I’ve had this WW edition of bookish items in draft for months now and wanted to post it somewhere before Christmas. Seeing the Wishlist Bookish Items article of Kwante made me want to finish my own article as well because it got me so excited when I was reading her article. And thanks to Kwante I now also have several new Etsy shops I’ve added to my favorites, so yeah.. thanks, lovely haha *don’t know if I’m being sarcastic here or not because 1. I love finding new Etsy stores.. but 2. it’s going to cost me money… lol


Let’s start with candles, shall we? Even though I mostly buy them just for decoration instead of burning them – oops, sorry haha – I think candles are one of the most awesome bookish items out there right now. I’ve got a huuuge wishlist when it comes to candles. I could write like 2/3 articles on them haha. So for this wishlist edition I restrained myself 😉 I’ve got three shops to show you guys who sell candles I’m so desperately in love with! Curious? Read on!
  • Just as Kwante, I’m in LOVE with the candles from FaerieTalesCreations But unfortunately the shop is located in New Zealand and the shipping is really expensive :(( So I don’t think I’ll be able to order there anytime soon, but I definitely plan on at least buy a couple of candles from this shop in the future. These are by far the most beautiful candles I’ve come across anywhere!!


  • and when I came across this shop: Bookwormcandlescraft, I fell in love with this Akiva & Karou candle immediately! It’s their wishbone-moment!! shfbgdhjbgfhjbdfg And I love the quote pendant and the way it’s attached to the candle with that cute button and woven wool to keep it in place. And aside from glass bottles she also has candles within tin cases and I love those designs as well! Look at that beautiful Chaol candle!! That one would look so awesome on my TOG shelf, yes sir!


  • and I came across this shop: ThreeKnockCandles and found several candles that looked really awesome!!


Bookmarks. I LOVEEEE BOOKMARKS! So it’s no surprise I still got a lot of them on my wishlist hehe. I’ve got a couple of favorite Etsy shops and I’ll show you some bookmarks from them I still have on my wishlist, here we go!
  • ReadandWonder is one of my favorite bookmark shops. I’ve got a couple of her bookmarks already here; Ben&Fallon from November 9 and Ridge and Sydney from Maybe Someday and they are sooo cute! I’ve also got the Kiss of Deception set with Lea, Rafe, and Kaden and it’s so awesome as well! I’d love to add the ACOTAR set of her to the collection someday and the Goblin King set – from Wintersong – is so freaking cute as well! I haven’t come across much stuff from Wintersong and I LOVE that book so much!! I’m a huge fan of Bb-8 and I love Rey so much as well. Her acting is amazing and her character is so bad-ass and I love it. ReadandWonder has an amazing set of the two characters, so cute!

And aside from Magnetic Bookmarks she also has some amazing print bookmarks as well! Like the one of Wintersong; so beautiful! And what I also love about ReadandWonder is that she’s fairly quicky with sending them and that the shipping costs aren’t that high, which is really awesome. Since I’m living in the Netherlands, it often sucks when wanting to order something through Etsy because the shipping costs can be very high. And omygod that bookmark from It ends with Us by Colleen Hoover… that quote.. it’s killing me!!!! dfgbdhjbghjdfghjbdfbg so awesome.

  • Then there’s also HappyHelloCo, from which I bought my first magnetic bookmark set. I love the designs of HappyHelloCo so much as well and it’s good quality! Shipping costs aren’t that high and HappyandCo is always really fast with shipping as well, so that’s just awesome. I got a really cute set of Daemon & Katy from the LUX series and a really cute one of Will/Tessa/Jem which I got from a friend a while back and I got the seperate ones of Will, Tessa and Jem. And then I also got a set of Feyre/Rhys which is so cute! I’m so in love with them and I can’t wait to add more of this shop to my collection. Some of the bookmarks I’d love to buy from this shop are: the cute set of Aelin, Dorian, Chaol and Rowan. I mean; look at it!! It’s so freaking cute! And I still haven’t gotten any magnetic bookmarks for my Throne of Glass shelf, which sucks haha. And I came across one of Groot! GROOT!! He’s my bae! And I really love the Aelin set from Throne of Glass, inspby from each book cover. And she has a set of KAROU & AKIVA *dead*. I could buy out this whole shop, lol.


  • bath salt – I mean: what’s not to love about bath salt? sfgjbdhjbgfhdfhbdfg I came across this particular shop by TheBookishDistrict thanks to Kwante and fell in love with all the bath salt products immediately. I don’t know if I’d actually use them, but I just want to buy them so I can decorate my shelves with these lovelies haha. It just looks so awesome, don’t you think?!

  • book sleeves – I came across several book sleeves and fell in love with them. TheBookCloak is a shop I wasn’t familiar with but now I am, I’m doomed haha. There’s so much I see, I love and want to buy, lol. I looove the beauty and the beast edition – and wow, it even fits a Cassandra Clare hardcover in it, amazing! She makes different sizes – and the unicorn one; so cute! O, and they’re water resistant, did you know? That’s so awesome! Now there’s really nothing that can happen to your book while you take it with you outside.

And the Shop MelvinMakes has such awesome sleeves as well. I’m especially in love with the mermaid scales one, because I LOVE MERMAIDS!! And I love horses so when I came across a sleeve with pink horses on them; I NEED IT! so beautiful; that pink with that dark blue background!


  • Pencil case – This Manon pencil case made by angelaanimates looks just amaazing I think. I love the drawing and the quote and just hsgfdhjbfghjbdhdfgg. NEED.IT.IN.MY.LIFE

  • Scroll Prints – I came across this shop – LandofScrolls – a year ago or so and FELL IN LOVE! Unfortunately it’s really expensive for me if I’d have to have it shipped to the Netherlands. But when I got my own library at home someday, I NEED AT LEAST ONE OF THESE SCROLLS ON MY WALLS!!!!! I want the shadowhunter runes, the world of Harry Potter, the Erilea one. I love the Harry Potter one with the house crests on them, the kingdom of Camelot – I’ve been a fan of everything Camelot and King arthur from ever since I was a young girl. But I espeically love the one with the book cover of Heir of Fire. That book is so so soo special to me and I’d really love to buy this one someday and maybe even get it signed by Sarah herself – one can only dream.

I had to stop at some point because I could seriously keep going with this list. There’s sooo much awesome bookish stuff to find online and so many different shops who make great items. I’ll just leave it at this and write a 2.0 edition sometime in the nearby future where I can share the rest of the awesome stuff on my wishlist? For example; Tote bags are missing in this article. I looove tote bags and my collection has quite expanded over the last year or so. There are still so many more bags I’d love to add to my collection. But there are just too many of them to show you guys here so I’ll write an entire article on tote bags in the nearby future, so stay tuned!

What item would you want to buy first? Or is there another thing not on this list you’d love to add to your collection? Love to hear from you


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