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I love the WOULD YOU RATHER tag articles I come across every now and then and now I found something similar in a Sarah J. Maas edition and I couldn’t resist writing it down for the blog. 8 questions in which I have to choose between two very difficult answers. Would I want to be a part of Rhys’s Inner circle or Aelin’s Court? control the Cauldron or the Wyrdkeys? And much more interesting and challenging questions. Here we go!


…be a part of Rhysand’s Inner Circle or a part of Aelin’s Court?

Damn it’s so hard to choose here haha… But since my heart is – when it comes down to it – more devoted to the Throne of Glass books than the ACOTAR books, I think I’d go with Aelin’s Court. Of course – of course! – I’d love to be a part of Rhys’s Inner circle as well, but I don’t know why or how but on a fundamental level my heart just chooses Aelin’s Court here. When it comes down to it, the characters of ToG, especially the ones in Aelin’s Court, are the ones I’d love to meet most and would want to be a part off as well. 

…live in Prythian as a human (before ACOTAR) or in Adarlan as an FAE (Before ToG)?

Living in Adarlan as an FAE. I mean; the possibility of being an FAE? Yep, I’d choose that over almost anything I think haha. Living as a human in Prythian, between the Fae’s and not being able to ‘really’ fit in? Mehh.. I’d rather be an FAE myself, living in Adarlan. Since the question isn’t specific, I’d just move to Terrassen or so over time, so I could live among other FAE’s then, lol. In the meantime, I can still be bad-ass while living in Adarlan haha.  

…be engulfed by Citrus & Jasmine or Pine & Snow?

Pine & Snow.. for the obvious reasons: it makes me think of Rowan and he is EVERYTHINGGGG haha

…be imprisoned under the Mountain (forever) or enslaved in Endovier (forever)?

Buwhaha but well, there has to be an ‘under the mountain’ and an ‘Endovier’, right? But okay, okay, back on track; When it comes down to it, I think my chances of survival are better under the Mountain? Yeah, it sounds fffed up to think that, but seeing how everyone else in Endovier never lasted long except for Celaena… I think the chances of survival under the mountain are somewhat better. Probably not by much, but still… What would you choose?

…fight Ianthe or fight Kaltain?

My hate for her is so intense haha… 

…control the Cauldron or control the Wyrdkeys?

To be honest? Neither haha. I wouldn’t want to be able to have such enormous power.
Power corrupts most of the time and I’d rather live a more dull life I guess haha. 

…celebrate Starfall or celebrate Yulemas?

STARFALL!!!! I want to be a part of this so bad. To be entranced by the beauty of it all and celebrate with all the other FAE on that specific night. It would be so magical, wonderful and amazing. Yes, Starfall it is… Not a doubt in my mind about this choice. 

Another star crossed the sky, twirling and twisting over itself, as if it were reveling in its own sparkling beauty. It was chased by another, and another, until a brigade of them were unleashed from the edge of the horizon, like a thousand archers had loosed them from mighty bows.

…have a baby bat or a baby hawk?

Ahhhh, come on, not fair!! I.WANT.BOTH!
PLEASE, CAN I HAVE BOTH? PRETTY PLEASE with a cherry on top?

So yeah, this was a fun but really tough one to do haha. I’d love to hear your answers!!!

Feel free to do this tag yourself ♥



  1. Haha, misschien moet je een blogpost wijden aan alle manieren waarop je Ianthe om het leven zou willen werken. Hier ook geen liefde voor dat personage. Vermits het geen fictief personage is is het niet strafbaar. Toch?
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Foto-update #107My Profile

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