDE the tree, as decoration, lol. So yeah, that kind of came out of the blue, lol. I’m just thankful it didn’t took me very long to compose all this and take pictures, so on that front alone it’s already a winner for me haha. Can’t wait to see the other participants’ bookish trees! Have fun with today’s challenge <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #bookchallenge #bookphotochallenge #instachallenge #bookstagramchallenge #bookstachallenge #bookishtree #bookandtree #bookandchristmastree #bookstagram #bookphoto #bookphotography #filter #bookandpresents #christmaspresents #christmastree #bookcase #bookshelves #lovebooks #lovereading #bookworm #booknerd #snowfall #photoeffects

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Day 18 for the #BookishDecemberChallenge17 is #Silverandgold. I LOOOVE silver and gold and combining them together was fun to do. It's all in the small details.. From the silver mask to the golden candlestick. the golden glitters in the candle and the silver glitters in the other one. From the silver garland 'pearls' to the golden dots in my porcelain tree on the left. And of course in the books themselves; the golden and silver spines, aren't they lovely? I think so. #silverandgoldbooks #bookspinebeauty #bookspines #bookspine #hardcover #hardback #bookstagram #bookphoto #bookphotography #bookandmask #bookandcandles #bookishcandles #christmasornaments #christmasdecoration #snowfall #photoeffect #walkonearthastranger #raecarson #youngadult #defythestars #claudiagray #scifi #thevaliant #lesleylivingston #thesummoning #kelleyarmstrong #devilsandthieves #jenniferrush

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So, that’s another monthly favorites for you guys. I wasn’t all that surprise by the articles that made the top 5, but it was really fun looking into the Instagram pictures of December!

♥ If you’re a blogger as well; which articles are the most read/liked on your site? love to hear from you!

If you’re a reader; which articles do you like reading most? – Feedback is always welcome!

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