| Unboxing Christmas Edition | Box I got from Kimberley

Earlier today you got to see the unboxing of the box I received from my buddy Kwante and now it’s time to show you what was inside the box I received from Kimberley. Together with a couple of book buddies we did a sort of Secret Santa among the 4 of us. I made a package for Annabel and Kim made one for me, which arrived yesterday. Since Annabel, Kim and Jenny unpacked their boxes already, I, of course, unpacked mine immediately as well, lol. Curious to see what I got? Read on!

 So,  the box was neatly wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and underneath it was this beautiful red Christmas box. Opening the box without caution was not smart though because it was filled with snow that went flying EVERYWHERE, lol. But it looks so nice, those boxes filled with snow, don’t you think?

I grabbed some stuff out of the box and placed them on the couch – Milan saw there was a present for him in there too so he went off with it RIGHT AWAY, jumping up and down because he was so excited haha. Thank you Kim, he really loves the train!!!


♥ Book sleeve with an Alice in Wonderland design on it from Bookbestiesuk 

I’ve been dying to get myself a book sleeve for ages now but I never got around to do it yet, so coming across this stunning book sleeve was a really really awesome surprise! The Alice design is really awesome! The quality of the sleeve is really good I think. It’s thick and from what it feels like, it’s water resistant as well! Inside the sleeve, there was a surprise book; Afterburn/Aftershock from Sylvia Day. I have a lot of books by this author because I love her work so much, but I didn’t have this one yet so again; AWESOME! <- THANK YOU KIM!!!

♥ Self-made crocheted book sleeves made by Kimberley

Kim is a genius when it comes to creating stuff like this. She once made Milan a stuffed animal for example, which was so awesome! But she can make scarfs and now book sleeves as well . When I recently saw she was making book sleeves I was ‘sold’; they were so awesome, I’d love to have one and she did not only made 1 but she made 2 book sleeves!! And this (old)pink color is a favorite color of mine. I love the two different designs and heights so I can use them for different books and/or my kindle. I can’t wait to start using them! Thank you, Kim!!! They are beautiful 

♥ Bol.com gift card

Aside from this all, she also gave me a bol.com gift card and of course I didn’t have any trouble by using it haha. I already ordered a book and it’s due to be delivered tomorrow already! Curious to know which book I bought? Okay, I’ll tell you 😉 I bought THE QUEEN OF BLOOD by SARAH BETH DURST. This book was on my wishlist for so long now and the second book is out already as well. A couple of friends of mine were recently talking about it as well, so I think it, therefore, came to mind when I was prowling on the webshop yesterday. I wanted to buy a book from my original wishlist I made for Kim but changed my opinion instead to buy this book. I’m really excited about this one!

Kim was also selling several books recently and a couple of them have been on my wishlist FOR AGESSSS and she was so kind to sell them to me and put them inside the box as well. I bought three books; This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp, Long may she Reign by Rhiannon Thomas and the Beast within by Serena Valentino.


Safe to say, I got pampered again haha! Some really awesome items and two new books I can add to the collection! Well, technically 5 new books I can add to the collection with the three I bought from Kim.

Thank you so much lovely for the presents 


  1. You’ve got some great presents. The tin with products is soo cute. I am very curious about your opinion of This is where it ends, I really liked that book <3 A gift-card to spend on books is always a great gift!

    Do onlangs geplaatst…Top tien boeken van 2017My Profile

    1. Author

      omg yes that tin box with those hand care items in it is really cute! Already gave it a spot on one of my shelves xD And a gift card is always good haha. And I’m really excited to start reading This is where it ends. I’ve read the first chapter or so a while ago and was immediately hooked!
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| Unboxing Christmas Edition | Box I got from KimberleyMy Profile

  2. Die booksleeve van Alice in Wonderland is echt super mooi. Wat leuk trouwens dat je die hervertelling van BatB kon overkopen.

    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Blogger Lovin #23My Profile

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