| TOP TEN TUESDAY | Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward to In 2018 (These could be new releases, or books you resolve to read, ten debuts we are looking forward to, etc.)

When I saw the Top Ten Tuesday topic for this week my first reaction was a heavy groan. As in; omygod, I’m going to suffer while writing this article, lol.

Because if 2017 was a great book year I think and I’m already certain 2018 will maybe even top it. There are SO MANY books – that I Now already know of – so let alone the releases I haven’t come across yet – coming our way in 2018. A LOT of releases I’m EXTREMELY excited about and have been for months now! So choosing 10 books is horror haha..

I decided to make it a tiny bit less difficult and made myself only choose between the books coming out in the first months of 2018 – which is already hard enough as it is, because there are so many awesome books coming our way in those first months alone. And just so you know up front; this list will contain more than 10 books on it, lol. I’ll put down 5 books releasing in the months January, February, March, and April which are on my wishlist. So, that’ll be a list of 20 books total – oops. And it’s going to be really hard to narrow it down to five books for each month – I seriously have a problem lol – but okay, here we goooo.

5 books that’ll release in January 2018

♥ Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh

I keep seeing this book already everywhere online and the synopsis makes me ache for this book already. It, unfortunately, didn’t end up on my pre-order list since I had to keep myself in check this time and there were other books that just had to be bought first. But I definitely want to add this one to the collection someday!

♥ Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu

This is one of the January pre-orders. I LOVE re-tellings and even though I haven’t read the Wonder Woman re-telling yet, I just had to have this one right away. I’ve always loved the Batman character, right from the start – the comics. And later on the movies with George Clooney, Val Killmer, and Michael Keeton. And then. there was Christian Bale and he became my all-time favorite. And because of him, my love for Batman increased even more! So a re-telling on this character? I’m IN! Can’t wait to see what Marie Lu did with the story and this character specifically.

♥ Unearthed by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

So, whenever I see a new Amie Kaufman or Meagan Spooner book that’s due to release I hit the pre-order button, lol. I haven’t read all of their books yet, but what I did read so far, I really loved. And I’ve been looking towards the release of this book since last year, when they first announced it. The synopsis sounds really awesome again and I love their duo-writing so I have high expectations for this one!

♥ Between the Heart and the Blade by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking is an author I really, really enjoy as well. Not every book I’ve read is a WOW book, but they all are definitely really enjoyable reads. I still have a couple of books I need to read by her but this new book sounds really awesome as well! It definitely ended up on my wishlist and is a highly anticipated 2018 read for me!

♥ Robots vs. Faeries by Dominik Parisien

I came across this book by several readers/bloggers online, and especially Melanie from Meltotheany made me extremely excited for this one haha. A combination of faeries and robots? COUNT ME IN! I really love both of these topics/elements/whatever you call it, and a combination of them sounds really intriguing. Can’t wait for this book to arrive! One of my highly anticipated 2018 books!

5 books that’ll release in February 2018

♥ Shadowsong by S. Jae-Jones

This is one of the most highly anticipated 2018 releases for me. Wintersong, book 1, blew my mind and is one of my all-time favorites now. The ending had me broken, even though it was kind of a closed/open ending all at one. I neeeeded a sequel bad and now it’s almost there. Can’t wait for this book to be released. If you haven’t read Wintersong yet; PLEASE DO! This was such a unique book, so wonderful! I never would’ve guessed I’d come to love the Goblin King, but I did hahaha.. 

♥ Daughter of the Siren Queen

At the moment, I’m almost done reading Daughter of the Pirate King, which is a really great book! So far, it has been quite predictable though but because of the interesting characters and the Piraty-setting which I looove, it just really is a great read and I’m already looking forward to reading Daughter of the Siren Queen!

♥ Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine

I’ve been so curious about this book and I received an e-arc of it last month, so I’m definitely planning to read it before it’s release to see if I should buy the printed edition as well. And it’s a sci-fi book which always gets my attention, then there’s also this really awesome cover! And well, the synopsis of course, it just sounds like a really great read so I really hope to add it to my sci-fi shelf someday.

♥ Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

This is also a book I’ve received an e-arc from for which I’m so very thankful because it sounded like such an awesome read and I can’t wait to find out for myself what I’ll think about it! This is again a Young adult sci-fi – I LOVE THE FACT THERE ARE MORE AND MORE SCI-FI BOOKS BEING RELEASED! – so of course I had to add it to my wishlist/to-read list

♥ Broken beautiful hearts by Kami Garcia 

This Young adult contemporary romance got my attention by seeing it’s cover and the author who wrote the book. I’ve read very different reviews on this book, so I feel it’s important I need to find out for myself what I’ll think of it hehe.

5 books that’ll release in March 2018

♥ Obsidio by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

IEEEEEEEEKS, where to start with talking about this release?! It’s freaking awesome I can add this book in this article because that means that the wait is Almost – not really, it’s still tooooo far away, ugh – over and Obisido will make it’s way over here. I’ve been obsessed with ILLUMINAE and GEMINA and everything Jay and Amie wrote aside from this series. I can’t, I seriously can’tttt, wait anymore to find out what amazing stuff they probably pulled off with this third book in the Illumae Files. These are definitely one of the best sci-fi books I’ve read – the way these books are narrated is just freaking AMAAAAZING – and one of the best books I’ve read in general. This is, aside from Sarah J. Maas and Clare’s books that are being released in 2018, THE most highly anticipated book of 2018 for me!

♥ Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi

Even though I thought the Shatter Me series had a terrible ending at the end of book 3, I’m actually really excited about this new book. But I’m really skittish at the same time. At the time when I finished book 3 I was kind of outraged on the way Mafi ended the book, it felt so unsatisfying. But now there’s actually a fourth book coming along and I’m scared – excited but scared as well – because I’m afraid it may not be what we all hope it’ll be. Buttt. I did read an excerpt involving Warner, Juliette, and Kenji – who’s my favorite character – and that excerpt was the final straw for me; that was already so humoristic and awesome, that I just knew I wanted to read it. It didn’t end up on my pre-order list for March but I’ll definitely read it someday!

♥ the Final Six by Alexandra Monir

I’ve come across this book more often lately and well the first thing I saw was the fact that it was again YA sci-fi so that means, almost everytime I come across a sci-fi book, It was a given that it would end up on my wishlist haha. The ARC reader ratings I’ve come across so far are awesome, which makes me even more enthusiastic. Can’t wait for this book to arrive – this is one of my March pre-orders.

♥ to Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

a Mythology;mermaid book?! I’M IN!!! I love everything mermaid and reading books with them in it, is so awesome! The ARC reader reviews on this one are also really awesome – 73 ratings given, average rating: 4.21!! – which makes me also even more excited and this will definitely be one of the first books I’d buy in March if I get a chance to buy new books that month.

♥ Pacifica by Kristen Simmons

I’ve been a fan of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise forever now and I’ve been dying to read more Pirate books for ages. As I said, I’m currently reading Daughter of the Pirate king which is a great read, and when I came across this new release by Kristen Simmons I got sooo excited! The synopsis sounds Awesome and I can’t wait to buy and read this book!

5 books that’ll release in April 2018

♥ Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

I still have to read Daughter of the Burning city, so I’m still not familiar with this author’s writing but when I saw the synopsis of this new release, I just wanted to have this book as well haha. Fantasy elements combined with casino-settings and gangs? It sounds really awesome!

♥ Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

I got an e-arc of this book a couple of months ago but I haven’t been able to read it yet, but I’ve heard so many great things already about this book! I’m definitely planning on reading this soon

♥ Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian 

This book sounds really awesome! The title and cover were what drew me in first and I then read the synopsis and I was sold. This is a promising book I think and I can’t wait to read it!

♥ Defy the Worlds by Claudia Gray

Defy the Stars, book 1, was one of my favorites of 2017 and definitely one of my all-time favorite sci-fi books ever. The waiting for the sequel has been excruciating and April still seems SO FAR away, sigh. I’ll need to plan a re-read of book 1 very soon xD

♥ As she Fades by Abbi Glines

Well, it’s Abbi Glines, do I need to say more? haha, I just LOVE her books and just want to buy and read everything.

Even with 5 books each month, I still had trouble choosing. Especially in January and February! There’s so much coming our way which I’m already so excited about! A couple of these highly anticipated books are on my kindle though, so I actually Can already read some of then hihi.

♥ Which are some of your highly anticipated releases of 2018?


  1. This year is going to be an amazing reading year ❤ probably also the year I get crushed by my TBR haha.
    I know you said you weren’t going to pre order Reign of the Fallen, however there is awesome preorder swag (also for international readers ), just saying…
    Isabelle onlangs geplaatst…TTT #7 | Books I’m Looking Forward to in 2018My Profile

  2. So many good books!!! I am not familiar with most of them, but I will definitely look some of them up. I am very curious about Batman, since I really enjoyed Wonder Woman.
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Bookish Tag – LeesgewoontesMy Profile

    1. Author

      It’s absurd really, how many good books are coming our way and it’s so hard to choose which ones to buy first haha.

      I still have to read WW but I’m so excited for that one! I love the WW character and I can’t wait to see what Bardugo did with this character hsbghdfghbdgf And batman is one of my favorite DC characters so I’m really excited about this re-telling as well and I absolutely love the cover. Can’t wait to put it right beside the WW one.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Unboxing | Funko + Mug haulMy Profile

  3. Looks like this is going to be a big year for YA sci-fi/fantasy. Not my favorite genres, but I know lots of people are super excited about lots of the books you mentioned. I’m excited for DREAD NATION, for sure. I don’t read lots of zombie books, but I love the zombie/alternate history angle so I’m in.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!

    1. Author

      It indeed looks like it’s going to be a great year for sci-fi. It’s become one of my favorite YA tropes, so I for one am super excited hihi.

      And Dread Nation sounds so awesome indeed. I’ve got an e-arc but haven’t found the time yet to read it. I haven’t read anything with zombies yet, I’m really excited! I do love alternate history so I’m very curious to see how they blend in with each other.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Friday’s Favorite list of … | … My 4-star rating books of 2017 ~♥~My Profile

    1. Author

      I still need to read WW – I should be ashamed of myself, bluhh – but I’m really excited about all of the books; WW, Batman, and Catwoman as well. I really love that they tricked those awesome authors into writing these retellings hehe. I’m kinda curious to see if they’ll do a co-authored book in the future, like a Justice League edition or something like that. That would be awesome I think.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Friday’s Favorite list of … | … My 4-star rating books of 2017 ~♥~My Profile

  4. Ik moet steeds glimlachen wanneer ik zie dat je net als ik heel goed bent in het ontwijken van keuzestress bij favoriete boeken. Groot gelijk hoor. Zeker wanneer er zoveel boeken zijn waar je naar uitkijkt.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Unboxing Bookish Winter SwapMy Profile

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