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It’s WWW Wednesday’s time! What did I recently finish reading? What am I currently reading? And what do I want to read next? In last weeks WWW Wednesday, I looked forward to reading several new reads. Curious to know if I found the time to read them? I’ll tell you all about my reading week in this WWW Wednesdays article!

I came across this WWW Wednesdays article at KarenJo’s blog recently and decided I’d really like to participate in this bookish meme as well. This meme is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. The idea behind this meme is to answer these three questions every Wednesday;

  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

That way I can share my latest updates on my reading-stats in a nice way. I’m really excited to participate in this weekly meme, so here we go!

Well, I do say a troublesome Start of November in the title but we’re almost halfway through with November already haha so that start of the month is far out of sight by now, lol. But as you might’ve noticed as well, there hasn’t been many updates on my blog since the start of this month. I’ve been having trouble with reading, blogging and just life itself I guess haha. All of the books I said I wanted to finish in the last WWW edition, are still unfinished. But I did manage to finish a couple of other reads. Re-reads to be exact. I’ve started a lot of new books in the past couple of weeks but I just couldn’t concentrate on finishing them. I don’t know if it’s a reading slump or not, but it sucks anyway, no matter what it’s called I’m suffering from right now haha.


I finished a re-read of Nowhere but here by Katie McGarry and damn, how I loved returning to this world and these characters. I’ve devoured the Thunder Road trilogy by Katie the first time around and I enjoyed re-reading this first book so much! So a re-read of book two and three is definitely planned in the nearby future as well – I’m so excited!

I DID read one new book this month and that was a Darker shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. This trilogy has been hyped so much in the past year and I always kept putting it off partly because of that major hype around it. I received the special collector’s edition earlier this month and decided to start reading it now. Unfortunately, the book didn’t surprise me as much as I’d thought it would. I gave it a 3.5-star rating which isn’t bad of course but to me it says; I liked a lot of elements in this story/world and I definitely want to read the rest of the series but it wasn’t a book that ended up in my WOW-list, ya know?

While I was reading Dark Lover by J.R. Ward I got this intense feeling of wanting to do a re-read of the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. And since Dark Lover, or any other book for that matter, couldn’t hold my attention enough, I decided to start with a re-read of Angel’s Blood. And starting this book felt like coming home and turned out to be exactly what I needed. The Guild Hunter series was one of my first encounters with the Paranormal Romance genre and Nalini Singh still remains one of my all-time favorite authors and re-reading Angel’s Blood now made me realize it again. Nalini’s way of writing is so enthralling and captivating. Her story-lines are really well developed and excited. I love the world building in this series and I’m hooked to the characters. And don’t get me started on that Raphael-Elena romance… It’s so hot, sexy and romantic from time to time. Nalini KNOWS HOW TO WRITE a perfect Paranormal Romance book.


In between my re-reads, I got a wish granted on Netgalley; I received an e-arc of FURYBORN by Claire Legrand which is planned to be released in May 2018. I’m so so sooo excited about this book, and I decided to start reading the first couple of pages and I was immediately hooked. The book contains a map which is also a really nice BONUS – I love books with maps in them! – but the writing is really good, right from the start. And the story-line just sounds so freaking awesome and the way it started out made me so excited to read on with this book. So in between my re-read of the Guild Hunter series I’m also reading this e-arc because I just can’t put it aside even though I can’t concentrate enough to finish it in one sitting. What I read so far of this book is giving me the feeling that this is going to be an EPICCC book, one of the greatest surprises of 2018. You’ll definitely be seeing my review of this book in the nearby future.

At the moment, 13/11, I’m reading bits and pieces of Furyborn as I said above and I’m still reading my way through the Guild Hunter re-read and I’m currently reading book three, Archangel’s Consort and I love spending my time in this world again. Raphael and Elena are so awesome together and I love all of the other characters, the exciting and enthralling story-line. The awesome combination of adventure/action/romance/sexy scenes.. sigh, perfection really haha.


Well, I definitely plan on reading my way through the Guild Hunter series, because I still have to read the latest book; Archangel’s Viper. But I want to do that after I’ve reread all the previous books so it’ll be a couple of weeks then I think before I’m at a point where I can start Archangel’s Viper haha.

I hope to finish Furyborn soon because I really love the book so far and I don’t want to put another unfinished book aside, so I’m determined to finish it haha. I also got a couple of arc’s coming my way: the Phobos³ release is near and I’m so excited to see how this story continues! The second book was so exciting and that ending was killing shjgbdhjfbghjdbfg. I’ll be receiving the new Dutch-translated book of Jodi Ellen Malpas: Mijn Verlangen. I’m participating in the blog tour and I’m really excited to read the book in Dutch now, so keep your eyes open for the reviews on these books.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to reading-wise and how I foresee the nearby future to be.
What are your WWW’s? 
What’s a favorite recent read of yours?



  1. Hadn’t heard of Furyborn yet, but I’ve yet to do my 2018-research, haha. Looked it up and it sounds soooo intriguing! Immediately added it to my TBR! 😀

    1. Author

      I came across this one at Netgalley a while back and you could only wish for it so I did, never expecting my wish to be granted but it did. And then I started reading the first chapter and it was sooo good right away! Can’t wait to finish this one. I think this is The arc of May 2018 that’s inside this month’s fairyloot!

      Anyway, I think this is going to be an epic read and definitely one worth adding to your tbr. Lets see how I’ll think about it after finishing it haha. As for 2018, I’ve got a couple of books on my wishlist but didn’t do any further research yet as well. But I’m sure 2018 is going to be as awesome as 2017 book-wise, don’t you think :)?

  2. Thanks for the shout out love!

    Looks like you had some great reads. I’ve been wanting to read Katie McGarry’s books. I actually bought two a while back, but haven’t gotten to reading them. I think I should bump it up my list haha.

    Furyborn looks really amazing!!! I’m on a request ban at the moment, but I’ll add this on my Goodreads TBR. I’ll probably end up requesting for it because you made it sound absolutely awesome.

    I’m almost done with Haven by Mary Lindsey. It’s weird and has a creepiness to it, but I am really enjoying it! Hoping I’ll finish that today since I have to post my review Friday for a blog tour.

    I still haven’t decided on what I’ll read next, so I’m going to think on that for a while. I’ll do my WWW Wednesday some time later today.


  3. Author

    Ohh which ones did you bought from Katie? I liked the Pushing the Limits books I’ve read so far, but her Thunder Road books are much better I think. Love them so much <3

    Hhaha yeah the request-ban... I feel ya. I have way too many arc's waiting to be read as well, but I couldn't resist Furyborn, and so far I'm really happy I requested it. It's AWESOME, so maybe you should indeed go ahead and request it 😉

    I'm so excited for HAVEnN, I'm really looking forward to read your review. xxx
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