| REVIEW sports romance | Resistance on Ice by S.R. Grey (#2 Boys of Winter)

Omg, I can’t believe how fast I’m reading the books in this series! Just like the first book, this one was once again a one-sitting read. I just couldn’t stop reading once started and before I knew it I was done with it and writing a review :O

I really liked Nolan and Lainey’s presence in ‘Destiny on Ice’ and I was so excited to start this book and reading their full-length book. There were some leads written in the first book which made me so curious to read this one and find out what’s going on between Nolan and Lainey. And boy, did I find out and did I get even more then I bargained for, yes sir!! I devoured the book.. just devoured it, prr.

Lainey and Nolan are so different from Brent and Aubrey which was exactly what I was looking for now. Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore Brent and Aubrey and devoured their story too, but I really liked getting a whole different set-up in this second book regarding the characters and their romance/development. There’s still a lot of recognizable stuff in this one that I came to love in the first book; like all of the characters you’ve already met back then, the Hockey setting and the awesome writing style. And then there’s this new story-line with different characters and a different kind of romance. It was just a really delicious, funny, romantic read just like the first one but with different characters and a different kind of romance/development and just.. sigh.. I’m happy haha, really happy!

And again, the writing style of this author is so good and lovable! It’s funny, witty, addictive and fluidly written. Did I say addictive already? Because yes, it truly is – hence why I read it in one sitting hehe. This second chance romance/friends-to-lovers romance is so incredibly well written! I was already hooked on these characters in the first book. But right from the very first page of Resistance on Ice, I was completely and utterly lost in them and their story. I love their off the charts chemistry and the development of their story/romance throughout the book. Starting off with having hot sex and then resign to the friends-only zone, which leads to some hilarious and heartwarming moments. And always, always with that off-the-charts chemistry present, it was such a joy to experience this romance development.

The only minor issue I had with this book was that it felt a bit too rushed towards the end I guess. I can’t really pinpoint to what it was exactly that made me feel, but I just felt like the characters were a bit too ‘easy’ about the process of everything towards the end – don’t want to spoil, so sorry for the chaotic writing buwhaha. But overall, the development of the complete story-line is just really good so I can see past that minor flaw, but therefore I couldn’t give this book a 5 star rating.

This book deserves every praise because it was just an incredible joy to read. Just like the first book, it’s such an intense and emotional roller coaster romance, that has you addicted right from the start. The humor is so awesome and made me laugh out loud multiple times, which shows the author just has an amazing writing style I think. Not many authors are able to make me laugh out loud! Lovable characters and side characters: CHECK as well. So there’s just an enormous amount of perfect elements for a really great sports romance and I definitely, definitely, recommend this series to anyone who’s in for a romantic, swoony, sweet and funny read! Oooo and the sexy times, don’t forget them because; hot alien babies everywhere.. this author knows how to write some sexy scenes and she’s so good at creating fireworks on the pages, prrr..

So yeah: the Boys of Winter definitely stole my heart so far. First Brent, now Nolan and then there’s also Benny, whos waiting for his story to be published hehehe.. – well truthfully: there are a couple of other Hockey players I’m very curious about too but let’s just stick with these three for now. I’m soooo looking forward to Benny’s book. I got a feeling he’s in for a troublesome road ahead, poor f*cker hahaha..

I got no problem whatsoever getting lost in this author’s words, with her authentically hilarious storyline and of course her realistic and lovable characters. Resistance On Ice has the perfect balance of steam and passion with a really great sense of humor woven throughout it all. This is one of the best romantic comedy books I’ve read, like ever.

And aside from the Boys of Winter, this author has quite a collection build already and I can’t wait to read more of her books! Feel free to check out this author any time, I don’t think you’ll regret it if you’re such a fan of romance reads like I am, yay!


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