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As I’ve said in previous unboxings, there were a lot of unboxings coming your way. And one of those unboxings is for the Bookish Secret Santa, organized by my best buddy Kwante in Wonderland. This was the third Secret Santa edition she’s organized and it’s safe to say that overall it has been a success from what I’ve seen of the other unboxings and the enthusiasm everyone experienced in advance of the unboxings. The Facebook group was quite busy every day and especially in the last couple of weeks when the first boxes arrived at people’s doors. The ambiance in the group was amazing, everybody was so excited for one another and we counted down the days together until we could open up our boxes.

People participated in photo challenges – and some of those challenges are still going at the moment – with which they could win a surprise package from Kwante. She always goes above and beyond with things like this, really awesome! So yeah, a lot of things going on in this amazing facebook group Kwante specially created for the participating Secret Santa’s.

For me, it’s the third edition as well. I’ve been there from the start and it’s especially a lot of fun to compose a package for another person. The only difficulty for me is that so far, I’ve always drawn straws for people who I didn’t know in person – yet – which sometimes makes it hard for me to compose a personalized package. But overall I think I did well the first two years and hopefully this year as well. I’m always doubting myself; if the stuff I put in there is something anyone would like and such things. Of course, I buy things from the wishlist but I love to add karma-presents as well and it’s always exciting and a bit scary to see what the person you composed a package for, thinks of it all.

And of course, it’s a really great thing to do in regards to myself. It’s lovely to receive a book-related box for Christmas from a Secret Santa; Not knowing what’ll be in there and let it all be a surprise. Okay, so I hate waiting – lol – and especially the last couple of days was excruciating, haha, but I behaved and didn’t open it up until this morning. The participating Secret Santa’s have probably already seen my unboxing photo’s in the facebook group, but for the rest of you out there; if you’re curious to see what exactly was in my box: read on because I’ll give you a full insight in this unboxing article.

Milan was just as excited as I was to open up this box – he had so much presents underneath his tree, but this particular box Mommy got was so very interesting, lol – so he badly wanted to help me unbox it, so he’s in some of the pictures as well haha. Here we go. I started with unwrapping the box and opening it and I was met with the sight of some Christmas tree decorations in this beautiful golden color – which fits perfectly with my tree so those will definitely go up in the tree next year – and a really inviting envelope, which I opened up first of course. Inside was a card with Holiday wishes and a short rhyme, giving me little sneak peaks of the presents inside which made me even more excited to unpack everything.

THERE WAS SO MUCH SNOW in the box buwhaha so thank you for that Santa, lol. Normally I’m the one who f*cks up everyone else’s house when they unbox a box from me containing this snow that flies EVERYWHERE, lol Everything got stuck in the guirlandes and I didn’t pay any attention to it when I lifted them from the box, so you can imagine what happened, lol. Now karma’s a bitch, right? hahaha. No, but seriously; I love the snow-covered presents, it’s such a beautiful sight! Milan was bouncing alongside me and instantly started grabbing for presents he saw – little impatient one haha – to spread them out on the table so I could take pictures. Everything was beautifully wrapped and almost a shame I had to open them up haha. It looked so perfect – nowhere near the way I pack; like a 5yr old whahaha.

 So Milan started unwrapping and the first item he opened was this Rhysand tea by Bookish Teas and well; I’m kind of in love haha! I loooove bookish teas and I was really surprised by how beautiful this one looks. There are – probable eatable lol – glitters inside this tea mix and it looks absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it in the picture as I wanted it to be, but okay; just imagine it yourself, ok? haha It smells delicious! It contains; apple, hibiscus, cider berry, orange peel, sour cherries and rosehip peel. Can’t wait to try this one out. thank you Santa!!

And the next items kept blowing me away to be honest. I unpacked a FUNKO POP! Didn’t expect that in the least, so that was an awesome surprise! When opening up the present I got a little sneek peak saying it was BELLE so I was a bit afraid it was going to be the Belle I already did own, but I don’t know if it was coincidence or my Secret Santa had some elfs looking around my Funko collection to make sure she wouldn’t buy a double one, but it was a Belle pop I didn’t own yet and I’m soooo happy with it! It’s the celebration dress Bell from the movie and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s beautiful! Thank you so much Santa, this is an amaaazing item :O

And I’m not done though, there was this really cute Chip tote bag as well. It’s a great quality of fabric I think and large enough for me to being able to use it for many different occasions. I love the design – I just love everything with CHIP haha – and I’m really happy I got to add this one to my tote bag collection. It’ll be treasured, I promise!

There was also a package of glittery candles and I love them! They look beautiful! I almost feel bad for burning them haha because I just want to keep looking at them. I will use them in my future Bookstagram pictures I think. I’ll definitely light them though in the future, I’m really curious to see how they burn!

Still not done! I still had to unpack the book that was inside and I was really curious to find out which book Santa chose from the list. Santa bought me SLEEPING GIANTS by SYLVAIN NEUVEL and I’m soooo freaking excited about this read!! And that cover, damn.. so awesome! I’ve heard great things about this book and I’m really happy Santa bought it for me: THANK YOUUUU!

I’m really excited to find out who my Secret Santa is so I can thank him/her for this A-MA-ZING box. I loved it! It was such a joy opening this box, unwrap everything and see what’s inside. I love all of the items inside and it’s just amazing haha – I keep saying Amazing and repeating myself, lol, sorry.

So this year’s Secret Santa was again a joy to be a part of. The fun isn’t over yet. There are photo challenges to do and the Facebook is a cozy talking group at the moment. We enjoy seeing each other’s unboxings – I was really curious to find out what my box-receiver thought of her presents and I got my answer so that’s really great! As soon as every participant sends their unboxing pictures, Kwante will give us the all-clear and we can reveal ourselves to the ones we had to compose a box for.

Have you ever participated in a Secret Santa swap?

I definitely recommend to do this! It’s awesome being a part of this bookish world and I love composing boxes for other people and – hopefully – see or read their enthusiastic reactions upon receiving their box. It’s also really awesome to have a box underneath the Christmas tree at home and anticipate the unboxing when Christmas is coming near. And I love the time, energy and most of all LOVE Kwante puts into her Bookish Secret Santa event every year. She goes above and beyond to work everything out in detail, organizes really awesome giveaways through challenges and just loves celebrating Christmas together with the online book community. So thank you Kwante, as well, for organizing Secret Santa 3.0 and making this happen!


  1. Author

    Omg yes IKR?! Didn’t expect a funko – didn’t know what to expect either way to be honest, it’s always a surprise right haha – so it was such an amaaazing surprise and it fits perfectly with my beauty and the beast (funko) collection <3
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    1. Author

      haha ja die was zo enthousiast, die wilde zo ontzettend graag helpen uitpakken dus heb ik inderdaad netjes gewacht tot 25dec met uitpakken – Milan snapte het anders ook niet, want waarom zou ik wel 24dec mogen uitpakken en hij moest tot 25dec wachten.

      En de tote met Chip is echt zo cute! Ik zag ‘m inderdaad in je unboxing foto’s voorbij komen – ik zal in t nieuwe jaar even weer wat reacties achterlaten xD – en dat lunch tasje was ook echt superleuk!
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