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It’s kind of absurd – but I LOVE it though, of course – how many presents I received this Christmas. And of course, Christmas isn’t about getting presents but it sure as hell makes Christmas even more magical haha. But I really enjoyed just the time spent with family though. We’ve been over at my parent’s house Christmas Eve and ate together, unpacked some presents and just spent time together – it isn’t often anymore that all of us are together in 1 room, so that’s always special and enjoyable. And we’ve been to Lucien’s family as well and had a great time there too! Milan got to play with his niece and nephews and the adults enjoyed themselves as well.

Now we get to look forward towards New year’s eve. We’ll be hosting it at our place this year and my brother and sister in law are coming over with their kid and dog and my mother in law with her dog is coming over, so it’ll be busy! But I’m really looking forward to this year’s new’s Eve, whereas I normally don’t care much for it anymore, lol. But I’m planning a game night with different board games and such –it’s been too long since we’ve done something like that and it’s always so much fun so I thought it was about time we’d have a night of board games– and I just love fixing up food platters and such when we get visitors and just hopefully have a cozy and comfortable night with all of us together and the dogs, ringing in the new year. 

Well, I’m going off track again, lol. I was talking about Christmas and presents in the first place. I have ANOTHER haul article for you guys today. And there are two more coming your way, oops. I decided to show you guys my Funko pop haul and the mugs I received this Christmas, separate from the other presents I received from my hubby. So that’s what I’ll be showing you guys now. Are you read to see which awesome funko pops and mugs I got to add to my collection? Read on!

Funko Haul 

One of the Funko’s that isn’t on this list but was underneath the tree is the Jasmine from Disney Funko. Luciën bought it for me, but I also got this one in my Fairyloot box haha – what are the odds! – so we decided to send the Jasmine one Lucien bought at large.nl back to large and instead buy another funko. I chose the Aurora funko, which arrived earlier this month. It’s already on my shelves because it technically wasn’t a Christmas present. But I’ll post a complete funko pop collection article soon in which I’ll show you every funko in my collection, stay tuned!

Ursula & Cruella de Vil ♥

Ever since seeing there’d be a set of Ursula and Cruella I was so excited to get them. Of course, I especially wanted Ursula because the Little Mermaid is my all-time favorite and Ursula is the Disney villain I’m most acquainted with since I’ve seen the little mermaid so many times haha. I received this set earlier this month and already showed it on my Instagram story as well, but it technically was supposed to be a Christmas present so Lucien wrapped it up and I opened it again on Christmas day haha. But I’m really happy I got these two, they look a-ma-zing!!


Belle Celebration

I received this Celebration Belle from my Secret Santa as you ‘ve seen in my Secret Santa unboxing a couple of days ago. I didn’t have this Belle funko yet and I’m extremely happy with it! I still can’t believe my Santa put a funko in my box, it’s just awesome! LOVE IT SO MUCH

Belle and the Beast – Winter

My hubby surprised me with this beautiful Belle and Beast Winter set! These two have been on my wishlist for such a long time now and I’m so incredibly happy I finally have them in the collection. And OMG the Beast is HUGE and HEAVY! And I love the little birdies, so adorable! Belle and Beast enjoying winter time and falling in love is one of the most beautiful scenes of the whole movie I think and have thought so ever since I saw the movie for the first time when I was a young girl. I’m really glad they made these Winter editions, they look beautiful!

Tony Stark – Spiderman Homecoming

Iron Man himself was one of the first MARVEL pops I got a couple of years ago but I didn’t have a Tony Stark edition yet and this particular one is made for Spiderman Homecoming and is so freaking awesome! Tony with those glasses and THAT T-SHIRT with that cittycat on it!!!! Just awesome! This pop is just great, you recognize Tony immediately! I’m so glad I could add it to my collection!

Hulk – Thor Ragnarok edition

For someone who says she’s a die hard fan of everything MARVEL, it was a shame I still didn’t have a Hulk funko! After Thor ragnarok these awesome funko’s were made and this Hulk edition is so incredibly awesome, don’t you think?! I think so anyway haha. It’s, just as the Beast, a bit larger than your average funko and heavy as well. It’s such an awesome addition to my collection, I love him!

Diana Prince – exclusive

This Diana Prince exclusive is just.so.freaking.awesome! I’ve been dying to get my hands on this funko, but it was really really hard to get it as I was told by my husband. He had to wait months for this one – the shipment got delayed like 4 times! – and he was afraid it wouldn’t show up anymore which is often the case with exclusives like these that you just luck out on them. But it did arrive and he wrapped it and I got to unwrap it and just hug the box and be happy with it haha.

I love this particular scene in the movie, it’s so funny! Diana in regular clothes with the shield and sword walking outside like it’s the most normal thing to do when you’re in London. This funko edition shows Diana with a fist, ready to fight and her shield on the other side, ready to shield. It’s just AWESOME!!!! One of my favorite funko’s, definitely!

Mug Haul 

Aside from my love for funko’s, my husband is also well aware of my undying love for mugs and that I just love to collect them. A lot of them aren’t ever used in the practical sense – drinking from them – but are often used as showcases on my bookshelves hihi. I love seeing them on the shelves and I often use them to hold bookmarks and such and use them in pictures for Bookstagram as well. I got to add a couple of new mugs to the collection as well! Some of them I’ve already showed via insta stories recently but these mugs were technically Christmas presents so I show them to you now as well, especially knowing not everyone sees my insta stories haha. Okay, here we go!

the Joker – Why so Serious?

I’m a huuuuge fan of Heath Ledger’s performance of the Joker in Batman and getting this mug is awesome! I love the simple design and the quote!!! Look how evil the eyes are portrayed hehe. And it definitely has that Heath Ledger vibe present in that look, just amazing! This one got a nice spot on a shelf next to a mug I have of the green Arrow!

Vintage looking Lumiere mug ♥

Lumiere is one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast characters and this mug has been on my Large wishlist for a while now. It looks stunning I think; the design of the mug and the golden details on it, it’s a beautiful combination I think! And it already looks beautiful on my bookshelf next to a couple of other Beauty and the Beast items!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – Central Perk mug ♥

Who doesn’t love F.R.I.E.N.D.S? I for one, love them so much. No matter how often I’ve already watched every single episode, I can’t get enough! And I love collection items regarding this awesome TV series, one of my all-time favorites. I got the six Funko pops of the characters, got another friends mug somewhere last year and now I can add this CENTRAL PERK mug to the collection! And omg It’s huge! Almost like a soup bowl haha, which means there’s a lot of coffee or hot chocolate or tea able to go in there hehe. But for now, the mug is on a shelf next to the funko pops and the other mug I have, looking awesome!!! This is definitely one of my favorite mugs in the collection already!


And last but not least, a GROOT mug! One I’ve come across often now but never gotten around to buy it. I’m IN LOVE. Groot is one of my favorite MARVEL characters – love him so muchhhhh, cutie pie – and as you can see there’s a funko pop of him in the collection as well and I also got a really awesome vest last year with Groot on it, just awesome! And this mug; Love it so much! It looks so awesome on my shelf next to the funko pops of Groot, Rocket and Starlord!

So, that was my Funko and mug haul. I got to add so many awesome new stuff to the collections this Christmas, I’m so thankful! In a recent Blogish Item article you guys could vote for an article you’d like to see published soon/next and the most votes went to the option: BLOGISH ITEM | FUNKO COLLECTION. I was planning on showing my collection soon since you guys also voted for it but I wanted to wait until after Christmas because I knew I’d be adding some new funko’s to the collection. So now they’re here, I’m ready to start writing on my Funko article. So stay tuned!

♥ Did you get any new Funko/mug or other items for Christmas aside from books?


  1. You’ve got so many awesome funko’s, I really want Cruella and Ursula as well, they are so cool. The Groot mug is so cute, haha. Unfortunately I didnt get any funko’s this Christmas, but I received some great books <3
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Bookish Tag – LeesgewoontesMy Profile

      1. I got Uprooted, A Gathering of Shadows, 451 Fahrenheit, The Ravenboys and De eliminatie!

    1. Author

      It’s adorable right? Lucien bought it at Large.nl and it was nicely priced too! Cruella looks really wicked indeed haha. She looks just as crazy as she does in the movies as well, lol. Funko did a great job haha
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Unboxing | Funko + Mug haulMy Profile

    1. Author

      It’s awesome right! My husband bought it for me over at a Dutch webshop called Large.nl

      They sell fandom stuff and such. But if they have it, it definitely has to be available online as well with worldwide shipping! – don’t know where you live. If you don’t find it, I could also buy it for you, but again – don’t know where you live and how much shipping will be. But it is a great mug, so let me know if you need me to check out how much it’d cost to get it to you.

    1. Author

      It’s amaaazing isn’t it. It’s definitely one of my all-time favorites in my collection now. We’ve been waiting for the delivery for months – it got pushed back A LOT so we were afraid it wouldn’t come at all anymore.

      But it was sooo worth the wait! A really beautiful special edition <3 And I just really love this particular scene in the movie as well haha.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Friday’s Favorite list of … | … My 4-star rating books of 2017 ~♥~My Profile

  2. Die beker van Central Perk is echt super leuk. Nodigt echt uit om de afleveringen opnieuw te bekijken en dit keer gewoon mee te drinken wanneer de personages in hun favoriete zetels hangen.

    Dankzij kreeg mijn schoonouders kreeg ik enkele onverwachtse cadeautjes die helemaal niets met boeken te maken hebben maar er zaten geen funko’s of bekers bij. Ook in mijn kerst swap pakketten zaten andere zaken als boeken maar ook hier geen bekers of funko’s. Wel andere leuke spulletjes.

    Ik heb gisterenavond mijn nieuwe Bullet Journal opgestart met enkele wenslijstjes en daar staan wel nog een aantal funko’ stussen.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Unboxing Bookish Winter SwapMy Profile

    1. Author

      Jaaaa, ik ben als mok verzamelaar sowieso al onwijs blij met die Central Perk mok want hij is zo mooi en HUGE. Maar ook als F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fangirl zijnde is het een speciaal item. M’n eigen Central Perk mok, zo tof! Ik kan inderdaad niet wachten om weer te gaan re-watchen met deze mok in handen!

      En ook niet-boek gerelateerde cadeautjes zijn leuk toch!! Welke Funko staan er nog op je wensenlijstje? Ik heb ook een Funko wishlist in de bujo hihi. Die is ook weer veel te lang. Weet nu al haast niet meer waar ik ze moet laten, oeps.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Friday’s Favorite list of … | … My 4-star rating books of 2017 ~♥~My Profile

      1. Dat zijn er nog wel enkele hoor. Zo zou ik het heerlijk vinden om een Castiel met vleugels te vinden. Maar ook Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), Bellatrix en Remus Lupin staan nog op mijn wenslijst. Ik hoop trouwens dat er ook een leuke van Tonks komt.
        zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Tikkertje! Maar dan met boeken 2.0My Profile

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