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I came across this tag article over at Howling Libraries. This tag was originally created by Game of Tomes. I love Holiday themed tags and did a couple of them last years as well. And since December 26th is a Tuesday this year, it’s just perfect for me to do a Christmas tag, don’t you think?

When the tag goes online, I technically already unwrapped my presents, but at the time of writing this tag, they’re still wrapped up underneath the tree so the anticipation is high hihi.

HEADER FOTO; ingepakte boeken onder de boom

1. What book would you like to find
under the tree this year?

If you’ve read my Wishlist Wednesday articles lately, you’ve been given several lists I put together for family and friends. So basically any of those books on the lists would be awesome to receive! To see what I put on my Christmas wishlists, you can go to the WISHLIST WEDNESDAY page by Click on the IMAGE below and you’ll be redirected to the articles.

2. What is the best book you have ever
received for Christmas?

Ohhh damn, that’s a tough question because, in the past several years, all I did was putting books on my (Christmas) wishlists so I received a lot of books for Christmas each year hihi. So, let me think….

One of the most memorable books given at Christmas are the first four books in the FAE CHRONICLES by Amelia Hutchins. I came across her books back in 2015 and read the first four books digitally because at the time it was really hard to get them in printed edition if you couldn’t buy via Amazon with a CC like me at the time – and boy was I bummed about this because I became obsessed with Amelia’s writing and wanted to add the books to my collection so badly!

At one time, they ended up on the Book Depository webshop but the paperbacks were around €20 each so that was a lot of money to spent if I wanted to buy all of them at once. So I put them on my Christmas Wishlist in 2015 and hoped for the best; to receive Christmas. And I did get them, YAY! In the meantime, the books are becoming more popular by the minute and are a bit cheaper so that’s good news to the readers out there who want to buy the printed editions! In the meantime I also expanded my collection with three other printed books; Fae chronicles book 5, unraveling Destiny.. a Demon’s Dark Embrace, book 1 in the elite guard series and Playing with Monsters. I still need to buy book 1 and 2 from the Guardian series and then my Amelia printed collection is complete for the time being!

3. What book gives you all the Christmas feels?

I’m sure many others out there can relate and would probably answer the same answer I’m going to give: the Harry Potter series. Somehow HP has become a tradition to read or watch around Christmas, all over the world. And Christmas is present in the books because we follow Harry all year around, but the books aren’t distinctively a Christmas read persé. It’s not completely revolved around Christmas and Winter settings but I guess it’s more the sentimental part of it all – the feelings which come along while reading. Christmas for me, goes along with feeling loved, cherished. Being holed up inside, with the Christmas tree and decorations all around giving a serene feeling. Unwrap presents with family and just enjoy each others company. It feels almost magic.. and that’s what HP is to me as well; those books, Harry, and his friends and this magnificent magical world, have become a family to me. I grew up with the series ever since I was a young girl. I started out as a middle grader and ended up as a Young adult by the time the last book in the series came out, so the series has been present a lot throughout me growing into adulthood and it just anchored itself into my life, my soul. And it’s so beautiful to see how many people are touched by these books, these stories and how they connect the books with Christmas as well.

4. What book do you plan on reading to put you in
the Christmas spirit this year?

Hmm, well. I was planning on doing a re-read of Harry Potter and start reading the Illustrated editions, but I haven’t gotten around to start yet. I also have several other books in my collection in which the story revolves around Christmas and/or Winter settings being present but those too, haven’t been touched yet, oops. I’ve been reading a lot of romance lately, which is also nice to read during the Holidays, don’t you think?

5. What book have you read this year that you would like to
throw out with the Christmas tree after the holidays?

Haha lol, well first off; we have a fake tree so no throwing it out after Christmas, lol. But okay, being serious for a moment here, let’s see; I’ve already sold my copy of FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell for example. The author just isn’t for me I guess. E&P already was a MEH kind of book for me, but I had high hopes for FANGIRL since a lot of people I know were so enthusiastic about the book. But it kind of disappointed me as well. I just couldn’t care enough to give the book more than 3 stars. It was an OK read, but nothing spectacular. So I don’t think I’ll pick up another book by this author anytime soon, lol.

And I even read a couple of books this year that got a 2-star rating, which basically means; This book can go out in the trash, lol. a Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day was one of those for example. I normally love her books and paranormal romance as well, but somehow Sylvia didn’t pull it off to combine her general erotic/romance genre with the paranormal I think. Buttt.. there were a couple of elements, like some characters, that were very interesting so I kind of Do want to read that one, just to see how the story unfurls with the characters. But in general; the book wasn’t my cup of tea, I just had too many remarks on it and it can go out with the trash, lol.

6. What is a book from this year that you would like to place
under a friend’s tree?

So, when reading this question my thoughts went flying through the roof, lol. Where to start? WHICH book to place under a friend’s tree first? Choosing just 1 isn’t possible. I’ve published an article last Friday on my 5-star rating books of 2017 so basically; I’d want to put all of them underneath the tree haha. And there were also a lot of 4-star rating books I’d like to put underneath the tree as well. So, it isn’t possible for me to choose just one book. So I just go ahead and say: check out my article of the 5-star rating books and ALL OF THEM need be underneath the tree haha.
Click on the IMAGE below and you’ll be redirected to my 5-star rating reads of 201 7!

7. Challenge: create a stack of books in which the spines alternate
green and red! Share the titles.

I always like doing challenges like these, as you might’ve seen on my Instagram where I’m hosting a December bookish photo challenge. I also did a Red and Green challenge in that one, so I’ll just use the picture I made for the Bookstagram challenge earlier this month:


the Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine
Firstlife by Gena Showalter
Roseblood by A.G. Howard
the Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins
the Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid
One blood Ruby by Melissa Marr

♥ What book have you read this year that you would like to
throw out with the Christmas tree after the holidays?

Love to hear from you, have a nice day lovelies!


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