| Unboxing Christmas Edition | Box I got from Kwante in Wonderland

Gods, you guys, there are so many unboxing/haul articles coming your way this month hihi. Yesterday I showed you my regular December book haul; books I bought/received throughout the month, so separate from the Christmas stuff of course. And later today I got another unboxing for you as well; the box I received from Kimberley. But first: the Unboxing of the package I received from Kwante.

Aside from being a participant of her Secret Santa for the third year in a row now, we also exchange packages between the two of us. We’ve known each other for a couple of years now and have become really great friends on and offline. So birthdays, Christmas and such is something we celebrate together as well – even though we’re miles apart from each other most of the time. Since we, unfortunately, don’t live close to each other, we sent our Christmas presents to each by mail, normally. This time around, we had a Sinterklaas surprise night at Kwante on December 9 – which was a really great day/evening! – so we exchanged our Christmas boxes then as well.

So, I’ve been looking at this huge box I got from her on December 9 ever since, and it slowly killed me haha. The waiting for December 24th, the day I could open up this box, was excruciating! But it finally happened yesterday, because Kwante got too impatient herself as well so we decided to just open the boxes already, lol.. And: OMYFFFFINGGOD, Kwante outdid herself again – as usual – and she bought me a lot of things from my MUST HAVE BUT PROBABLY NEVER BUY IT BECAUSE it’s TOO EXPENSIVE-wishlist and I’m at a loss for words. Let me show you the amazing content of this year’s box I received from Kwante!

Rowan Whitethorn Candle from FaerieTalesCreations

Since Kwante was too excited herself when her order from FTC came in, she gave me a sneak peek on this candle so I knew this candle was coming my way. This candle… Ever since FTC opened her shop I’ve been wanting to own a candle by her and this Rowan one specifically – ROWAN IS MY EVERYTHING. But the shipping costs are huge from New Zealand to the Netherlands so I never got around to buy something from the shop. And Kwante.. she bought me Rowan’s candle. I still can’t believe it even though I really did unpack this item, hold it, smell it and gave it a nice spot on my Throne of Glass shelf. It’s just so incredibly beautiful and it smells really great! I seriously can’t stop looking at it. The silver and the wax feathers, the colorings, the SMELL, it screams rowan! This candle is perfection, just omg. jhfgjsbgfjhbgjdfjhbwerfuyusdgjbdbg


♥ The North remembers Bathsalt from TheBookishDistrict

So Kwante showed me this shop a while ago and I fell in love immediately with the items they sell. I haven’t come across many shops who sell bookish bath salt and it is quite of an amaaaazing item, I think. Aside from the lovely smell and the practicality of the product, it’s also really beautiful as well and I can’t stop looking at it. So aside from using it in your bath, you can also use it to decorate your shelves with or use in pictures and such for Bookstagram. And the North Remembers. That sentence gives me goosebumps and all the feels, it’s just so beautiful!


♥  Feyre and Rhysand candles 

And I also received these two magnificent candles with the most adorable Rhysand and Feyre designs on them. sghbshjbgjdhbgfjhbdgjbhdfg Yep, another item this fangirl was going crazy over haha. It looks so awesome and they already got a nice spot on my shelves, so I can look at them every day! I’m in LOVE.


So, Kwante told me about an item that was extremely breakable so she was happy I could bring the box with presents back home myself instead of her having it shipped to me, hoping nothing would break. I was so curious about this particular item and when I started unpacking there were like so many thoughts going through my mind. I had an inkling on what this item could be, but then I was like; noooo she wouldn’t because I knew what it cost and it was just too much you know? But then the wrapping paper came off.. And bloody hell, SHE DID BUY IT. I seriously can’t believe how I ever deserved a friend like her, who pampers me this much.

She bought me a freaking Scroll from LandOfScrolls; One with Shadowhunter runes on them, just omg.. IT’S PERFECTION, really. I’ve been dying to get one of these scrolls for over a year now but never got around to buy them because well; the moneyz haha. So this is such a freaking awesome surprise. And not only did I receive the scroll with the runes on them, there’s also a really really reallllyyyy awesome black and white print of ALICANTE, the glass city. It contains an outlay of the city and a couple of detailed drawings of important places within the city. I’m definitely crying happy tears over these items, so amazing! Loooook how freaking beautiful they are!!


And we’re not done, no sir! Aside from the freaking amazing items, one of the most beautiful ones in my collection now, I also received a sh*tload of books!!!! We agreed upon a certain amount of money for the Books we’d buy each other and I have a distinct feeling Kwante didn’t hold herself to this quota and went over it, lol. Thanks to Kwante I could add 7 new printed beauties to my collection, 7!!

And aside from this all there were some really adorable Bookdepository bookmarks present as well – they have a new set and I’m a fervent collector of their bookmarks so it’s awesome to add new ones to the collection, yay! And Kwante also added some fortune cookies to the box as well, so cute!

Safe to say, I got really pampered by Kwante and I still can’t believe she bought me all this… Everything is so freaking awesome. All the items are just stunning and obviously received beautiful spots on my shelves or on the wall – the scroll for example – and I’m so excited to start reading these books as well! I’ve been dying to read more of Mia Sheridan so now I have not 1 but 2 books I can read in the nearby future. Some new paranormal romance books – one from a favorite author Nalini Singh and several New series I get to discover, yay – and a first book of a YA trilogy I’ve been wanting to read for ages now – Winter Falls.

To lovely Kwante; again:
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You went above and beyond :O
I’m so happy with all of it and I’ll treasure each and every item and book forever!


  1. What a wonderful package! And bathsalt isn’t something you see every day!

    1. Author

      She spoiled me rotten haha – as usual. I really love everything so much. The scroll for example, is an item I’ve wanted to buy for a loooong time now but never gotten around to do it, due to the costs and such so that was the biggest surprise for me I think. Never thought she’d buy that one :O

      But I really love everything!! The candles are so awesome and then all the books :O and the bath salt is so awesome as well!
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Friday’s Favorite list of … | … My 4-star rating books of 2017 ~♥~My Profile

  2. Wauw! Iemand heeft zich duidelijk helemaal laten gaan. Ik ga precies toch nog eens wat boeken bij The Book Depository moeten bestellen nu ze opnieuw gekleurde bookmarks meesturen. Die van Charlie and the chocolate factory ziet er leuk uit. Ik kijk nu al uit naar al je andere unboxings.

    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Blogger Lovin #23My Profile

    1. Author

      Jaa ze hebben inderdaad een nieuwe boekenlegger set, yes! Met, ik geloof 6, gekleurde leggers van kinderboeken waaronder Roald Dahl en eentje van Alice in Wonderland, heel erg tof!! Ik bestelde de laatste maanden grotendeels alles via bol omdat dat gemakkelijk was, maar moet nu ook zeker weer wat vaker bij bookdepo gaan bestellen hihi. Ik heb die van Gruffalo dubbel, dus die kan ik je opsturen! Dan heb je er al een xD
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Friday’s Favorite list of … | … My 4-star rating books of 2017 ~♥~My Profile

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