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I always have A LOT of articles and/or new Items for the blog in Draft to finish and publish. More than enough ideas and inspiration on my part, but a lot of those articles/new items always take a lot of time for me to finish unfortunately haha. I have some Items, for example, I’ve wanted to introduce to your guys for at least a year now and I still haven’t finished it. But I’m also like: If it’s not today, tomorrow then. Especially with new Items, because I always want to finish it in the best way possible at the time of publishing the first edition. So if it takes a bit longer for me to finish, that’s okay I guess, but sometimes it’s also frustrating. I want to share it so badly but I have so much I want to finish and publish so a lot of things often get pushed back.

I have some articles coming your way, I really want to talk about before being published and I actually want to invite you to vote on which one you’d like to see published first?
It’s about articles in which I want to show my Funko collection for example or my candle collection. Or a new bookmark-related article and much more. But to keep the poll list on the short side, I’ll provide you today with three articles I’m currently working on. And I’d love it if you’d vote for your most anticipated one and I’ll make sure that one goes online first! What do you think? Like to vote? GO AHEAD, but first. let me tell you a bit more about these three articles I want to publish in the nearby future.


I already know I’ll be adding some new Funko’s to the collection this Christmas. And I really wanted to do an article on my Funko collection earlier, but have decided to postpone it a bit. At least, until the Christmas presents have been opened haha. Because If I show you the collection, it needs to be as up to date as possible and knowing there’ll be some under the Christmas tree means I have to wait a bit with finishing this article. But I’m really excited about it and to show you my lovelies! But, if you vote on this one, you have to keep in mind it’ll probably be somewhere in January before it’s going online so I have enough time to take pictures of the new ones and finish the article.


I’ve had this Item in a draft for over a year now. I don’t remember how I came up with it anymore, to be honest, but I wrote it down in an earlier draft of my first Bookish Battle article and it said: A while back I voted in some kind of book boyfriend battle and this gave me the inspiration for a new interactive article. So that’s how I came up with the idea back then and here we are now…

Instead of only focusing on book boyfriends I decided to make it a more diverse article. The idea behind this article is to give you guys the option to vote for your favorites and I’d love to hear the reason for your specific votes. I’ll show you guys different book covers from the same book, characters from well-known books you have to choose between, and much more bookish things. And then you need to choose your favorite by casting a vote in the poll I put in there. Every new article will have another subject. Are you excited?! I AM! I’d love to introduce this new Interactive Article but that’s up to you 😉

  • COVER CRUSH | ANIMATION – Cover art to the Next Level!

I recently came across some really, really, really awesome book cover animations and since I have the Cover Crush Item on my blog I thought it would be PERFECT to add some Animated editions to my cover crush item. It’s the same basics as my other cover crush articles: just drooling over beautiful and awesome covers, but with something extra; animation. And guys, there are just a lot of really awesome animated book covers! For one, I can do a seperate article on Stephen King animated book covers and those are epic, really! And then another one for Young Adult books and a general one. So much awesome animated covers for you guys to see! I already began working on those articles, but didn’t have a date set to publish them. If you want to see it soon, cast your vote now!


Which of these three articles would you want to see published first? Vote now!

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I’m really excited to see which article gets the most votes. In the meantime, I’ll keep myself busy on finishing them so I can publish them asap.

Have a nice day lovelies!
Later on today I got my Bookhaul and the monthly WrapUp coming your way as well !


    1. Author

      Ahhhh you’re too sweet <3!!!
      Well, I'll publish them anyway so you'll at least be seeing all of them somewhere along the way. But with this article, I want to fast-forward a bit and give in to the wants of the readers hehe. Thank you for commenting and voting!! Can't wait to see the end result of the poll.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| BLOGISH ITEM | a bit of Blog-planning and a bit of Voting! – You can vote for the next article!My Profile

  1. They all sound really interesting and fun, but I am most interested in seeing your funko collection. I absolutely love Funko’s and I can’t wait to see your collection. The Bookish Battles sound also very cool, I can’t wait to read/see how that blogpost turns out! I love your creative blogposts!
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Vogelvrij – Sebastien de CastellMy Profile

      1. Author

        haha yeah well, I maybe need some more time so I can perform some first aid to my Aquaman pop before I can get started with photographing them, lol.

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