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Instead of writing my MMM article each Monday, I’ve decided to turn it into a once-a-month-article. I’ll still talk about the same things I normally talk about, only a bit more compressed this time since I look back on a whole month. I’ll talk about some things I’ve been up to, what music I listened to and I’ll share some of the fellow-bloggers articles I loved reading.

~♥~ PERSONAL ~♥~
Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

A lotttt has happened in November. My month started with me accompanying Milan and his class on a school trip to Continium in Kerkrade. This is a science museum which has all kinds of cool stuff you can see and do there – and they also have a brick world with LEGO and such, so the kids were ecstatic haha. I really enjoyed seeing him having fun with his friends and for me personally, it was a good way to put some things into practice regarding my Therapy – getting more social again with other people for example and face my anxiety issues. 

Unfortunately, I got hit with some form of a reading slump. I just couldn’t keep myself concentrated on a single book, no matter how much I really liked what I was reading. This sucked big time, but I guess I could expect this happening since I was reducing my intake of antidepressants and I was suffering from all kinds of side effects because of this. But well, I’d tried to make the best of it and that’s that haha. Instead, I focused some more on unfinished blog articles I’ve wanted to write for ages but never got around to finish and I tried to focus on my therapy for as much as possible – which ended up in me going outdoors some more and such. 

On Sunday, November 19th Luciën and I went to Utrecht for Dutch Comic-Con; Winter Edition. This would be our first time visiting a Comic-Con event and we were both really excited. When we found out that Lena Headey would be among the special guests we’ve decided to buy photobooth tickets to go meet her. Unfortunately, she had to cancel last minute due to obligations regarding work. Maybe next year? We’ll see. She isn’t filming for GoT anymore then, so it could be possible she’ll definitely be able to attend then haha.

But as for the rest of DCC: my first experience with the event wasn’t all that great, to be honest, and I don’t think this is an event I’ll be attending again, anytime soon. For me personally, it was just TOO MUCH of everything. Of course, I could’ve expected some things; things like a lot of people in small quarters when it comes to the selling stands there. But after walking through the seller stands, I’d already had enough of all of it. It was so busy around the stands and especially the popular ones who had small stands, were really frustrating for me to see up close. People kept pushing me from all sides – just ugh, that’s what I hate about selling stands with items a lot of people are curious about and when you’re small like me, well, you get pushed aside a lot. And that alone was something I was just quite frankly, done with really soon. And jeez, I don’t know if I even should say it; but the smell you guys in some places. Ok, I get it; a lot of people are in costume and those things can get really sweaty, a lot of people running around there all day long and such… But OMG. It was just awful I think. And it wasn’t just something I only experienced, my husband had the same and I don’t think we were exaggerating, it was just present like 90% of the time we were walking through the sellers part of the event. And you can say; well, you don’t have to walk there right? there’s so much other stuff to see? True, but a large part of me wanting to go there was to do some epic shopping, hopefully, come across some awesome funko’s for example. Well, that epically failed for me, unfortunately.

I came home with 2 items which I already really love though: Isabelle’s bracelet/whip from Shadowhunters and a funko pop; Aquaman – and my hubs has already let it fall off my case so Aquaman’s trident is broken!!!!! really: karma at work here or what? lol. The funko collection being sold there is probably epic for a lot of other people who go there, but even though I’ve got a Funko wishlist of 140+ pops, I hardly found any funko’s worth buying, unfortunately.Maybe a lot of the collectibles already sold out on Saturday since we were there on Sunday so they already had a whole day of sales. And I did miss a lot of stands because they were just too busy so I passed them and didn’t even get a look. Nope this wasn’t for me. I did come across some really awesome fantasy stuff though, but it was too expensive for me right now. But there were definitely a couple of items I’ve had bought otherwise, so maybe I can score them online sometime. We did buy two cute bobble-heads of Mario and Luigi for Milan, which he was really happy with.

As for the rest of the Event… I think there were some great things on the program, and of course, it’s really personal as to what you expect of such an event and what or for whom you’re going for, especially. I liked seeing the cosplayers, some costumes were incredible!!! But we mostly just prowled around so we could hopefully buy some new funko’s and see what else they’d sell. And of course, we went for Lena Headey, but I did kind of expect it beforehand and I totally understand it’s out of the hands of the organization and they did everything they could to make sure money refunds and such were taken care of properly and they got Lena to sent a little message saying sorry and such which was nice. We did a walk-through, through the House of Wax, and some of the things inside were really cool I think! But I didn’t attend any other topics from the Sunday program because at that point I was done for. I just couldn’t go on anymore. I think events like these in general, on this scale, just aren’t for me anymore. I can’t cope with those large groups of people anymore and feel terrible after a while when I’ve been right in the middle of such a busy event- I get dizzy and just feel ‘weird’. don’t know… But the things I was mostly looking forward to, just disappointed me a bit as well, unfortunately. Maybe I’ll go back if Lena is really coming next year, but for the time being, I’ll skip events like these.

Milan slept over at my parents that day and they brought him the school on Monday and we used that time he was there to pack up our stuff and prepare for our midweek vacation over in Hoenderloo, Gelderland. This is something we love to do a couple of times a year; just going away with the family for a couple of days and enjoy ourselves away from home. We went on Monday – Friday. We went shopping in Apeldoornwe went shopping there last year and we had such a great time there, the city is really nice to visit when you like shopping, I think. And aside from the shopping part, we also loved spending time at the cabin and just relax; watch tv, play with Milan, get in some reading and blogging done because I couldn’t leave the laptop at home of course, lol. And the main reason we always love to go to Hoenderloo is that we can take relaxed walks with Rex out there. When we walk out of the park – and that’s like a 30-second walk from our cabin to the gate -, we end up right in the middle of the Veluwe and it’s so beautiful out there. There’s no traffic and I barely come across other people because it’s such a large amount of square feet, preoccupied with nature and therefore makes it a perfect location for us to go walking with Rex. I really enjoy our timed in Hoenderloo so far but we decided to go back home a bit earlier. And when we got home we decided to start with decorating the house with Christmas stuff. Milan was just as excited as I was haha because he has his own tree since last year – I couldn’t cope with him hanging those ugly ass decorations he loves so much in MY tree.. so this was a perfect solution haha – and he was really looking forward to decorating it.

And lets see.. O yes, we also went to see Justice League, yay! It was a really entertainable movie, especially the second part of the movie was really awesome, but seeing this movie also showed me that in General I really think MARVEL is way ahead of tv and movie adaptions when it comes to comic-to-tv/movies-adaptions, sorry DC haha. Some of the visual effects weren’t well done I think, starting with the opening scene of Superman. I nearly had a heart attack seeing Henry – and no, not in a ‘he’s so hot’-good heart attack. He looked like his whole face got smashed in or something like that buwhaha – let me explain: this scene was shooted later on, at a time Henry was already involved in a new film project for which he Had to have a beard so he had to shoot this scene for JL with a beard and they had it digitally removed afterward but they just plain-right sucked at it, haha. So yeah.. there was that, a bit of a weird start for me haha. You also could say I pay way too much attention to Henry Cavill to immediately see something was off about his face here, but lol, it was just weird – and the hubs noticed it as well so it wasn’t just my hormones on a rampage here, lol. And some of the alien stuff action scenes were a bit ‘too much’ for me I guess as well because the visual effects were so obvious present whereas in Marvel’s Avengers I didn’t feel like this at all – the aliens looked so good I think in that movie. And I know, I really shouldn’t compare but well, couldn’t help myself haha.

So yeah; A lot of contradictory feelings towards this movie, for me. Some Pros: I really liked Ezra as the Flash which I didn’t expect beforehand because well, Grant is just how I see Barry Allen/Flash and always will haha. So I was a bit bummed out about the barry/father moments because I really missed Grant and the actor who plays his father in the TV series – I think their chemistry is wayyy better – but overall I really liked Ezra’s interpretation of the Flash in the movie and he was a great addition to this group of amazing actors. Loved seeing the familar characters – Superman remains my favorite. Love seeing Henry act with Amy Adams and Diane Lane (momma Kent) because their chemistry is just amazing on screen and Man of Steel remains one of my all-time DC movie adaptions. Loved the tiny bits of humor present – won’t say anything too detailed for the ones who haven’t seen it yet but a specific moment where Superman returned in which they were all present but it was a Superman/Flash moment.. Freaking awesome and funny at the same time. And then there’s a specific Aquaman shot with a specific whip belonging to WW haha, it was adorable. And at the end another Superman/Flash moment and several more funny moments in the movie. 

O and I LOVED the Cyborg character, really want to see more of him! He’s got an amazing skill-set there and I find him so interesting! And Aquaman was really interesting as well, can’t wait to see his movie and see that underwater-world more because what I’ve seen of it in this movie looked really promising! And well; Steppenwolf was a really great villain I think but I was kind of disappointed about some things regarding him in the end, unfortunately. But he definitely created some really great scenes in here – really awesome character! So overall, a really enjoyable movie but for me not one of DC’s better ones though. I am curious about a next JL movie.

~♥~MUSIC ~♥~
Where words fail, music speaks.

Lately, I haven’t been listening to a lot of new songs. I’ve barely driven the car recently so that means I barely listen to the radio and therefore miss out on new stuff a lot haha. Because I always listen via Spotify when I’m at home and then I’m mostly listening to my self-made playlists. But I’m planning on discovering some new music this month! I also took a trip to memory lane in November and listened to a lot of older songs, mostly from the 2000’s. The songs that were a lot on repeat in November were:


I’ve read some really awesome blog articles from fellow bloggers this month. But I just can’t show them all because then you’d have to scroll for minutes, lol. So I show you some of my favorite articles this month:

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to lately? 
Are you preparing for Christmas?


  1. Yeah I stopped doing a weekly update post last year as well. They are just so time consuming and sometimes I had so little to talk about haha.

    I worked in Apeldoorn for a while and yet I have never gone shopping there haha, hmm. It is not even that far away from us.

    Annemieke onlangs geplaatst…Beat the Backlist 2018 Sign-UpMy Profile

  2. Interesting to read about your experiences on the Comic-Con event.. I’m not sure it’s for me either :-). Your midweek sounds way more relaxing! I hope you get out of your reading slump soon too. Thank you for the mention, what a nice surprise!

  3. Heerlijk dat jullie een midweekje weg zijn geweest, zoiets moet ik ook eens plannen. Lijkt me fijn om even helemaal te ontspannen! En shoppen is natuurlijk ook altijd goed 😀 super leuk ook dat je met Milan mee ging op schoolreisje, Continium klinkt als een soort NEMO en daar ging ik vroeger graag naartoe!
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