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And last but definitely not least, I have the final Christmas haul article for you guys. This is the one in which I’ll show you what other items besides books, funko’s and mugs I received this Christmas from hubby.

Every now and then we order fandom stuff over at Large.nl and I got a wishlist on the site as well – duhh, I wouldn’t be me without a wishlist on a cool webshop like that haha. Lucien bought me several items from that wishlist and used his own imagination as well. He knows quite well what I do and don’t love to have/wear and there isn’t a single item he bought me this Christmas that I didn’t love. Curious to see what he bought me besides the BOOKS and the FUNKO/MUGS I showed you earlier? Read on.

♥ Guess Seductive perfume 

With the Black Friday sales, we both bought new perfumes to give one another for Christmas. There was an enormous discount on perfumes over at Bol.com so we happily used that to our advantage haha. I was in need of a new one since I was almost out of perfume, so it was perfect timing.

new boots 

I love buying new shoes and getting surprised with new ones from hubby is always nice haha. I was in need of a new pair of boots and my hubby knows exactly what I like so I trust him completely when it comes to him buying me new shoes. And he didn’t dissappoint because I really like these new gray boots.

Leather Harry Potter wallet 

It’s no secret that I love Harry Potter and love using items related to HP as well. I have a thing for wallets and buy them too often, lol. But I never got around to buy a Fandom wallet, so my hubby buying one for me is the best thing ever!! I love this HP wallet with the wrist-bracelet, which makes it really easy to walk around with it while shopping. This baby is going everywhere with me of course, whenever I go out.

3d Metal Model Kit of Thor’s Hammer 

My hubby thought he’d be buying a completed hammer for me to put on my shelves, and didn’t realize until the moment the item was being delivered that it was an item you had to put together yourself, lol. I’m actually really excited to fabricate my own hammer, but I really hope it isn’t too difficult for me haha because it looks breakable and I do not cope well with breakable things, lol.

 Nintendo Gameboy notebook 

So… I LOVE collecting Notebooks and receiving this Nintendo Gameboy notebook was an awesome surprise! It looks fabulous, don’t you think? I have so many happy memories thinking about the time period in which I always played my Gameboy, I loved that thing so much! And if the notebook wasn’t cute enough already, the screen you see moves when you move the book in certain directions, which looks really awesome! Unfortunately, I’m not able to share this feature through a picture, so you just have to imagine that bit for yourself, ok? haha

 Belle notebook 

This Beauty and the Beast’s Belle notebook is just so incredibly gorgeous! Love the pastel colors combined with the gold touches everywhere. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside I think. Don’t know if I’ll ever use it haha. For now, it’s standing on one of the shelves, next to my Belle funko pops, just being pretty and all.

 the Punisher vest 

Hubby and I are addicted to everything MARVEL and we love their TV series just as much as their Movie adaptions. Our latest addiction is the Punisher, of which we binge-watched the whole first season within a week or so. Whenever we both had free time to spare, we were watching this series. And I absolutely love the punisher symbol so receiving a clothing item of it, is just freaking awesome! initially though, this vest was bought for Lucien but it didn’t fit and since I love my vests to be a bit loose everywhere while wearing, it was a perfect fit for me haha.

 Griffyndor PJ’s 

Can you never have enough PJ’s? I think not haha. Love this newest addition; a Griffyndor PJ set, existing of a short and tank top in Griffyndor House colors. Even though I’m a Ravenclaw at heart, I love Griffyndor so much as well so I love collecting things from this House too hehe. My hubby really knows how to surprise me with great stuff!

 Lion King sweater 

I’ve come across this particular item often when I was prowling the large webshop and already added it to my wishlist a while ago. I love the black with the green/blue colors and really wanted to buy it someday. So finding it underneath the Christmas tree was a great surprise. I love the attached collar as well. But I especially love the vibrant colors of the jungle and the letters on the sleeves with HAKUNA MATATA written on them. And look at the silhouettes, just awesome!

 Bathrobe Thumper  

So I came across this bathrobe very recently and fell in love instantly. I LOVE thumper and this bathrobe looked so incredibly cute and especially: FLUFFY. Like; it would be awesome to wear it and snuggle with it on the couch or so. the hubs picked up on my love for this particular robe and bought it, yay!!! And guys, it’s an incredible bathrobe. It’s so fluffy and warm and so freaking cute with that hat on top. Just love it!!

 the Little Mermaid shawl  

My alltime favorite movie has always been and always will be the little mermaid. I’m a mermaid at heart myself, I swear. I’ve been addicted to this particular Disney story ever since I was a young girl and loved the idea of mermaids and later learning about Sirens as well. Ariel is the best and I love collecting items of the Little Mermaid. This shawl/scarf looks really beautiful, don’t you think? I don’t think it’s very practical though, it isn’t made to keep you warm haha but damn, it looks so nice!!!!

 the Little Mermaid bag  

and last but not least, the last item and my favorite one I received this Christmas: this leather Ariël bag. I literally jumped up and down while hugging this thing when I unwrapped it haha. I didn’t expect to find this item underneath the tree, at all. I knew what it costs and didn’t think my husband would want to spend so much money on a little mermaid bag buwhaha. But well, he loves making me happy, which is obvious, so he bought it for me knowing how much I’d love it. I’ve been taking it everywhere ever since, love it so much! It’s great quality, there’s a lot of room for my stuff – I love big bags – and the design is just really beautiful <3 It’s just PERFECT!

So, this was the last Christmas haul post I got for you guys. There have been like 7 or so prior to this one? Safe to say I got really pampered this Christmas haha.

♥ What was your favorite non-bookish item you received this Christmas? 
Love to hear from you!


  1. Wat een leuke cadeautjes alweer. Echt leuk om te zien hoe je verwend werd met kerst -en nieuwjaar. Goh, ik kreeg enkele leuke boeken en twee toffe swap-pakketten maar dat ik die zo leuk vind komt vooral door het feit dat er zoveel boekige spulletjes inzaten. Of toch boekgerelateerd alleszins. Rozenthee van Belle, een mooi notitieboek, … van mijn schoonouders kreeg ik echter ook briefpapier én dat was ook een fijne verrassing. Wel een beetje jammer dat het kerstbriefpapier is want nu moet ik natuurlijk nog tot volgend jaar wachten voor ik het volop kan gebruiken. Al speelde ik wel een beetje vals door alvast één vel naar mijn Snail Mail Maatje te versturen.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Rechtvaardig vermoord – J.D.RobbMy Profile

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