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I came across articles like this on several blogs lately and I found them so much fun to read. I really wanted to do this for myself as well so here we go. In the first week of every new month, I’ll check out my statistics and show you guys which articles you read most and which Instagram photos were liked best. I love checking my stats to see what you guys like to read best on the blog and I try to respond to this as well with writing relatable articles and such. I definitely don’t blog for the stats but I just like seeing them for myself, to see what you guys are up to. And from now on I’ll share my best read articles and best like Instagram pictures with you so you can also see what my reader’s favorites are. Here we go!

TOP 5 READ BLOG ARTICLES in November 2017

♥ BOOKSTAGRAM ♥ December Challenge 3.0, hosted by Melissa’s Bookworld

I haven’t done a lot of Bookstagram articles so far, but I’m planning to make a change since I’ve wanted to do more with it on my blog for ages now. I’ve hosted several challenges through the last 3 years on my Bookstagram account and decided to do a Challenge this December as well because the December challenges were always the most fun/beautiful to do I think. I guess all of you were really curious about it as well since it’s the best-visited article on the blog in November haha! Awesome!

Some of you might know I’ve hosted two December challenges in the last two years. If not; no worries, I’ll tell you all about it in a bit 😉 Anyway, what I was gonna say: I’ll be hosting the third edition this year as well!!

Even though I haven’t been consistently publishing photos in the last couple of months on my bookstagram, and haven’t completed my last challenges, I decided I wanted to host one this December anyway. Because well, it’s December and I love everything about Christmas. And I really liked hosting the previous December challenges, so there’s that. The December challenge is always fun to do and it has really awesome topics so that’s what made me decide to host this 3.0 Edition for December 2017. Let me tell you a bit more about it…


♥ TAG TIME TUESDAY ♥ Would you rather… Sarah J. Maas Edition

Where I first always posted a Tag article every week, I’ve been lacking this year with posting them on a regular basis, unfortunately. But every once in a while a really awesome Tag comes alone or another article which gives me the inspiration to work with. That’s the case with this Sarah J. Maas Edition; I came across questions like these and thought they would be perfect to process as a Tag article. 

I love the WOULD YOU RATHER tag articles I come across every now and then and now I found something similar in a Sarah J. Maas edition and I couldn’t resist writing it down for the blog. 8 questions in which I have to choose between two very difficult answers. Would I want to be a part of Rhys’s Inner circle or Aelin’s Court? control the Cauldron or the Wyrdkeys? And much more interesting and challenging questions. Here we go!


♥ BLOGISH ITEM ♥ My book Buying Behavior in numbers

A while ago Kwante in Wonderland wrote an article, or rather a confession, about her book buying behavior in numbers and she dared me to do the same haha. I’ve started the article and didn’t finish it for a while because I didn’t dare share my numbers with you guys, lol. But in the end, I found the courage hahaha. And I guess you guys were really curious about how much money I acutally spent on books.

Seriously, I can’t tell you how OFTEN I kept putting publishing this article off, LOL. My bestie Kwante in wonderland wrote an article a while back in which she showed her book buying stats. She dared me to do the same… But when I started checking out my buying stats, I got less and less excited to share them with you buwhahaa. When you see them you know why; IT’S SHOCKING! I think a lot of people would tell me I’m nuts for spending sooo much money on books, but what can I say? Buying books makes me happy haha!


♥ mini REVIEW ♥ Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas (#6 Throne of Glass)

I wrote this mini review in September, right after finishing the book for the first time. I was a complete mess – still am though if just thinking about the book ieeeks *fangirl squeeeeel* – and couldn’t get myself to write a fully extended review. There was just sooo much to say about this book and I really felt I couldn’t do it justice anyway haha. But anyway.. It went online in September, and in October it was one of your favorites as well because it was in the top 5 best viewed articles then too and this month as well! Really awesome!!

Even though this book deserves wayyyy more than a mini review.. I just can’t, I’m sorry. This 5 star book – and 5 stars really isn’t enough – deserves all the praise and I just can’t get my thoughts and feelings in proper order to write them down in full sentences with which I can explain what this book did to me just now. I just finished the book, like 20 minutes ago and I just know I’ll never be at that point where I’ll be able to write exactly how I feel about Sarah and her books – one of the reasons I didn’t write a review on one of the TOG books so far – and this series in particular, because Throne of Glass is my baby and remains my favorite of the two epic series Sarah wrote so far. But I’ll just let you in on my rambling, chaotic fangirl emotions and let you read what I Was able to put down in words..


♥ TOP TEN TUESDAY ♥ Top Ten Books on my Winter TBR

This was the second Top Ten Tuesday article that went online last month – and ever on my blog. I was really excited to start participating in this weekly meme but I guess you guys were as well haha? Awesome! I’ve seen the topics for the upcoming weeks until somewhere in January and there are definitely more awesome topics planned, so stay tuned! 

This Top Ten Tuesday edition is a tough one, I think. Because I s*ck at making TBR stacks and hold myself to them haha. There are always other books coming in between, sigh. But, I’ll try to make one anyway. But since I have like 200+ unread books – printed and digitally – it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to a list of 10 books, lol.

It always depends on my mood as well, as to which books I want to read. And aside from that, I’ve got a lot of books on the Christmas wishlists as well and since I don’t know which books I’ll be receiving. it kind of makes it even more impossible for me to make a Winter tbr, lol. But okay, I’ll make a list of books I want to read that are Already in my possession at the moment….

From Young adult fantasy to paranormal romance and contemporary romance. I’ve got a lot of unread books, as I said, so there’s quite a variety to choose from, so a lot of genres will be spoken of in this Top Ten Tuesday edition. Are you curious to see which books are on my Winter tbr?



From now on I'll try to give a couple of Winter Read Recommendations each day. I'm starting with a re-telling of the Goblin King: WINTERSONG by S. Jae-Jones. A book which surprised me enormously earlier this year and made it onto my all-time favorite list.This is definitely a book that HAS TO BE on the winter recommendation list as well! It's perfect for a Winter read I think. Thinking about the goblin king, the story-line and the setting in this book, makes me think about a cold Winter's day right away. This is the perfect book to curl up on the couch with, beneath a blanket and a cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee on the side — for my non spoiler review on this book check out my blog! It got a 5+ rating! I'm aching to get my hands on it's sequel!! #winterread #bookrecommendation #favoritebook #amazingread #beautifulcover #hardcover #hardback #wintersong #sjaejones #youngadult #retelling #thegoblinkingretelling #lovebooks #lovereading #bookstagram #bookphoto #bookphotography #tarnishedcolours

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Sooo, another Winter read recommendation: Snow like Ashes by @sara_raasch . The second installment of the trilogy, Ice like Fire, is on my Winter TBR. I really hope to get on with this series this winter. This magical world where the Seasons play a great part of the world and story-line, is perfect to get to know during Winter time. I really liked Snow like Ashes and can't wait to find out how Meira's story continues in Ice Like Fire. And I'm IN LOVE with the covers of this trilogy, they are so pretty. Not only the dust jackets but the naked hardbacks as well ❤ One of the more prettier covers in my collection! For a review on snow like ashes, you can visit my blog – Link in BIO. #anticipatedread #tbr #tbrbook #icelikefire #snowlikeashestrilogy #sararaasch #beautifulcover #nakedhardback #bookdustjacket #hardcover #hardback #bookstagram #bookphoto #bookphotography #meiracandle #winterread #youngadult #fantasy

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It was really fun looking into the November stats and see which articles you guys liked best and which Instagram pictures got the most likes. The thing that surprised me was that the Tower of Dawn review was in this top 5 as well. I guess my review is easily found on Google and pops up fast xD Can’t complain though, this book deserves all the love out there! And as for the other 4 articles.. It’s nice seeing them in the top 5. Especially the Top Ten Tuesday for example. It was only my second TTT article ever so it’s nice to see it’s being read well! I love composing the TTT articles, so I’ll definitely continue publishing them.

  • If you’re a blogger as well; which articles are the most read/liked on your site? love to hear from you!
  • If you’re a reader; which articles do you like reading most? – Feedback is always welcome!

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