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Seriously, I can’t tell you how OFTEN I kept putting publishing this article off, LOL. My bestie Kwante in wonderland wrote an article a while back in which she showed her book buying stats. She dared me to do the same… But when I started checking out my buying stats, I got less and less excited to share them with you buwhahaa. When you see them you know why; IT’S SHOCKING! I think a lot of people would tell me I’m nuts for spending sooo much money on books, but what can I say? Buying books makes me happy haha!

I’ve previously owned a horse so in comparison to that, my book buying numbers can’t compare at all, lol – Helmer cost me like €500 each month on regular costs only for example. That was just basic needs and such, so that didn’t include new stuff I had to buy for him on a regular base as well. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke.. Buying books is my kryptonite haha. And I’m like; if you can buy them, why not? I don’t often buy other stuff so I kind of feel like it’s okay then to buy a lot of books haha. A lot of friends of mine buy a lot of bookish stuff for example; stuff via Etsy or society6 and that’s something I don’t do often – at least, not in the amount a lot of them do. I decided to spent it on books instead. It’s just about making choices, right?

If you get the feeling I’m trying to down talk my shocking book buying behavior you’re right; I’m totally guilty of doing that here buwhaha. Because I know you’ll probably be shocked to see my actual numbers. I could say I’m sorry but well… I’m actually not? hihi

The book buying stats I’m showing you is purely based on what I bought for myself. Books I’ve bought for friends and such for their birthdays and Christmas and what not, isn’t included in these numbers. Are you ready? Here we go.. *no turning back now*


I’ve started buying books at Bol.com in 2010. At that time I wasn’t nearly reading as much as I do now and I also bought more from bookstores as I did from online shops. So the first years being a customer at Bol.com, I was quite ‘good’ at not spending too much money on books haha. From 2010-2013 I bought a total amount of 12 books whereas as from 2014 my book buying behavior rapidly increased. From 2014-2017/now I bought a total amount of 251 books so far! Don’t get me started on the amount of Money spent, especially in 2015/2016 and 2017 so far hihi. I won’t write them down here, so just see for yourself in the graphics….

Well, as you can see Bol made quite a profit of me haha. But again, when I look back on how much Helmer cost per month, for example… Then these numbers can’t compare, right? I just keep telling myself that every time I see these numbers, buwhahah.


Then there’s also the Bookdepository, which I found out about in 2015. It was then that I’ve started to read more English written books and someone said I should check out this website. They were supposed to have great prices and free shipping worldwide as well! This sounded really awesome, so I went prowling on the site and I was amaaazed by the prices for a lot of books. Books over here in the Netherlands, the Dutch written ones, fall under a specific law regarding they have to have the same price in Every shop, everywhere. With books bought in Amerika and such books get discounts, and they even have different prices in different bookstores and such. This was a whole new world opening up to me, as you can guess haha.

For example… I bought the Throne of Glass paperback back then for €3!!! Whereas over here in the Netherlands you pay an average amount of €15-20 per book – which is mostly paperback editions. Hardcovers are often €20+. So yeah, I found a new favorite webshop for buying books: book depository.

So I started buying there more often but still ended up buying more at Bol.com, even though the books over at the bookdepository are often €3/4 cheaper than over at Bol.com. I mean, I still spent a lot of money by buying from the Book depository but Bol remained to have the upper hand haha. I guess this is particularly because in my experience bol is always better on delivering pre-orders. And since I pre-order A LOT, it’s understandable my amount of money spent on Bol tops the one for the bookdepository.

And I’ve said it before: I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke or drink and I don’t often buy other stuff for myself. Every time I receive a gift card there’s no single doubt in my mind on what it’s going to be spent on; Books. Every time I receive money from relatives; I’m buying Books!  I just love buying new books, adding them to my shelves and being able to just look at my collection every day. It makes me happy, so why not right?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor done trying defending myself quotesI sometimes experienced jealousy from people, which I felt really bad about and it still often bothers me but I’m also like: you buy a lot of stuff from Etsy or Society 6 and what not, and I don’t… It’s just about making choices right? It’s not like I can keep buying and buying but I just buy more books than other stuff, because I make a choice on not buying a lot of other stuff. And then there’s the fact that the money I spent is technical ‘not mine’ but earned by my husband… But well, I’m a stay-at-home-mom which is also kind of like ‘working’ right? I definitely pitch in on caring for my family – with the depression it’s hard sometimes but I’m doing the best I can and that’s all anyone can do right?. And Luciën and I have always felt, right from the beginning of our relationship 10 years ago, that what’s yours is mine and vice versa. And I did always earn money for us – I’ve worked my ass off actually and it’s why I got my depression in the first place -, so it’s not like I’ve always been someone who doesn’t pitch in financially and is like a leach or something… But then my depression kicked in so I quit my job and decided to focus 100% on my family which is hard enough as it is with a depression and I also just wanted to be there more for Milan you know? He was still so young and time goes by so fast so every day and I already missed out because I often felt bad because of the depression and being a stay at home mom gave me the opportunity to just enjoy as many good moments as I possibly could. And Luciën’s paycheck got upgraded a few times since we first started living together 10 years ago and we can afford to live off his paycheck alone, so why not?

I often find myself defending my situation and it kind of sucks If I’m being honest, especially since it’s often friends you experience this with and it made me sad. But I don’t feel guilty for spending his money, he doesn’t either – he’s often the reason for my huge book hauls each month because he loves to surprise me – so there’s that. Like I shouldn’t be able to spend his money because I don’t make money of my own? That’s so screwed up I think… I mean, we’re married for god’s sake haha. And I pitch in by caring for our family and do the best I can on other levels so yeah.. Now I’m writing this, still being busy defending my behavior, haha, but I guess it just still bothers me sometimes that people can be jealous because I spent my husband’s money and he has a great paycheck and I get to be home, ‘not working’..

But well, buying books is one of the things that just makes me really happy and I’m blessed with the family I have and that we now live in a situation which makes it possible for me to stay home and not work – I’m planning on joining Animal Protection in the nearby future and do a couple of days of volunteering for them! – and, depression aside, I love my life and don’t feel guilty about anything and I’m also very done with defending myself to others.. I guess I just had to get this off my chest and now I’m like; it’s good now, I’m done hahaha… Melissa, over and out!

  • Do you look back on the amount of money spent on books?
    The number of books you actually bought?
    Or do you love to just not be in the knowing? buwhaha.


  1. Stop defending yourself! Its your money and if you decide to spend it on books thats your choice 🙂 I hate it when other people talk about what other people spend. Its none of their business! I also spend a lot of money on books 😉 and you know what they say: books are the only things that make you richer!
    Roos onlangs geplaatst…A Gathering of ShadowsMy Profile

  2. this is the reason I try not to keep track because it would scare me! If it makes you happy, it makes you happy, if you think about other little things we spend money …

  3. I used to buy a lot of books. On bol.com, second hand through Facebookgroups or just in the normal book store. But since I moved out and have to pay rent and groceries and stuff, I drastically reduced the amount of books I buy. Mostly because I simply can’t afford it, but I also have a total of more than 40 books in my shelfs that are still unread. And I get books from publishers. So I don’t really need to buy new books all the time. 🙂 But when I want to treat myself, a bookstore is always the first place to go!

  4. Dude! Ik ga mijn schil afpellen gedeeltelijk en op jou plakken!

    Waarom zou je je zo moeten verdedigen? Al gebruik je al je hub zijn geld om de kont mee af te vegen! Als hij dat oke vind is het toch oke!

    En mama zijn is 24/7 werken dus ben je waarschijnlijk onderbetaald hoor!

    Maarrreeee om terug te komen op de moneys! Het valt me eigenlijk nog best mee!
    Kwante onlangs geplaatst…Recensie | Drie wensen, Liane MoriartyMy Profile

  5. Ik ben het volledig eens met de eerdere reacties. Je hoeft je heus niet te verantwoorden. Jullie weten immers best welk bedrag je kan missen en als jullie er als gezin gelukkig mee zijn dan hoeft een buitenstaander daar geen commentaar op te geven.

    Langs de andere kant begrijp ik maar al te goed hoe jij je voelt vermits ik zelf niet kan gaan werken en dus ook geen inkomen heb. Net als jij hou ik mezelf voor dat ik me niet schuldig moet voelen over wat ik koop maar blijkbaar is er nog wat werk aan de winkel om me daar ook echt van te overtuigen.

    Niet dat ik iets te kort kom hoor. Ah nee, er staan nog een 130 tal ongelezen boeken op me te wachten. Als ik een boek echt graag wil dan koop ik het of ik vraag het voor Kerst of mijn verjaardag. Soms troost ik mezelf ook met nieuw leesvoer wanneer ik een opkikker nodig heb. Gelukkig heb ik ook een lieve echtgenoot, familie en vriendinnen die me opmonteren met lieve berichten en zowel kleine als grote attenties. Maar toch blijven boeken een troost voor me.

    Net als jij merk ik dat ik in verhouding verder niet zo veel geld spendeer. Ik rook en drink niet, we doen geen verre reizen, gaan niet zo vaak uit eten of naar de cinema, …. Al je geld op een spaarrekening zetten is ook niet de bedoeling hé. Zolang je voldoende reserve hebt is het uiteraard de bedoeling dat je geniet van je leven.

    Btw, ik kijk steeds uit naar jouw bookhauls posten. 😉
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Steeds een tikkeltje meer #5My Profile

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