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Whoa, I can’t believe I’m already writing this month’s wrap up and that December is right around the corner!!! Time has flown by fast. But I don’t have the feeling I accomplished much reading wise haha. Blog-wise.. I’ve had a couple of days where I was quite active and posted even several articles per day and then there were also days I didn’t publish anything at all. It’s been a month of a lot of highs and lows with no in-betweens. Guess this is due to the fact I’ve been reducing my meds intake en have stopped taking them completely since a week ago so I’ve been suffering from Side/withdrawal effects which often makes me feel so sick I just don’t want to do anything at all haha. And it’s really showing in my reading stats this month as well. I did end up finishing a couple of books, so let me tell you a bit about them and about the articles that Did go online in November! Here we go!


Well, I’ve finished a total of 8 books this month. I didn’t finish as many books as I’ve done in the past months – 17 in October for example – obviously and that’s thanks to my crappy concentration this month. I’ve had several days of not being able to read because I just couldn’t concentrate enough. And there are several books I’ve started reading in November but haven’t finished yet, so those statistics can’t be progressed yet. Some of the books that I’ve started but haven’t finished yet: Phobos³ by Victor Dixen, Archangel’s Storm by Nalini Singh, the Empress by S.J. Kincaid, DARKER by E.L. James and Love, Life and the List by Kasie West.

Currently – 30/11 – Reading: Love, Life and a List interspersed with DARKER by E.L. James.

I’ve started November with a re-read of Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry. Out of the blue, I just felt like I needed to do a re-read of this book. I fell in love with this book last year while on Vacation and quickly after bought book two and three in the trilogy as well. I’m really sad there won’t be more books in this series because I could really continue reading this series endlessly I think haha. This book is definitely one of the best YA contemporary books I’ve read so far! I didn’t dare dream it was able to combine YA with biker elements and a good romance, but ooomygod, Katie delivered. She delivered well you guys! Books like these deserve to be re-read and I’ll be re-reading it in the future again. Love these characters and their stories so much!

After that I started with a Darker shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab –  Yes, I can hear you all scream: FINALLY because damn, so many people often told me to read this series hahaha. So I started with the first book. I bought book 1 and 2 in London last year – both of them SIGNED BY AUTHOR, so awesome! And I recently also bought the special edition of the first book because it just looked so awesome so I thought it was worth the money, right? haha. I decided to read the special edition one. I ended up giving this first book a 3,5-star rating. I guess I expected a bit too much out of it haha. There were some really, really awesome elements in this book, don’t get me wrong because 3.5 star definitely doesn’t mean I didn’t like it though – but there also were several remarks I had about it. But I definitely plan on reading on with this series. I feel like book 2 and three will only get better so that’s what I’m counting on here. I definitely want to read more about these different magical-non magical Londons and see how the story continues with these characters!

I decided to start re-reading the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh, because THEY ARE FREAKING AMAAAAZING and I just craved me some Raphael and his Seven! I’m currently at book 5 in the series! I really can’t get enough of this world, the story-lines and the characters. I really love how Elena and Raphael are main characters in the first three books and after that remain having a larger ‘voice’ then just minor characters, and that I’m still able to enjoy one of the Seven as leads and read their story. Books like these combine the best of all worlds I think; Paranormal elements, great story-lines, amazing characters and an adult romance. Guild Hunter is The series I’d recommend when thinking about an amazing paranormal romance series.

Ride Hard (1), Ride Rough (2) and Ride Wild (3). I love the black and white picture with the colored Font, so awesome!

I’ve received Laura Kaye’s latest release, Ride Wild, book three in the Raven Riders. This author is so freaking amazing guys, I swear!!! First I lost my heart to the Hearts in Darkness boook, then there was the HARD INK series and then came the spin-off: Raven Riders. Bikers, romance, suspense, angst, amazing writing.. Just really awesome! And this third book wa such a great read again and I ended up giving it a 5 well deserved rating, whoop whoop!

I also did a sort of re-read of the Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas; I got the Dutch book, Mijn Verlangen, which just released over here, so I re-read the story in Dutch now and I really love the work they’ve done on this translation; it’s really good!!! My Dutch review – I’m participating in the blog tour – is planned to go online on December 2nd, so keep an eye out!

And I also read another Gena Showalter: Can’t get Enough(#6 the Original Heartbreakers), whoop whoop! I’ve been lucky enough to review and participate in the blog tours for the original heartbreakers since #4 of the series was published and I’m so thankful to be part of this all. I love everything Gena writes, whether it’s paranormal romance – through which I got to know Gena’s writing – or her Young Adult books and now this contemporary romance series. Her books are amazing, I’m an addict when it comes to her writing. I’ve been dying to read Brock’s story ever since meeting him in book 4 and now I finally got the chance to read it and boy it was goooood! My review will go online on December 11th I think? out the top of my head.. Anyway, it’s coming so keep an eye out!

And as I said before, I started several reads which I haven’t finished yet. I really liked Phobos³ so far for example – did have some remarks on it so far as well – and I just went through the book so incredibly fast, until my concentration started lacking. So I plan on finishing it in December, definitely. Same goes for the Empress – great read but I have several remarks on it as well. I kind of miss the unique awesomeness around the Diabolics that was present in the first book and isn’t there anymore in the second book so far… but I really like following the story of Nemesis, finding and fighting her way through court while trying to cope with her newfound (romantic) feelings. Archangel’s Storm was a re-read and I definitely plan on reading further with this one, with the purpose of using it as an in-between-read. I’m trying to work my way through this series by re-reading it so I can read Nalini’s latest release; Archangel’s Viper. And DARKER and Love,Life and the List are the ones I’m currently reading.

I thought it would be fun to add my reading stats to the wrap up as well from now on. I introduced my first reading stats image to you in last month’s wrap-up and now I’m happy to share this month’s reading stats with you again! Things like how many pages did I read, my average rating for the books read this month etc. So, here we go 😉



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Sports Romance | Destiny on Ice by S.R. Grey (#1 Boys of Winter)
Sports romance | Resistance on Ice by S.R. Grey (#2 Boys of Winter)
YA Fantasy | a Poison Dark and Drowning by Jessica Cluess (#2 Kingdom on Fire)
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What I’m looking forward to? Well, that’s an easy one haha! Spending Christmas with the family and unwrap our presents for one, hehe. We put up our tree and other decorations last week and I’m thoroughly enjoying the coziness of all the decorations, especially since it’s getting dark really fast during the day already. And I love Milan waking up every morning, checking to see if there are any new presents under the tree waiting for us. And damn, the kid has a good memory. He knows what’s under there and notices instantly which one is new haha. He’s so excited and that’s how it should be for kids these days right, the warm and lovely feeling of the Holidays.

And when thinking about Christmas and presents, my inner bookworm fangirl is screaming with enthusiasm because she knows she’ll get new books for Christmas, among other things, so yay! I just love adding new beauties to my collection, so I really can’t wait to open up my presents haha!

And omg, of course, December 2017 means the release of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI!!!!! We bought our tickets a couple of months ago and we both can’t wait to go see the movie. I love Rey’s character and just like with R2D2 and C3PO I fell hard for the sidekick we got to meet in the last movie; Bb-8, as well. And I hope we find the time to go see JUMANJI as well. I LOVED the original movieRobin robin Williams – He was the absolute best <3 – and I have a lot of fond memories of me watching that movie a lot when I was younger. And from what I’ve seen of this trailer; I’m excited! The only thing I’m a bit bummed out about is the presence of Jack Black because I don’t like him very much haha but I’m sure the Rock will make up for it in threefold <3.

Blog-wise.. Frankly, I’ve got no idea what to expect for December haha. At the moment I’m excited to work out some new stuff and hopefully publish it very soon, but that could change within a heartbeat. My concentration-span lately is changing so much so I don’t want to make too many promises to myself as to what I want to publish in December. But there’ll be a lot of unboxing articles, that I Can promise haha.  There’ll be new book reviews, some of them I’ve read for blog-tours I’m participating in. And I’ve been busy drafting my Flashback articles, articles in which I look back on 2017, blog-related. I’ve been having fun drafting them but can’t finish them yet because a lot of statistics aren’t complete since the year isn’t done yet haha. But, we’ll see what goes online in the upcoming month, right? I’ve got more than enough ideas and drafts to work out, so that isn’t the problem haha.

O and of course, there’s the Bookstagram Challenge I’m hosting. This will be the third December challenge I’m hosting and I’m really excited to do so! When this article comes online, it’s December 1st which means the challenge kicks off today, YAY!! Hope you guys – who want to participate – have fun. I, for one, can’t wait to see all your pictures <3
NOTE: SOMEHOW I FORGOT TO PUT IN A CHALLENGE FOR DAY 19! Thankfully a fellow blogger, Zwartraafje, saw it because I missed it completely buwhaha. How? No clue, lol. So I did a little upgrade on the bookstagram picture and make sure it goes online on Instagram today so everyone has the right one, lol.
– You can read all about my Bookstagram Challenge HERE or simply go to my Instagram feed!
Or you can also download the large picture below and hold on to that one 🙂


Here we go.. that Darn TBR pile hahaha. So basically I don’t have to push myself to make a TBR pile because it’s my blog and I get to do with it as I see fit right? But I secretly just like seeing my unread books and get myself excited to read them – even though I often end up not reading them at all in that particular month, lol. But I just really like composing a TBR each month, so I’ll keep doing it, sorryNotsorry haha. Some of the books on my TBR:

  • FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS by Julie C. Dao. This book has been on my wishlist since months before it’s release and I got it with the October Fairyloot – to see the unboxing click HERE – alongside a message-card and signed bookplate from the author, so awesome!
  • STALKING JACK THE RIPPER BY KERRI MANISCALCO. I’ve heard very contradictive things about this book. But I really like stories about Jack the Ripper and I really love YA retellings in general so this one had to be bought! On top of that, it contains my favorite setting; LONDON. So I really hope this book is going to be awesome, I’m excited to start reading it!
  • EMMA by Jane Austen. I got this amazing AUSTEN hardcover collection, which I got from a friend, and have been wanting to read a classic again for ages now! I’ve read several Austen novels so far and a couple of Brönte who are also favorites of mine. Emma is one I haven’t read and I want to read desperately so I put it on my TBR and let’s see if I can get it finished this month, or at least this winter then haha.

And I got a lot of e-books on the kindle, waiting to be read. Some of them which are very high on the TBR right now:

  • Found among the Ashes by Amy Terveer-Manwarren. This book sounds like it’s a great romance story, involving a Firefighter and a woman who’s doing the chasing this time around. I really like to read this one! The synopsis sounds great and it ‘feels’ like it’s going to be a beautiful read!
  • the Austen Escape by Katherine Reay. Coming across this book a while ago, made me just want to read it so bad. It sounds like a really fun and romantic read with some humor in it; typical chick-lit. And I really like reading chick-lits every now and then, how about you?!

And aside from this all: I recently published a Top Ten Tuesday edition about my Winter TBR so those books are ones I definitely want to read asap as well.

Whoa, this was a long WrapUp haha. Almost 2700 words in and now I’m done hahaha.

What was your favorite November read? Your favorite November book haul?
And: What are you looking forward to the most in December?



  1. You’ve managed to read a lot of great books. I LOVED A Darker Shade of Magic, but I still need to read the other two books in the trilogy! Forest of A Thousand Lanterns is also on my TBR, I am very curious about it, because I am not exactly sure what it is about, haha. I am also looking forward to Christmas, because I am participating in two Secret Santa book-swaps!! 🙂
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Wat ik heb gelezen in novemberMy Profile

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