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OMG, I’ve seen such great and awesome Trailers being released out into the wild lately and my fangirl heart is so SUPER EXCITED about all of these movies coming out and I just need to share my FREAKING FEELS WITH YOU GUYS!!!! Since there are quite a lot of new movies I’m looking forward to, this article is going to be divided into several, otherwise it’ll just be too long haha.

So let’s start with a little movie background of MOI. 

Ever since I was a young girl I was enthralled by movies. I especially have really fond memories of watching all the Disney movies for example – the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Aladdin, Cinderella, and so on – and that love for Disney always remained as well later on in my life and to this day too. I’m a 28-year-old mama and I’m still a huge Disney fan and I’ll always be one for the rest of my life, sorry not sorry hehe. Disney has always had a huge impact on my life. Every period in my life so far is linked to something Disney I think, when I look back, haha and a lot of the Disney related memories are the best ones I have!

Later on, I always loved watching movies together with my Dad. My sister was a bit too young at one point or another – we have an age difference of 3,5 years so that can be quite huge when you’re a pre-teen/teen – and my mother always went to bed early at the time since she had to be up for work like  around 4 AM every day. And my dad always has had a love for movies as well, for as long as I can remember. And he likes a great variety of genres as well, so that meant I was being introduced to a lot of different movie genres as well. I was never held back either with what I wanted to see, which was really great.

We always loved watching the whole James Bond franchise for example. That’s definitely a memory I think fondly of. When I was younger – I believe on Tuesday but it could be another day as well – it was always James Bond night on Tuesday for example. And we’d totally binge-read all of those movies every single time – and I became a Bond-Fangirl! Watched every single one of them and re-watched a lot of them as well. Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan are my favorites if you want to know haha. Around Christmas time it was always, always HOME ALONE 1 and 2 – I think a lot of families have that tradition; watching Christmas movies and who isn’t familiar with HOME ALONE, right?! So we really had little traditions going on there when it came to watching movies together. Aside from those, we just really liked to see just whatever felt like a good movie beforehand. Every week when the new TV guide came in, I’d flip through it and talked about upcoming movies on TV with him and then we’d decide which ones would be fun to see. So many good memories of my childhood when it comes to watching movies. A lot of memories made with my father but also a lot of fun memories from later on, in my teen years, of going to the cinema with friends and maybe even a date with a boy here or there 😉 But yeah, movies have been a great part of my life so far and I just love watching them.

I hope you’re prepared because I’m not only going to show you guys some of the movies coming out, I desperately want to see, but there’ll be A LOT of fangirling involved as well. Which means: me writing a LOT, telling you about my feels haha. I hope you enjoy at least the trailers (again, for when you’ve already seen them. I always love watching them countless of times to make the wait for it’s release a bit less excruciating haha) and forgive me my fangirly behavior, lol.

~♥ Black Panther ♥~ 

Release Date in the Netherlands: February 14th, 2018 – which makes it THE perfect Valentine’s movie, whoop whoop haha. I know what we’ll be doing this Valentine’s day. 

So, let’s start with MARVEL. If you didn’t know already; I’m a huge lover of everything MARVEL – DC too though but MARVEL MORE – and have been there from the start of the MCU journey on the big screen. I loved reading the comics when I was younger and watching the stories come to life on tv later on as ‘cartoons’ And then MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE was introduced and I was again, a Goner haha. Every single movie they produced so far has been nothing but EPIC. I love how everything’s woven together and how qualitatively great every single movie has been so far, right from the start. Of course, they’ve developed even further regarding the movie productions, went even further with their exploring of movie making which is nothing but epic of course, but I seriously just love every single one of the movies, right from the start.

Seeing this: nerdgasm on the spot you guys! haha. I love this overview of the MCU movies/series!!

And this gets me to talk about the Black Panther trailer… I LOVEEEEE the Black Panther trailer! I really liked ‘meeting’ this character on the big screen and wanted to see more of him right away. Thankfully we already knew the MCU’s schedule and that there was going to be a movie about Black Panther so YAY! And I really have to say, the trailer is just awesome. Typical MARVEL suspense being put in there and it just feels like ‘coming home’  you know? – that’s what every MARVEL movie feels like for me. Listening to their background music alone gives me freaking goosebumps. I already love being able to see a side of Earth we haven’t come across so far, with other cultures for example.

~♥ Avengers: Infinity War ♥~
“There was an idea… To bring together a group of remarkable people.”

Release Date in the Netherlands: April 25th, 2018

~♥ Love, Simon ♥~

Release Date in the Netherlands: June 14th, 2018

I knew the book was being made into a movie but I didn’t think about it really until I saw the trailer recently. I really like seeing this actor who plays Simon in the movie, act on the big screen so that was really one of the first reasons Why I decided I wanted to watch it haha. I’m so excited to see how he performs in this role. The story-line sounds great and I’m definitely looking forward to go see this movie!

~♥ Midnight Sun ♥~

Release Date in the Netherlands: April 19th, 2018

A movie with Patrick Schwarzenegger? I’m in! He’s such a cutie! And I definitely love a good romance movie from time to time and this one sounds like it’s going to be a really beautiful one! I really like the story-line of this one and I’m just super excited to go see it.

~♥ Fifty Shades Freed ♥~

Release Date in the Netherlands: February 8th, 2018


At the time I first started writing on this article I was right there, ‘inside’ Christian’s world since DARKER came in a day before I started drafting this article. I’ve been looking forward to this second Christian’s POV book for ages now. Yes – like I also posted on my Facebook Page back them – I’m one of THOSE….. who actually loves E.L. James’ books hehe. Not sorry for it either! These books are my guilty pleasure. I’ve been hooked to Ana and Christian right from the start and when I read GREY I fell even harder because Christian’s POV is so awesome!! I’ve been dying to get my hands on this book!

So obviously I wanted to see the movies as well. The first one… It was a bit of getting used to, I think. Jamie wasn’t my Christian exactly but after seeing him perform as Christian in two movies now, I can say I have adapted as to him ‘being’ Christian since he wasn’t my first choice haha. And I really think the second movie especially, was awesome and really good. Dakota and Jamie had great chemistry I think in this one and felt way more ‘at ease’ with each other from what I saw/felt watching the movie. And then there was the trailer for the third movie revealed and I went banaanaaaaas! Book three has always been my favorite of the series as, so I’m super excited to go see this third movie! I LOVE THE TRAILER. It has such an amazing amount of angst and suspense in it and knowing some of the things that’ll go down in this last installment makes me just extremely excited – have I told you I’m excited yet?! buwhaha. I just can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

~♥ Alita: battle angel ♥~

Aside from the new MARVEL and DC movies, Alita is THE most higly anticipated movie of 2018 for me. I love love loooove everything James Cameron produced so far and the trailer of this movie looks so freaking awesome and has definitively James Cameron written all over it! The story-line is amaazing and the LOOKS of everything in the trailer is just really beautifully done I think, like the way they made Alita for example. I’m so incredibly excited to go see this movie, it promises to become a favorite movie of mine, just as most of the Cameron movies are to me so far.

♥ Tell me some of your must-watch-movies of 2018?

Of course, there are many many more movies I really want to see this year, so you’ll be seeing a Part 2 of this article very soon as well!


    1. Author

      Before, I never felt the need to buy this book but seeing this trailer gets me all excited to pick up the book as well. Although, I’d rather first see the movie instead of reading the book so buying the book has to wait until after I’ve seen the movie, but I’m really excited!

      And I’m really excited about midnight sun as well. The synopsis sounds awesome I think and I’m rather curious about Schwarzenegger’s acting skills xD
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  1. I am crazy excited for Love, Simon! Probably my most anticipated movie this year. I’ve read and reread the book so many times and I am so, so hopeful that the movie will do it justice. I’ve never heard of Midnight Sun but oh my goodness that trailer was fantastic! Must see! And Fifty Shades Freed… definitely looking forward to that one! 🙂
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    1. Author

      Before, I never felt the need to buy this book but seeing this trailer gets me all excited to pick up the book as well. Although, I’d rather first see the movie instead of reading the book so buying the book has to wait until after I’ve seen the movie, but I’m really excited!

      And awesome to hear you’re looking forward to seeing Fifty shades Freed! Book 3 has always been my favorite and I can’ttt wait to see this movie, especially since this one is being directed by another director. From what I’ve seen now in the trailer, it looks like this new director did a great job with this last installment!
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