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Today I got a new Cover Crush article for you guys. What’s not to like about beautiful book covers, right? I thought so as well. I’m really happy with this article because I love love loveeee beautiful book covers and I really like to share my love for them with you. Book covers play an important part in deciding if I should buy a book or not – Yep, I often judge a book by its cover, sorrynotsorry. It’s been a while since the last Cover Crush article went online, the one ‘Under the Sea’ in which I showed you guys some really awesome covers with mermaids/men on them.

For today I got a really awesome CC edition as well! I wanted to do a different cover crush at first, with instruments, since that was the subject you guys voted for the most in the last edition. But I didn’t find enough covers yet to satisfy me, so I decided to put the Instruments Cover Crush on hold for a little while and focus my energy on another ‘subject’. I’ve decided to go with CLOAKED FIGURES. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my research for this subject because I absolutely love covers like the ones I’m about to show you!

Cloaked/hooded figures on book covers have such a mysterious and ‘dark/sinister’ feel to them, which I absolutely love. When I see a cover like that, I immediately think of bad-ass characters, assassins, magicians and such things and those characters are ones I love reading about. First, I went looking through my own collection to see which Cloaked Figures-Covers I had myself. It surprised me to see it wasn’t nearly as much as I thought it’d be haha, so I definitely need to add more of them to the collection 😉

  • Hunted by Meagan Spooner. This stand-alone Beauty and the Beast retelling is such a freaking awesome book! You can read my extended non-spoiler review over HERE, but bottom line:
    A truly mesmerizing Beauty and the Beast re-telling you’ll never forget.
    The original elements at their best in combination with the original new input of the author herself made it not only a beauty and the beast re-telling but something MORE. This is a book that should be in everyone’s collection, regarding which reading preferences one has. –  A MUST BUY. Even if you’re not familiar with Beauty and the Beast (barbarian!!) I’m sure this book is going to get under your skin. It involves a great, intense story-line with beautifully written family bonds, strong characters, dark but beautiful and magical settings, a well-developed romance and a compelling writing style!
  • the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks. I received this paperback box from my hubby for my birthday. It was on my wishlist for a while now and I’m really excited to start the first book soon! I’ve already heard many great things about the trilogy, so I’m thrilled to find out for myself what I’ll think of it.
  • Assassins’ Blade by Sarah J. Maas. Well, hooded/cloaked figures… Celaena Sardothien is the very first character that comes to mind for me. This bad-ass assassin loves wearing cloaks and I love how they portrayed that in the covers as well. I’m not going into detail about how freaking awesome this series is because most of you know by now that this is one of my all-time favorite series and author so yeah… And my god, this cover is so incredibly stunning! I have yet to buy the UK paperback for this one. I’m planning on owning all editions of these books and the UK edition of Assassin’s Blade is the only one missing at the moment.
  • the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I’ve come across this author sooo many times in the past few years but never got around to buy/read something. Until recently, when my sister bought me this one! I can’t wait to start reading this trilogy because I’ve heard so many great things about it and it really sounds like it’d be ‘my kind of book’
  • the Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. Ever since reading his Reckoners series I’ve wanted more of this author. My bestie Kwante pampered me with this trilogy for my birthday last year, so awesome! I’ve started reading this first book a couple of months ago but then got hit by a major reading slump and I just couldn’t concentrate enough for a thick fantasy read like this one so I put it aside. I’m currently reading it again because it felt like the right time to start reading it. I’m really liking it so far, just like the first time around and can’t wait to see how the story will develop. Sanderson’s writing in the Reckoners series was sooo good and I think his writing in the final empire is already epic. This author is on his way to becoming a favorite of mine, hjsfbgjdhgfhdfg.

While doing research for more covers online, I came across some really awesome series which ended up on my wishlist as well. This cover crush article is like the arch nemesis of my wishlist, because for every CC article, I’ll add so many new books to my wishlist buwhaha. And damn, did I come across some really awesome covers this time around as well. Let me show you!


I’m especially excited to buy/read these books myself:

Did you read any of the books mentioned in this article? I’d looove to hear from you!
Which is your favorite cover?

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