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And just like that, it’s January 1st and we’re at the beginning of a new year! So; HAPPY NEWYEAR everyone, I hope you had a good New Years Eve?

Whereas I was determined on January 1st, 2017, that 2017 was going to be a good year for me, it often turned out to be not quite as good as I’d wanted it to be, unfortunately. But overall I get to look back on a year full of beautiful memories though. Memories made with friends and my family.

Instead of writing my MMM article each Monday, I’ve decided to turn it into a once-a-month-article. I’ll still talk about the same things I normally talk about, only a bit more compressed this time since I look back on a whole month. I’ll talk about some things I’ve been up to, what music I listened to and I’ll share some of the fellow-bloggers articles I loved reading.

~♥ Personal ♥~
Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

December was a troublesome month haha. I decided to stop blogging completely – again – and here I am, blogging – again. It’s becoming a tradition hahaha. But it comes down to the fact that blogging just requires a lot of energy from me – which doesn’t mean I don’t like to blog because otherwise, I wouldn’t be back so soon already – because I’m just very demanding of myself and HOW I want to blog/write. So, I’m making things a lot harder than they should be for myself often, which results in me being drained out and not wanting to do anything anymore so I just give up for a while, lol.

But as always, I start missing my blog too much and I’m like: okay, this time around you’ll do it differently; don’t PUSH yourself to post on a regular base of at least 1 article every day. Just write and post whenever you feel like it and that’s OKAY. But so far, it always ended with me pushing myself again because I had that vision for my blog and I wanted to hold myself to it. I’m just too demanding sometimes and that sucks big time. But since I’m planning to focus on some other personal things in life in the nearby future, I’m fairly certain that this time around I’ll succeed in not pushing myself too hard when it comes to the blog-stuff.

December was the month when I decided to finally put out a letter to the ‘Dierenambulance’ it’s an Animal Healthcare organization here in the Netherlands – to see if they’re still in need of volunteers. I’ve been wanting to become a volunteer for years now but I just never got around to apply for it because life got in the way one way or another – I only wanted to apply if I was 100% certain I could give my everything to this cause – but now felt like the best time to finally put one of my dreams into action. So I sent that letter and got a reply within a couple of hours saying they would like to meet with me and talk things through!

The meeting went really well and we agreed upon me going to work there twice a week as of upcoming Wednesday. I’m so excited!

December was the month in which I spent a lot of time with family. Not only with Luciën, Milan and Rex but our parents/sisters/brother/nephews/niece as well and we had a great time. We celebrated Christmas together and enjoyed each others company. We all got extremely spoiled, Milan and me especially haha as you may have seen in my unboxings/hauls articles recently. But I just, most of all, really enjoyed our family time this month. Whereas I previously always have been stressed out around these Holidays, I was relaxed this year around which was nice.

My therapy has been kind of slow lately, because my psychologist went on pregnancy leave so I wasn’t able to make a new appointment with another psychologist until January 10th. But I’ve been trying to work on things myself as much as I’m capable of right now so that’s the best anyone can do right?

We went to see Disney on Ice on December 16th in AHOY, Rotterdam and it was a really great show! We all enjoyed it really much. They performed the story of Toy Story, they performed songs from the Little Mermaid which left me covered in goosebumps – that main title music from that movie, damn.. so beautiful. Even as a little girl I’ve been infatuated with the music of this movie and it still has such an intense impact on my emotions when I hear them. So it was really awesome they performed songs from the Little Mermaid, my all-time Favourite Disney movie.

We had our first snow here in Limburg, the Netherlands. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long but long enough for Milan to play a bit. He had so much fun, especially when he ganged up on my with Luciën to cover me in snowballs haha.

And we’ve decided to put up our Christmas tree and ornamentations in the last week of November so we could enjoy the Christmas decorations for as long as possible – I just love it so much, it’s so cozy.

~♥ Music ♥~
Where words fail, music speaks.

When it comes to music I just mostly listen to the same things over and over again haha. I’ve listened to almost exactly the same music as I did in November. Mostly because it’s just easy to open up Spotify and turn to my own playlists because it just feels familiar and known so I’m certain of what I’ll listen to. I don’t often listen to unknown playlists, but I plan on doing that more often in the nearby future, to discover some new music. So if you have any recommendations when it comes to artists or specific songs? Let me know!

~♥ #Bloggerslove ♥~

I’ve read some really awesome blog articles from fellow bloggers this month. But I just can’t show them all because then you’d have to scroll for minutes, lol. So I show you some of my favorite articles that I’ve come across this month:

Dutch articles:

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to lately? 
Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years Eve?


  1. Happy New Year. I am glad that you are back at blogging, because your blog is one of my favorites. Thank you for mentioning my blog <3 Disney on Ice sounds so cool <3 I really love Disney, haha. Skyscraper and Everglow are such beautiful songs.
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Gelukkig nieuwjaar!My Profile

  2. Happy New Year!
    Thank you for sharing my post. <3 I had so many in my december wrap up haha, I could have filled a seperate post with it. I just love seeing everyone wrapping up the year and all the new challenges. It makes me excited too.

    Glad to hear you are sticking with us. 😉
    Annemieke onlangs geplaatst…Dancing Out of the Year – Looking Back on 2017My Profile

  3. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar lieve Melissa. Al een geluk dat je dat nog heel de maand januari mag zeggen want zoals je merkt heb ik weer een behoorlijke blogfeed-achterstand opgelopen. Ik herken mezelf in dat opleggen van blogstress. Dat deed ik vroeger ook wel eens maar zodra ik merkte dat ik af en toe dacht ‘ik moet nog een blogpost afwerken’ heb ik de frequentie van mijn blogposts teruggeschroefd. Voor mij werkt het nog steeds het best via een planning. In plaats van dagelijks te bloggen doe ik dat nu 4 à 5 maal per week en ik lig er ook niet van wakker indien het een keertje meer of minder is.

    Hopelijk krijg je een fijne vervanger of vervangster nu je vaste therapeute in zwangerschapsverlof is. Ik heb het in het verleden ook een keertje meegemaakt dat ik een heel goede psychologe had maar dat die net zwanger was. Je moet toch echt een goed gevoel hebben bij die persoon hé, dus ik hoop voor jouw dat je tijdelijke therapeut(e) ook meevalt.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Rechtvaardig vermoord – J.D.RobbMy Profile

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