| REVIEW | Destiny on Ice by S.R. Grey (#1 Boys of Winter)

I came across this book on Amazon and after reading the synopsis I bought it immediately. This sounded like a really fun and romantic read and well, it’s sports romance… I love sports romance, and especially when it involves HOCKEY players. So yeah, I was a goner haha. And one day, while prowling on my kindle, looking for a new read, I came across Destiny on Ice again and it just felt like the right time to start the book. And several hours later, I finished the book. Let me tell you more about this first book in a new sports romance series because you don’t want to miss out on this one, trust me.

the Story-line is really interesting right from the start and once started, I couldn’t stop reading anymore and finished this book in one sitting. Brent and Aubrey meet each other in a funny situation where Aubrey ends up in his bed after a party because she’s so drunk she just fell asleep in the first bed she came across, which happens to be Brent’s bed. They didn’t have sex of course, but waking up together in his bed, is peculiar, to say the least, especially since Aubrey’s panties are gone… Where Brent thought they could make something of their morning together because let’s face it; Aubrey’s attractive and already in his bed – eyebrow wiggle – so why not? But she starts accusing him of being a panty-stealer and all hell breaks loose *snickers*

What they don’t know is that Aubrey’s on her way to Vegas to meet her new cliënt. Aubrey’s a life-coach for the rich and famous and tries to keep them straight so they can get their career back on track. She helps them focus on that. But she only gets to know the full details on her cliënts until right before meeting them. Turns out – of course – Brent’s a famous Hockey player and the team management thinks he’s in need of a life-coach to get his focus 100% back on the game, instead of the party’s, drinking and women he’s been busy with lately. Imagine Brent’s and Aubrey’s surprise if they find out Aubrey’s his life-coach and she needs to move in with him for the time being.

From here on, we follow their story together from both POV’s and it’s such a sweet, funny story to read. The banter between these characters is so insanely intense and hot and it makes me want to find a ‘Brent 51’ for myself buwhahaha. It’s a thin line these two continue to walk on. They become friends, but both want more and give in to their insane attraction which isn’t possible due to Aubrey’s contract and such. But when two people have such an amazing chemistry together it’s only a matter of time before they’re not able to hold their distance of one another anymore.

And no, it’s definitely not just physical attraction for these two, because like I said, they become really good friends at first which makes their romance really well developed I think. They form such an intense and beautiful connection together and I loved reading about it. There are so many funny moments in this book, awkward moments – and I’m a queen of awkward myself so yeah, loved reading this because it just feels so recognizable to be such a klutz sometimes haha – and especially a lot of beautiful, emotional and tender moments as well. Anyone who isn’t able to fall for Brent; sorry ladies, but maybe you’re rooting for the wrong team then, lol haha.. Brent is such a drool-worthy character, on any level; physical and emotional as well and I loved seeing him turn into boyfriend material. And Aubrey is so funny and awkward at times and just feels so ‘normal’ to me and therefore I could really relate to her. It wasn’t difficult to lose myself completely in their story, at all.

And then there’s also plenty of side characters like Aubrey’s little sister and Brent’s best friends, Nolan and Benny who are really interesting. I enjoyed their presence sooo much and can’t wait to read their books as well! The author’s writing style is just really addictive. Everything’s so fluidly written. It contains so much humor and at the same time, the author is able to deliver so many emotions and tender feelings on the pages as well. I’m still swooning over here while writing this review, sigh… I need more!


A really well balanced out sports romance book that contains about everything you’d expect of it and leaves you aching for more. There’s such a great sense of humor in this book and I had to laugh out loud multiple times while reading. And a book that’s able to do that to me, scores a lot of points on my board! I loveeeee the well-developed romance, their off-the-charts attraction was so incredibly intense and well written and again; the humor!! I love it so much when a book ‘moves’ me like this!  I was caught up, involved, and invested in Brent and Aubrey’s relationship, right from the start. I was 110% involved with their story, couldn’t get enough of it and I loved every single minute of it. The book leaves me craving for more. More Brent and Aubrey but also more of Audrey’s little sister and Brent’s two best friends. This first book in a new series was able to get me attached immediately and fell in love with this Hockey world and it’s inhabitants and I lost myself completely to these characters and their story and just can’t wait to read more!

If you’re into romance – sports romance in particular – and if you love a good sense of humor that has you laughing your ass off multiple times while reading, THIS is the book you’re looking for! The characters are amazing and because you read from both POV’s you get a good ‘feel’ for both their characters, which made me fall for them even harder. The writing is addictive, fluid and so funny… You can’t get enough once you start reading. This sweet, funny, emotional and sexy story needs to be read by every romance-lover out there!

And aside from the Boys of Winter, this author has quite a collection build already and I can’t wait to read more of her books! Feel free to check out this author any time, I don’t think you’ll regret it if you’re such a fan of romance reads like I am, yay!



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