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Some of you might know I’ve hosted two December challenges in the last two years. If not; no worries, I’ll tell you all about it in a bit 😉 Anyway, what I was gonna say: I’ll be hosting a third edition this year!!

Even though I haven’t been consistently publishing photos in the last couple of months on my bookstagram, and haven’t completed my last challenges, I decided I wanted to host one this December anyway. Because well, it’s December and I love everything about Christmas. And I really liked hosting the previous December challenges, so there’s that. The December challengeis always fun to do and it has really awesome topics so that’s what made me decide to host this 3.0 Edition for December 2017. Let me tell you a bit more about it…

If you’re familiar with bookstagram challenges this information might be repetitive, but it’s a bit of knowledge for the people who haven’t done a challenge so far and want to know more about it.


The idea behind a Bookstagram/Instagram challenge is to post a picture each day regarding the ‘topic’ of that day. The topics are found in the picture the Host provides before the start of the Challenge. The challenge starts at the 1st of the month, in this case, December, and ends on the last day. Of course, it’s not a MUST to post a picture each day – I never get around to finish a whole challenge anyway, lol but I try -but just whenever you feel like it. Especially in December there are always a lot of bookstagram challenges to participate in so if you decide to participate in multiple ones, you can choose day by day which topic of which host you want to publish for example.

So yeah, that’s basically the idea behind a bookstagram challenge. Participating in a challenge has several plus sides I think; It can help motivate you to post on a regular base on your account for example. It motivates you to explore more photographing ‘techniques’ if you want different pictures each day – finding new objects to use in your pictures, new backgrounds, new poses, etc. Participating in a challenge always gets me searching for inspiration and I always end up finding the most beautiful pictures strewn all over Instagram and I do love looking at beautiful bookish pictures. It connects you with other participants which is one of the most awesome things about a challenge on Instagram, I think.


Well, as I said.. I already hosted two December challenges in the past couple of years and since I loved the content so much I decided to use the same one as I did the other two. So it’ll be the same topics as previous years. If it works, it works right? I think so anyway haha. So yeah.. Let me introduce you to my challenge:


It’s always a struggle to come up with a unique and recognizable # for a new challenge. In last year’s edition, I used the word Dutch in the hashtag but I want to make it more worldwide this year as well. In the end, I’d decided to go with this: #BookishDecemberChallenge17 

I think it’s catchy and even though it’s a long one, it isn’t hard to memorize it I guess so that makes it perfect I hope for you guys to use!


Even though I love taking pictures and participate in challenges, it can sometimes occur that I’m ‘blanc’ and out of inspiration when I want to take a new picture. Do you recognize this? If you use a ‘theme’ for your pictures, it’s often no problem taking a new picture each day, but if you want to do something different every day, it can sometimes be a struggle to come up with something new and creative.

Thank god there’s lots of inspiration to find online haha! I’ve often resigned myself to look for inspiration online, mostly on Instagram itself and sometimes on Pinterest for example as well. By searching for specific hashtags on instagram or search words on other sites, you can find a lot of beautiful bookish pictures which can help you find the inspiration you were looking for!

Hasthags you could use in your search:

  • #bookstagram 
  • #bookandchristmas
  • #bookphotography
  • #bookandtea
  • #bookandfigurine
  • #hardcover 
  • #bookandcookie
  • #paperback
  • #bookhaul
  • #shelfie
  • #bookshelf
  • #bookandsnow
  • #tbr
  • #winterread
  • And so on…


Somewhere in January, I’ll make a wrap-up article in which I show every participant’s pictures used for this challenge. So, if you decide to participate, first off: AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see your pictures! And secondly: don’t forget to use the RIGHT HASHTAG: #BookishDecemberChallenge17. Otherwise, your pictures won’t be easily found by me and I’d hate to miss out on them!

There’s nothing left for me to say right now except SPREAD THE WORD!

I’d love it if you’d share the challenge picture on your Instagram – the picture I showed before in this article can be downloaded and shared and it can also be found on my Instagram account: @melissasbookworld.



  1. Yay!! I see a lot of December Bookstagram challenges lately and I don’t know if I can participate in all of them, but I would love to try! This seems like a really fun challenge!
    Rowan onlangs geplaatst…Mystery Blogger AwardMy Profile

  2. Fun!!! Candyce and I are hosting one as well, ours will come online this Sunday I think 🙂
    Definitely going to try and participate in yours as well. Love taking December pics <3 lets see how far we come 😉

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